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"From the immoral to the incorruptible: How prescriptive expectations turn the powerful into paragons of virtue"
M. Hu
Derek D. Rucker

Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 2016

Type: Forthcoming article

"Power and perspective-taking: A critical examination"
Derek D. Rucker
Joe Magee

Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 2016

Type: Forthcoming article

"The information-anchoring model of first offers: When and why moving first helps versus hurts negotiators"
David D. Loschelder
Roderick I. Swaab
R. Troetschel

Journal of Applied Psychology, 2016

Type: Forthcoming article

"The perils of power without status: Interpersonal conflict and demeaning treatment in organizations"
Eric M. Anicich
N. Fast
N. Halevy

Organization Science, 2016

Type: Forthcoming article

"Whatever it takes: The consequences of rivalry for unethical behavior"
G. Kilduff
E. Gallo
J.J. Reade

Academy of Management Journal, 2016

Type: Forthcoming article

"Learning vs. Leakage: Indirect Ties to Competitors and Firm Innovation"
Emily Cox
Rory McDonald

Academy of Management Journal, 2014

Type: Forthcoming article