Malik Ashiru ’05: World Bank

Malik Ashiru

Malik Ashiru received a summer fellowship to work with the World Bank, which aims to fight poverty and improve the living standards of people in the developing world. “Most MBAs that apply to the World Bank Group go to the IFC,” he says, “but I wanted to focus on international development and how to apply sustainable business models in emerging markets.”

Ashiru interned with the Africa Transport Unit and Sub-Saharan Africa Transport Program. One of his responsibilities entailed bringing a transport policy technical paper to dissemination level. “Developing case studies on rural transport policy in Sub-Saharan Africa revealed some of the challenges of implementing major infrastructure projects,” he says. “The majority of domestic and social travel that occurs in the rural regions is done by women, who are not always considered when transportation programs are developed.”

Ashiru also assisted with the development of HIV/AIDS mitigation strategies for regional west Africa. These strategies aim to increase awareness and efficient distribution of preventative devices to truckers using inter-country transport roads. “These types of projects require the full commitment of various stakeholders from government agencies to international development agencies like the World Bank and WHO, to the local NGO’s ” he says.

During his internship Ashiru met a diverse range of people committed to development and the needs of the poor. Ashiru says “These experiences help strengthen one’s commitment to careers which address development issues in whatever capacity, be it through government and policy, international business, or developing financial markets in emerging markets.”

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