For Prospective Adjuncts

Interested in becoming an adjunct professor?

Please contact Keri Ashkenazy ([email protected]) with:

  • Your CV or resume.
  • A syllabus for your proposed course (see below for sample syllabus).
  • Your past course/teaching evaluations/ratings (if applicable).
  • Who you have been in contact with at CBS (if applicable).

Once we receive this information from you, the appropriate Division chairs will review your CV and proposed syllabus, and the Samberg Institute for Teaching Excellence will evaluate your teaching ability through a combination of a Mock Lecture and a review of past teaching ratings.


What is a Mock Lecture?

The Mock Lecture is designed to be a simulation of your proposed course, and consists of three segments:

  • 5-10 minutes for self-introduction and a brief course overview. The overview should include 2-3 key course learning objectives, course and session roadmaps, and a brief bio.
  • 30 minutes of sample content. This part should give a sense of what a typical class session would be like, and should include key takeaways from the content. This segment should include both lecture and opportunities for discussion and interaction with students.
  • 10-15 minutes of post-Mock Lecture discussion. During this part, the members of the CBS community in attendance will complete a feedback form, and we will have a discussion about the Mock Lecture. After the conclusion of the Mock Lecture, we will share a summary of the Mock Lecture feedback with you.

What is the typical teaching schedule at the Business School?

  • Our MBA and EMBA courses run in the Fall, Spring, and Summer terms and can be six (6) weeks in duration (half term) or twelve (12) weeks in duration (full term).
  • Our MBA courses are offered twice a week (90 minutes per session) or once a week (3 hours per session) on Mondays-Thursdays from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.
  • Our EMBA courses are offered once a week (3 hours per session) on Fridays and Saturdays from 8:30 am to 6:45 pm. For more information about class schedules, please review the Schedules section below.


Sample MBA Schedule

EMBA Programs and Schedules


Our standard compensation for adjunct instructors is $9,500 for a half term course and $15,500 for a full term course.


Course Lists and Descriptions 

Course Description and Syllabus Template

Occasionally clubs are looking for guest speakers. Please see the list of student organizations.