Social Entrepreneurship and Social Ventures Network

Michael Dwork ’07
Noha Waibsnaider ’02
Peeled Snacks

We invite you to connect with fellow alumni working in the field of social entrepreneurship and social ventures (for profit, nonprofit or hybrid, as well as funders and investors) to share advice, referrals and information, and occasionally to get together for social events. Some of the topics for discussion may include:

  • Sources of funding: slow money versus traditional financing sources and how to pitch to them
  • Building successful partnerships with nonprofits and established businesses to grow your social venture
  • Media: creating newsworthy stories that get attention
  • The startup process: legal structures (incorporation, nonprofit status, emerging legal forms such as B Corps and L3Cs), accounting systems, etc.

This group will initially target Columbia Business School alumni but will always welcome professionals outside of the CBS community with an interest in participating. If you would like to join this network, please contact us and one of the alumni ambassadors will get in touch with you. Thanks for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you.