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The Empirical Evidence on the Efficiency of Forward and Futures Foreign Exchange Markets. Vol. 24, Fundamentals of Pure and Applied Economics


Type: Book

"The Interaction of Markets and Policy: A Corporate Finance Perspective"

Strategies for Monetary Policy, 2020

Type: Chapter

"Payment Systems and the Distributed Ledger Technology"

The Structural Foundations of Monetary Policy, 2018

Type: Chapter

"The Good Banker"

After the Flood: How the Great Recession Changed Economic Thought, 2017

Type: Chapter

"White Paper"

Investing in Fixed Income, North America, 2015

Type: Chapter

"Mortgage Financing in the Housing Boom and Bust"
Ben Keys
Amit Seru
Vikrant Vig

Housing and the Financial Crisis, 2013

Type: Chapter

"Comment on "Great Inflation and Central Bank Independence in Japan""

The Great Inflation: The Rebirth of Modern Central Banking, 2013

Type: Chapter

"Bounds for Markov decision processes"
Vijay Desai
Vivek Farias

Reinforcement Learning and Approximate Dynamic Programming for Feedback Control, 2012

Type: Chapter

"Hedge Fund Activism"
Alon Brav
Hyunseob Lim

Research Handbook on Hedge Funds, Private Equity and Alternative Investments, 2012

Type: Chapter

"Tipping Climate Negotiations"
Howard Kunreuther

Climate Change and Common Sense: Essays in Honour of Tom Schelling, 2012

Type: Chapter