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"Residential Construction: Using the Urban Growth Model to Estimate Housing Supply"
C. Somerville

Journal of Urban Economics, 2000

Type: Journal article

"Real Options as Engines of Choice and Heterogeneity"
Walter Ferrier
Aubrey Mendelow

Academy of Management Review, 2004

Type: Journal article

"Mere-Possession Effects Without Possession in Consumer Choice"
Sankar Sen

Journal of Consumer Research, 1997

Type: Journal article

"The pointwise stationary approximation for queues with nonstationary arrivals"

Management Science, 1991

Type: Journal article

"Bail Out credit Markets, Not Auto Industry Managers", 2008

Type: Web-only article

"Savvy Risks, Sustainable Rewards"

Ideas at Work, 2014

Type: Magazine article

"An Exploration of Trend-Cycle Decomposition Methodologies in Simulated Data"

Working Paper 26750, 2020

Type: Working paper

"Self-Control for the Righteous: Toward a Theory of Precommitment to Indulgence"
Itamar Simonson

Journal of Consumer Research, 2002

Type: Journal article

"Inflation and the Stock Market: Understanding the 'Fed Model'"
Eric Engstrom

Journal of Monetary Economics, 2010

Type: Journal article

Beyond Pleasure and Pain: How Motivation Works


Type: Book