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Cases in Real Estate Finance and Investment Strategy


Type: Book

"Mortgage Financing in the Housing Boom and Bust"
Ben Keys
Amit Seru
Vikrant Vig

Housing and the Financial Crisis, 2013

Type: Chapter

"Affordable Housing and City Welfare"
Jack Favilukis
Pierre Mabille

Research Paper No. 18-77, 2019

Type: Working paper

"The Use and Abuse of Blight in Eminent Domain"
Martin Gold

Fordham Urban Law Journal, 2011

Type: Journal article

"Banking Crises Yesterday and Today"

Financial History Review, 2010

Type: Journal article

"Consolidation in the Real Estate Industry: Big vs. Strategic? Reflections on the Industry Structure of the Future"

The Journal of Real Estate Investment Trusts, 1997

Type: Journal article

"The Term Structure of Real Rates and Expected Inflation"

Working paper, 2006

Type: Working paper

"Cash Distributions to Shareholders"
John Shoven

Journal of Economic Perspectives, 1989

Type: Journal article

"U.S. Domestic Money, Inflation and Output"
Yunus Aksoy

Journal of Monetary Economics, 2006

Type: Journal article

"Contact Centers with a Call-Back Option and Real-Time Delay Information"
Mor Armony

Operations Research, 2004

Type: Journal article