Nonprofit Boards Network:

Todd Ofenloch ’07
Parthenon Capital
Paul Jordan ’07
BlackBag Technologies

We are excited to introduce and invite you to the Nonprofit Board Leadership Program (NBLP) Network, meant to connect Columbia Business School alumni who are currently active as board members of leading nonprofit organizations. The Network will connect current board members in order to share best practices and also introduce opportunities for the recruitment of new, aspiring board members from the Columbia alumni base. The Network will be supported by the NBLP at the Social Enterprise Program at Columbia Business School, an initiative which annually pairs approximately 30 students with alumni sitting on nonprofit boards, primarily but not limited to those in New York.

All NBLP Network Participants will receive ongoing survey data highlighting pressing topics of concern and opportunities for shared learning. Additionally, Network participants will be invited to attend the annual NBLP reception, hosted in New York.

The key to maximizing the value of our Network is gaining a critical mass. To that end, please take a few moments to provide some brief information about your background and board service experience online. Contact us.