Microfinance Network

Camilla Nestor ’02
Grameen Foundation
Sophie Romana EMBA ’08
PlaNet Finance

We invite you to join us each quarter to get together with fellow alumni working in the field of domestic and international microfinance. We'll meet in person and by conference call and occasionally to get together for drinks or dinner. Some of the topics for discussion may include:

  • Microfinance has scaled to a $40 billion business internationally, yet still has a ways to go to meet the estimated demand for micro-savings, -credit and -insurance services. What is the next frontier for microfinance that will help scale and deepen access to financial services?
  • Innovation in intersections of microfinance and technology
  • Opportunities for using microfinance as a platform to deliver other needed products and services to the BOP
  • Double bottom line investing in microfinance
  • Challenges of domestic microfinance

After each meeting, notes will be circulated with additional resources as an added benefit.

This group will initially target Columbia Business School alumni who are working, have experience working in, or are interested in microfinance in any capacity. If you would like to join this group, please contact us. Thanks for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you.