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See videos and photos of Columbia Business School faculty talks, industry speakers on campus, and students working on international development pro bono consulting projects:

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Returns to Social Enterprise (Reunion 2011)

Three Faces on Nonprofit Leadership (Reunion 2011)

Archived Photos

Student Club Leadership Retreat at Blue Hill at Stone Barns

2009 Kick-off Retreat in the Catskills

2011 Annual Reception

2011 Nonprofit Board Leadership Program closing reception

Student Club Leadership Retreat at Eden Village Camp

Social Enterprise Leadership Forum: The American Healthcare Landscape in 2014

Archived Videos


Professor Bruce Usher: The Role of Markets in Addressing Social Problems. video

Professor Ray Horton: Meaning, Scope, and Potential of Social Enterprise (Korean Conference). video

Columbia Business School Celebrates Ray Horton's Tenure as Director of the Tamer Center for Social Enterprise. video

Professor Ray Fisman: Why Do People Do Bad Things?. video

Professor Antony Bugg-Levine: Impact Investing as a Potential Source for Financing Social Enterprises (Korean Conference). video

Professor Bruce Usher: The Role of Markets in Addressing Social Problems (Korean Conference). video

Professor Gita Johar: Global Marketing and Social Enterprise in India. video

Social Enterprise Conference sessions

Thomas Gensemer: Digital Campaign Strategies for Social Enterprises. video

Nancy Barry, Carlos Enrique Cavelier, Steve Kloeblen, and Tao Young: Building Profitable Solutions to Poverty. video

Nancy Lublin and Jimmy Wales: Wikipedia and Social Media. video

Alex Friedman, Clara Miller, Julie Sunderland, John Nelson, and Leah Pedersen Thomas: Innovative Financial Instruments. video

Olivia Zaleski, Patricia Dandonoli, G.G. Pique, and Sangeeta Chowdhry: Solutions for Clean Water Scarcity. video

Melissa Berman, Jerry Hirsch, Jemina Bernard, and Rick Surpin: Competition and Strategy in the Social Sector. video

Craig Barrett: 2009 Botwinick Prize in Business Ethics. video

2009 Social Enterprise Conference: A Conversation with Jimmy Wales. video

2009 Social Enterprise Conference: A Conversation with Nancy Barry. video

2009 Botwinick Prize in Business Ethics Keynote Speaker: A Conversation with Craig Barrett. video

Speakers and Events

The Economist's Matthew Bishop: The Business of Philanthropy. video

Russell Carson, Joel Klein and David Saltzman: Public-Private Partnerships in Education. video

Ben & Jerry's: Feed Your Conscience. video

Nancy Barry on Microfinance: Hypercommercialization is a Danger. video

Molly Alexander: Acumen Fund and International Social Enterprises (Korean Conference). video

Elizabeth Boggs Davidsen: Opportunities for the Majority (Korean Conference). video

Bill Drayton on the Importance of Social Entrepreneurship (Korean Conference). video

Sandra Navalli on the Role of Business Schools in Social Enterprise (Korean Conference). video

Jennifer Burns on Ayn Rand: Prophet or Scapegoat?. video

International Development pro bono consulting projects

Microlumbia: Exploring Investment Opportunities in Brazil. video

Microlumbia: Surveying Partnerships Between Companies and Microfinance Institutions. video

Pangea Advisors: Building a Housing Market in Liberia. video

Pangea Advisors: Supporting Families with Chronically Ill Children in Brazil. video

Pangea Advisors: Bringing IT Productivity to Microentrepreneurs in Colombia. video