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"Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation: A Developmental Perspective"
Mark R. Lepper
Dania Dialdin
Michael Drake

Developmental Psychopathology: Perspectives on Adjustment, Risk, and Disorder, 1997

Type: Chapter


Encyclopedia of New York City, 1995

Type: Chapter

"Time of decision, ethical obligation, and causal illusion: Temporal cues and social heuristics in the prisoners' dilemma"
D. Sim
V. Girotto

Negotiation as a Social Process, 1995

Type: Chapter

"Sales and Distribution"

AMA Management Handbook, 1994

Type: Chapter

"Centralized planning models for multi-echelon inventory systems under uncertainty"

Logistics of Production and Inventory, 1993

Type: Chapter

"Politics in the Post-Industrial City"
Charles Brecher

Dual City: Restructuring New York, 1990

Type: Chapter

Charles Brecher

Setting Municipal Priorities, 1989

Type: Chapter

"Managing Relations with Organized Employees"
John Delancy

Handbook of Public Administration, 1989

Type: Chapter

"Discounted and undiscounted value-iteration in Markov decision processes: A survey"
Paul Schweitzer

Dynamic Programming and its Applications, 1979

Type: Chapter

"Congruence Between Leadership Gender and OrganizationalClaims Affects the Gender Composition of the Applicant Pool:Field Experimental Evidence"

Organization Science, 2022

Type: Journal article