2007-08 NBLP Projects

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Alix Goelet '08 worked with Social Enterprise Program Advisory Board member Lise Strickler '86, who is also on the board of Environmental Advocates of New York (EANY). EANY serves the people of New York as an effective and aggressive watchdog and advocates on nearly every important state environmental issue. Goelet worked on an analysis of funds raised by board members, individuals and foundations. She benchmarked that information against other nonprofits.

Paul Gorbaty ’08 worked with Professor Ray Horton, who is on the Board of Directors of Community Resource Exchange (CRE), a nonprofit consulting group that provides strategic advice and technical services to more than 350 community-based organizations fighting poverty and HIV/AIDS. While working with a senior manager at CRE, Gorbaty’s project focused on streamlining the process of tracking when grants for foundations that CRE currently has partnered with, as well as improving their methodology of cost allocation.

Nicolas Lam ’09 worked with Mary Jane Brock, a board member of Cathedral of St. John the Divine. Lam engaged in researching and analyzing programs for young donors in other New York City cultural/historical institutions. He also researched and analyzed policies at select corporations to gain insight to what they do to encourage and support “good citizenship.”

Brian Lavery ’08 worked with Project Renewal, an organization with a mission to renew the lives of homeless men and women in New York City. Lavery embarked on an assessment of operational effectiveness, via a survey of stakeholders both internal (staff) and external (board members, donors, New York City government liaisons).

Helen Rhim ’08 worked with Tess Mateo ’97, on a project that benefits American Composers Orchestra (ACO), an organization where Tess is a board member. ACO performs at Carnegie Hall and was celebrating its 31st Anniversary. Rhim explored and evaluated new potential sources of revenue for the organization.

Angie Lessuise ’08 worked with Shari Levine ’86, a member of the board of Literacy Inc. (LINC), an organization envisioning that every child should be reading well by age 8 and that the strengths and resources of every community can be coordinated to provide encouraging voices and a language-rich atmosphere to support early readers. Lessuise identified target corporate foundations that could provide funding to LINC, by researching the foundations’ missions, objectives, restrictions and board members, then developing a strategic action plan.

Giselle Leung ’08 worked with Social Enterprise Program Advisory Board member, Diana Taylor ’80, also a board member of amfAR, an organization dedicated to ending the global AIDS epidemic through innovative research. Leung researched and analyzed organizational structures that might fit best with hypothetical strategic goals of the organization.

Casson Masters ’08 worked with Deborah Jackson ’80, who serves on the board of Project Sunshine, an organization that provides customized recreational, educational and social programs to children facing medical challenges and their families by leveraging the time, skills and resources of a diverse group of dedicated volunteers. Masters helped Project Sunshine examine and prioritize the various growth efforts of the organization.

Stacey McKeever ’08 worked with Mark Zurack, who serves on the board of Alzheimer’s Association. McKeever researched the relationships between local chapters and national organizations, with a focus on fundraising. She also researched board development opportunities and best practices. Zurack is also an adjunct professor and Executive in Residence at Columbia Business School, as well as a Social Enterprise Program Advisory Board member.

Betsy Poirier ’08 worked with Dan Cain ’72, member of the Board of Overseers, who is also Chairman of the Board of the Norman Rockwell Museum. Poirier worked on an analysis of online sales and the development of an Internet marketing plan for the Museum.

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