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Katie Aldrich ’09, Betsy Poirier ’08, and David Rosensweig ’08 react to a guest speaker’s presentation during an NBLP Kickoff at the Museum of the City of New York.

Current Columbia MBA and EMBA students apply during the fall semester to participate in the Nonprofit Board Leadership Program, which runs throughout the academic year. Information about this program is circulated at student clubs association day, at an information session in September and via email.

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Frequently asked questions:

Can I find my own nonprofit to bring to the program?
No, but if you have a suggestion of an organization to work with, you can pass it along to Sandi Wright so that she can determine if the organization fits the program’s criteria.

Do I get to choose which nonprofit I work with?
No. A application and selection process is in place to create the best matches possible, based upon student experience and area of interest.

Is the program only for second year students?
First year and EMBA students are welcome to apply for NBLP, but the program accepts a smaller portion of first year students and EMBA students (approximately 15% of the total slots available).

Can I participate in the program as a first and second year?
Yes and No. Many first years find their match so interesting and successful that they continue to work informally with the nonprofit during their second year.  However, students who have been accepted as first years are not allowed to reapply and work with a different nonprofit in order to accommodate as many students as possible.

If you would like to participate both years, you can apply to be an Assistant Vice President- NBLP for the Social Enterprise Club. If elected, then you would not be matched with a mentor during your first year, but instead, be a part of the leadership team of the NBLP, assisting with the administration of the program. Contingent on your performance as AVP, you would serve as VP of the program and participate in the program during your second year.

Can I apply as a second year if I am not accepted in my first year?
Students who are not accepted as first years are strongly encouraged to apply again.  In their applications, the students should emphasize what they have learned in the past year that makes them a stronger candidate. Unfortunately, the program cannot match all deserving students, but makes every attempt to do so.

What resources are available to me once I become part of the program?
Students involved in the program have the opportunity to participate in a variety of workshops, panels and networking events designed to provide additional assistance to students as they complete their projects. Popular past topics likely be repeated annually include fundraising, board goverance and structure, how to join a nonprofit board, and more. Students will also have the opportunity to take advantage of the professional expertise of the Nonprofit Board Leadership Program Professional Network, a group of accomplished business leaders who have volunteered to make themselves available for student questions.

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