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"Appendix to "A Framework for Identifying Accounting Characteristics for Asset Pricing Models, with an Evaluation of Book-to-Price" "
F. Reggiani
S, Richardson
I. Tuna

European Financial Management, 2018

Type: Forthcoming article

"Investments and Risk Transfers"
B. Michaeli

The Accounting Review, 2017

Type: Forthcoming article

"Evidence on Contagion in Earnings Management"
Simi Kedia
Kevin Koh

The Accounting Review, 2015

Type: Forthcoming article

"Were Information Intermediaries Sensitive to the Financial Statement-based Leading Indicators of Bank Distress prior to the Financial Crisis?"
Hemang Desai
Jeff Yu

Contemporary Accounting Research, 2015

Type: Forthcoming article

"Accounting Anomalies, Risk and Return"
Julie Zhu

The Accounting Review, 2014

Type: Forthcoming article

"Economic Consequences of the AOCI Filter Removal for Advanced Approaches Banks"
Seil Kim
Stephen Ryan

The Accounting Review, 0

Type: Forthcoming article