International Development Network

Giselle Leung ’08
Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN)
David del Ser ’08

We are pleased to announce the creation of an alumni group dedicated to Columbia Business School graduates who are working for or with organizations in the area of international development. This includes wonderful topics like Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) development, microfinance, international aid, global health, impact investing in emerging markets, social ventures, private sector development, etc.

The objective of this group is to serve as an informal forum for alumni working across any aspect of international development to meet or reconnect with each other, have a good time and learn a new thing or two about this exciting space along the way.

Throughout the year, we will organize happy hour get-togethers or other social activities at least once a quarter where alumni can mingle and discuss topics in their fields. From time to time, if there is sufficient interest expressed around a specific subject, we will organize more formal gatherings or conference calls where members of the group can learn about and discuss a particular topic of interest. We also hope we can have a lively electronic community too (hey, we are in the 21st century after all!)
Our starting premise is to get a group of kindred spirits together and get some exciting, engaging conversations going!

To receive notices about the group’s activities, please contact us.

We look forward to seeing you at our inaugural social event. Stay tuned!