2004 Summer Fellows

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Margaret Angell worked for Pacific Charter School Development, a Los Angeles nonprofit, which provides real estate development, affordable lease and buy-back services to newly formed charter schools. PCSD was incubated and funded by New Schools Venture Fund, a leading venture philanthropy foundation and the Gates Foundation. Margaret conducted analysis of California charter school operators and the Los Angeles real estate market, and helped PCSD in marketing services to raise a further round of equity financing.

Malik Ashiru worked for the Africa Transport Unit and Sub-Saharan Africa Transport Program at The World Bank, a development bank which aims to fight poverty and improve living standards in the developing world. Malik's tasks included analyzing revenue and cost recovery strategies for transport projects in Nigeria, including the distribution of HIV/AIDS resources, and assessing the community impact of privatizing urban transportation within Nigeria.

Ariel Behr interned at Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), a nonprofit intermediary organization that helps resident-led community development organizations transform distressed communities into healthy ones through capital, training, technical expertise and information. Ariel assisted the president and CEO with research and financial analysis of potential grantors and grantees, and also worked with the Educational Facilities Financing Fund, which will finance construction of charter schools.

Ami Desai interned with the Community Development Venture Capital Alliance (CDVCA) this summer. CDVCA is a trade association that promotes the use of venture capital to create jobs, entrepreneurial capacity and development of low-income communities. Ami worked with the CDVCA's fund manager to conduct social and financial investment analysis, and due diligence on potential ventures and new projects. She also worked on a marketing plan to promote CDVCA's publications and other products.

Nicole Fernandez interned with the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation (BNYDC), a nonprofit corporation that manages a waterfront property in Brooklyn under a contract with the City of New York. BNYDC aims to foster economic development and culture in the Brooklyn community. Nicole worked on the strategic plan and financial models for a planned development. This included developing tenant mix scenarios and determining the range of revenues and expenses for different types of potential tenants.

Artem Gonopolskiy worked with the United Nations Environment Program - Finance Initiative (UNEP FI), a public-private partnership between the UN and global financial institutions dedicated to promoting practices that encourage sustainable development within the financial services sector. UNEP FI provides member financial institutions with practical research, capacity building, and information exchange services. Artem analyzed Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) strategies to assess sustainability rating agencies. In addition he help to develop the sustainable finance practice in Central and Eastern Europe by identifying potential partner financial institutions, creating regionally focused events and formulating a marketing plan.

Michael Grunow interned at Expansion Capital Partners, a clean technology venture firm that invests in fast growing, mid-stage ventures. During the summer he evaluated the commercial and investment maturity of sustainable ventures in the energy, transport, water and agricultural sectors. Grunow also worked on pro-bono consulting projects for several of the ventures that Expansion Capital considered for investment while completing his MBA the following year. After graduation, he joined GE to work on renewable energy projects.

Carolyn Hack worked as a financial analyst for the CFO with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston, which serves youth by providing a safe place outside of school and offering activities to foster leadership skills, and address career, health and education issues. Carolyn developed a monthly operating statistics framework to track the performance of and assist management decisions for individual sites. She also conducted an impact and profitability assessment of fundraising activities, and determined site level data and data collection processes that need to be implemented across the organization.

Cate Han interned at Differential Dynamics, a for-profit technology licensing and development company with patents for revolutionary transmission design that will reduce vehicular emissions by as much as 30%. The company's goal is to incorporate its technology into all commercial and non-commercial gasoline-burning vehicles through licensing agreements with manufacturing companies. As an intern, Cate assisted in a wide array of business development initiatives, including raising venture capital funding, hiring personnel, completing pre-production for a prototype transmission for a John Deere tractor, analyzing and negotiating strategic partnership opportunities with like-minded companies, and seeking new business clientele. Following the completion of her MBA in May 2005, Cate went to work for Differential Dynamics as head of business development, and plans to spend the next 5-7 years with the business, building it from start-up phase into a profitable, global company.

