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"Joint Ventures: A Mechanism for Strategic Change"

The Management of Strategic Change, 1987

Type: Chapter

"In the Mood to Consume: Effect of Sunshine on Credit Card Spending"
Sumit Agarwal
Souphala Chomsisengphet
Xin Zou

Journal of Banking & Finance, 2020

Type: Journal article

"Does Poverty Negate the Impact of Social Norms on Cheating?"
Suparee Boonmanunt
Agne Kajackaite

Games and Economic Behavior, 2020

Type: Journal article

"Field Experiments in Strategy Research"
Aaron Chatterji
Michael Findley
Nathan Jensen
Daniel Nielson

Strategic Management Journal, 2016

Type: Journal article

"Temporal Stability of Time Preferences"
Charles Sprenger

Review of Economics and Statistics, 2015

Type: Journal article

"Incentives and Group Identity"
Paolo Masella
Philipp Zahn

Games and Economic Behavior, 2014

Type: Journal article

"Discounting Financial Literacy: Time Preferences and Participation in Financial Education Programs"
Charles Sprenger

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2013

Type: Journal article

"Mapping Research on Strategic Alliances and Innovation: A Co-citation Analysis"
Maria DiGuardo

The Journal of Technology Transfer, 2012

Type: Journal article

"Measurement error in network data: A re-classification"

Social Networks, 2012

Type: Journal article

"How daydreaming relates to life satisfaction, loneliness, and social support: The importance of gender and daydream content"
R. A. Mar
A. Litvack

Consciousness and Cognition, 2012

Type: Journal article