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"A third way for net neutrality "

Financial Times Online, 2006

Type: Newspaper article

"Will Your E-Business Leave You Quick or Dead?"
Geoffrey Colvin

Fortune, 2001

Type: Magazine article

"What Matters in Company Valuation: Earnings, Residual Earnings, Dividends? Theory and Evidence"


Type: Lecture

"Algorithmic Social Engineering"
M. Stevenson

American Economic Association Papers and Proceedings, 2020

Type: Forthcoming article

"Long Run Growth of Financial Data Technology"
Maryam Farboodi

American Economic Review, 2019

Type: Forthcoming article

"A Review of the Fads and Fashion Literature for the Digital Age"
Alessandro Piazza

International Journal of Management Research, 2019

Type: Forthcoming article

"Optimal exploration-exploitation in a multi-armed-bandit problem with non-stationary rewards"
Yonatan Gur

Stochastic Systems, 2019

Type: Forthcoming article

"Prior-Independent Optimal Auctions"
Amine Allouah

Management Science, 2018

Type: Forthcoming article

"Economics of Scale, Network Effects, and the Dynamics of the Telecom Industry Structure"

International Journal of Management and Network Economics, 2010

Type: Forthcoming article

"Media Scholars as Activists: Media De-Concentration as Social Reform?"

Tulsa Law Review, 2008

Type: Forthcoming article