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"Derivatives and Systemic Risk: What Role Can the Bankruptcy Code Play?"
Edward Morrison

Systemic Financial Crises: Resolving Large Bank Insolvencies, 2005

Type: Chapter

"Exact Simulation of Option Greeks Under Stochastic Volatility and Jump Diffusion Models"
O. Kaya

Proceedings of the 2004 Winter Simulation Conference, 2004

Type: Chapter

"The Regulation of Hedge Funds: Financial Stability and Investor Protection"

Hedge Funds: Risks and Regulation, 2004

Type: Chapter

"U.S. Corporate Governance: What Went Wrong and Can It Be Fixed?"

Market Discipline Across Countries and Industries, 2004

Type: Chapter

"Behavioral Finance and Markets"

Cognitive Processes and Economic Behavior, 2003

Type: Chapter

"Corporate Governance and Control"

Handbook of the Economics of Finance, 2003

Type: Chapter

"Franchise Value and the Dynamics of Financial Liberalization"
Thomas Hellmann
Kevin Murdock

Designing Financial Systems in Transition Economies: Strategies for Reform in Central and Eastern Europe, 2002

Type: Chapter

"The Role of International Financial Institutions in the Current Global Economy"

The Rebel Within, 2001

Type: Chapter

"Do Tax Reforms Affect Investment?"
Jason Cummins
Kevin Hassett

Tax Policy and the Economy, 1995

Type: Chapter

"Investor Information Choice with Macro and Micro Information"

Review of Asset Pricing Studies, 2022

Type: Journal article