2006-07 NBLP Projects

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Andrea Burgess worked with Professor Ray Horton, who is on the Board of Directors of Community Resource Exchange (CRE), a nonprofit consulting group that provides strategic advice and technical services to over 350 community-based organizations fighting poverty and HIV/AIDS. Working with senior management at CRE, Burgess' project focused on competitive intelligence. She created a survey investigating the structure and characteristics of the boards of nonprofit consulting organizations.

Wan-Lae Cheng worked with Linda Frankenbach '79, who is on the board of the Women's Campaign Forum (WCF), an organization dedicated to ensuring that women become leaders in politics. Cheng worked with WCF's board to determine a strategy for approaching corporations for fundraising.

Michael Costa worked with the Bronx YMCA, and with their Executive Director, Liz Toledo. Costa engaged in a review of the board which included an investigation of interpersonal and group dynamics with final recommendations delivered in formal presentations.

Nicola Drago is embarked on a strategic plan aimed to explore and suggest feasible measures to better leverage the American-Italian Cancer Foundation's unique fundraising potential. Daniele Bodini '72 is the board member with whom Nicola worked, and is also a member of the Columbia Business School Board of Overseers.

Dan Epstein worked with Tess Mateo '97, on a project which will help American Composers Orchestra (ACO), an organization where Tess is a board member. ACO performs at Carnegie Hall, and is celebrating its 30th Anniversary this year. Epstein helped ACO gain a better understanding of how to recruit young professionals to become patrons and donors of performing arts organizations.  He presented his findings to the Board.

Nikolaos Kakavoulis worked with Sandra Hagan, the Executive Director of Child Center of New York (formerly the Queens Child Guidance Center). Kakavoulis worked closely with some board members to develop strategies to stimulate increased participation of board members.

Manya Rubinstein worked with Joyce Roche '72, President and CEO of Girls Inc, a national nonprofit youth organization which provides educational programs to American girls, particularly those in high-risk, underserved areas. Rubinstein worked on a project concerning board evaluation, which includes developing more effective methods of communication. Roche is also a member of the Advisory Board of the Social Enterprise Program.

Catherine Morison and Emily Robertson Vestal worked with alumnus Sallie Krawcheck '92 who is on the board of Carnegie Hall. Morison and Robertson Vestal collaborated with senior staff members at Carnegie Hall to look at governance issues and board development initiatives. Krawcheck is also a member of Columbia Business School's Board of Overseers.


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