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"Stock and Bond Pricing in an Affine Economy"
Steven Grenadier

Working paper, 2001

Type: Working paper

"Reaching Goals by a Deadline: Digital Options and Continuous Time Active Portfolio Management"

Proceedings of the 1997 Annual JAFE Conference, 1997

Type: Working paper

"Interdependent Security: Implications for Homeland Security Policy and Other Areas"
Howard Kunreuther
Peter Orszag

Brookings Institute Policy Brief, 2002

Type: Other

"Petersen Publishing (A and B)"


Type: Case study

"A Revolution in Compensation at Investment Banks? Credit Suisse and its Competitors in 2010"


Type: Case study

"Book Review"

The Journal of Finance, 1988

Type: Book review

"300: Domestic Monetary and Fiscal Theory and Institutions"

Journal of Economic Literature, 1988

Type: Book review

""The Warsaw Stock Exchange and the Development of Capital Markets in Central and Eastern Europe": A Presentation by Ludwik Sobolewski"
Patrick Connolly

The Chazen Web Journal of International Business, 2008

Type: Web-only article

"The Japanese Economy, Banking Industry and Securities Markets at the Turn of the Millennium"

Chazen Web Journal of International Business, 2006

Type: Web-only article

"Are Timeliness and Conservatism Due to Debt or Equity Markets? An International Test of 'Contracting' and 'Value Relevance' Theories of Accounting"

Chazen Web Journal of International Business, 2005

Type: Web-only article