Ben Kornfeind assisted a start-up nonprofit in Harlem called SEARCH (Stop Environmental Asthma.Restore Children's Health). SEARCH aims to decrease incidences of childhood asthma in the worst-hit neighborhoods in NYC by raising public awareness, and advancing an interdisciplinary research and remediation program. Ben helped to formulate a strategic plan with SEARCH's partners, assisted in the recruitment of an executive director and new board members, and connected partners via meetings and networking events. Ben also worked on a print and website marketing campaign.

Antigone Papageorgiou is one of two interns who worked with the United Nations Office of Project Services (UNOPS) which implements and executes operational projects and processes across the UN. Antigone examined ways to improve the accuracy and efficiency of delivery reporting processes, which involves better use of the PeopleSoft system that was recently implemented. She also analyzed possible adjustments to the pricing model that UNOPS uses within the UN.

Jennifer Parks also worked with the head of finance and strategic planning at the United Nations Office of Project Services (UNOPS). Jennifer helped to re-engineer procurement and financial management processes to help reduce operating costs, speed cycle times and reduce error rates to improve the efficiency of core processes and the infrastructure throughout the organization. She also examined the organizational structure and roles and responsibilities of staff within the UNOPS.

Erica Pergament was a marketing intern with the Global Consumer Products Division of Sesame Workshop, a nonprofit educational institution that aims to make a difference in the lives of children from all ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. The Workshop distributes to childcare and literacy organizations at no cost, and its programming includes Sesame Street, Dragon Tales and Sagwa. Erica developed marketing programs including the roll out of Sesame Beginnings, a new infant brand program, which will be featured in licensing and trade shows.

Ben Powell worked on the Full Economic Citizenship (FEC) initiative for Ashoka, a global nonprofit that support entrepreneurs who advance social change via scalable and systemic approaches. FEC facilitates partnerships between business and social sector organizations to address the needs of low-income communities, and fosters "bottom of the pyramid" development models. Ben conducted field interviews in Latin America and India to analyze innovations and best practices, and developed a knowledge base that can be shared within and beyond the Ashoka community. He also worked on FEC's marketing strategy and implementation.

Ruchi Rastogi worked with Acumen Fund, an international development venture philanthropy fund that supports and scales ventures by market-oriented social entrepreneurs. Acumen fund has three portfolios: Health Technology, Economic and Civic Enterprises, and Water Innovations. Ruchi worked on the Health Technology portfolio to conduct market research and analysis for projects including: HIV/AIDS training for healthcare workers, telemedicine in rural communities, and group insurance schemes to provide health coverage to the poor.

Blythe Reyes joined the Committee to Encourage Corporate Philanthropy, (CECP) whose mission is to advocate, facilitate and expand strategic corporate philanthropy. Blythe worked on a marketing plan for the Corporate Giving Standard (CGS), a measurement program which aims to establish a consistent set of metrics to track and report the impact of corporate philanthropy. Her work included developing the appropriate format for communicating CGS survey results, which will provide benchmarks for companies, and other marketing materials for CECP.

Erik Svanholm interned with the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO), a nonprofit organization for national and international labor unions, which also conducts extensive research and education. Erik worked on programs designed to benefit low-income workers, including remittance services and low cost checking accounts. In addition, he worked with the Corporate Governance and International Affairs groups to examine outsourcing and labor practices in developing countries.

Madeleine Tregidga interned at Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound, a nonprofit that focuses on school reform for elementary, middle and high schools that emphasize high achievement through active learning, character growth, and teamwork. Madeleine worked on a marketing plan and budget to standardize sales and marketing efforts across regional offices, and developed evaluation measures to track program implementation with partner schools and the effect on student performance.

Carol Yang worked as a financial technician in the Business Operations division of Navy Region Mid-Atlantic. Her main task was to identify cost drivers and implement a new activity based costing system across all business functions, to improve the efficiency of budgeting, operational cost control and forecasting within the organization's shore installations.

David Zapol's internship was with Investors Circle Foundation, the research and educational arm of Investors' Circle (IC). IC is a social venture capital intermediary that supports early stage sustainable business ventures. David's summer goals included examining new financing vehicles to fund local and sustainable organic food ventures, analyzing research and survey results on the need for financing alternatives, developing recommendations on the feasibility of launching a new funding vehicle, and convening and analyzing outcomes from workshops with leaders and social entrepreneurs working in this area.