2009-2010 Events

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A listing of our recurring event programming and community engagement initiatives can be found here, and recorded events can be found here. Click here to see this year's events.

Grameen Creative Lab: Social Business Event

When: Sunday, June 27, 2010 at 8:00 - 6:00 p.m.
Where: Uris Hall

"Grameen has given me an unshakeable faith in human creativity and the firm belief that human beings are not born to suffer the misery of hunger and poverty." -- Prof. Muhammad Yunus.

Organized by the Grameen Creative Lab with Hans Reitz, the Creative Advisor to Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus and Founder of the Grameen Creative Lab, and in cooperation with the Social Enterprise Program at Columbia Business School.

Develop a deep understanding of social business, exchange best practices, and get connected to people with similar ideas and aspirations.

Register by Friday, June 18th by contacting: [email protected] (Cost: $180; Please see payment details below).

8:00am – 9:00am: Registration
9:00am – 9:30am: Welcome and networking session
9:30am – 12:00pm: Introduction: Prof. Yunus´ concept for social business
12:00pm – 12:30pm: Question Lab
12:30pm – 1:30pm: Lunch
1:30pm – 4:00pm: Topic oriented lab sessions to brainstorm and share ideas on social business in the following areas: Philosophical round table, Culture & arts, Poverty in the U.S., Obesity in the U.S., Haiti, and Open Topic.
4:00pm – 4:30pm: Coffee break
4:30pm – 5:00pm: Presentation of lab sessions
5:00pm – 6:00pm: Closing discussion

Participants come from diverse backgrounds: Business leaders, artists, students, social business experts, and NGOs, to enable an inspiring sharing of thoughts and discussion.

Cost: $180.00 - includes participation for the day, two coffee-breaks, lunch and soft drinks during the day. To register for the event, please transfer $180.00 to the following account:
The Grameen Creative Lab GmbH
Nassauische Sparkasse // blz 510 500 15 // kto 107 073 983
BIC-SWIFT-Code NASSDE55 // IBAN DE50510500150107073983
Reason for Transfer: NYC SBD 2010 // your name

Making Green from Green
Shaping the 21st Century: Innovation at the Intersection of Sustainable Design and Business

When: Wednesday, June 16 from 5:30 to 9:30 p.m.
Where: UJA Federation of New York, 130 East 59th Street

Learn key insights into the process of technology development and funding, from a nascent idea to the next hot green gadget. Panelists will discuss various stages in the process from the academic grant office to the pursuit of venture capital. Hear about their experiences, motivations, and, most importantly, what they think are the key components to success in emerging green technology.

Micah Kotch currently serves as Director of Operations for the NYC ACRE initiative at the Polytechnic Institute of NYU. The New York City Accelerator for a Clean and Renewable Economy (NYC ACRE) helps clean technology and renewable energy companies in New York City find capital and strategic partners.

Jim Aloise is currently Senior Technology Licensing Officer at Columbia University. He manages the protection and licensing of several areas including clean and sustainable technologies. Jim previously led efforts in both technology and trademark licensing at GE.

Russell Tencer joined Wind Products, Inc. as Chief Executive Officer in early 2009. Previously, he served as Managing Partner of Tencer & Solomon, a strategic advisory firm that specialized in growth stage consulting for clean-tech companies.

Oliver Guinness runs Clearpoint Ventures, a NYC-based cleantech fund. Previously, he advised companies on cleantech/energy policies, strategies, and risks; developed a USAID/World Bank-funded telecom venture; helped grow a Silicon Valley startup, and worked at Merrill Lynch.

Aaron Ayer, PE, LEED AP, is Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Hycrete. Aaron has close to 20 years of managerial experience, with a focus on venture-backed high-growth and technology firms. Aaron is responsible for driving market acceptance of innovations at Hycrete, his fourth entrepreneurial venture.

Hosted by the Columbia Business School Alumni Club of New York.

Social Enterprise Leadership Forum: Measuring and creating excellence in schools

When: Thursday, May 6, 2010, 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Where: Columbia University Faculty House, 64 Morningside Drive (between 116th and 117th Streets), New York

Measuring performance—of students, teachers, schools, and entire school systems—has emerged as a critical tool for innovative educational institutions, and a point of emphasis for the current administration in Washington. Yet evaluation is difficult and also very costly, so it’s critically important to do it right—picking the right outcomes, measuring them properly, and using the results to improve the quality of education. In this half-day meeting, we brought together educational leaders from New York City’s public, private, and nonprofit sectors for an exchange of ideas on how to apply evaluation effectively.

Ray Fisman, Lambert Family Professor of Social Enterprise; and Director, Social Enterprise Program at Columbia Business School;

Joel Klein, Chancellor, New York City Department of Education;

Caroline Hoxby, Scott & Donya Bommer Professor of Economics, Stanford University;

Jonah Rockoff, Sidney Taurel Associate Professor of Business, Columbia Business School;

Douglas Staiger, John French Professor in Economics, Dartmouth College;

John King, Senior Deputy Commissioner for P-12 Education, New York State Department of Education;

James Liebman, Simon H. Rifkind Professor of Law, Columbia Law School; and former Chief Accountability Officer, New York City Department of Education;

Emary Aronson, Managing Director of Education, Robin Hood Foundation.

More information and video links are available online. Organized by the Social Enterprise Program at Columbia Business School.

Learning to Change the World: Lessons from Business School

When: Saturday, April 24 from 9:15 to 10:00 a.m.
Where: Uris Hall

Alumni panel discussion moderated by Ray Fisman, Lambert Family Professor of Social Enterprise and director of the Social Enterprise Program, with: Kevin Conrad EMBA ’05, executive director, Coalition for Rainforest Nations; Peggi Einhorn ’80, CFO and treasurer, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; and Paul Quintero ’95, CFO, Acción USA.

Is Carbon-Free Energy a Possibility for the United States?

When: Saturday, April 24 from 1:15 to 2:30 p.m.
Where: Uris Hall

Alumni panel discussion moderated by Geoff Heal, Paul Garrett Professor of Public Policy and Business Responsibility and Bernstein Faculty Leader, Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. Center for Leadership and Ethics. Panelists included John Fox ’00, managing member, Thorfinn Enterprises; and Hugh Frater ’85, COO, Good Energies.

Charter Cities: A Solution to Global Poverty
A discussion with Paul Romer

When: Tuesday, April 20, 2010 at 6:30 to 9:00 p.m.
Where: Warren Hall, Feldberg Space

In his three decade career, Professor Paul Romer has done foundational work on economic growth that puts him on a Nobel Prize short list, founded and sold a highly successful e-publishing company, and served as senior advisor to governments from Beijing to Bogota. Now, he has taken leave from his post at Stanford to champion his Charter Cities initiative which he hopes will help to pull the developing world out of poverty. What is a Charter City? Why might this plan—which Bill Easterly has said lies somewhere on the fine line between genius and insanity—work to finally succeed where so many well-intentioned efforts have failed?

For a preview on the discussion, see Dr. Romer's TED talk from 2009.

This event is co-sponsored by the Social Enterprise Program, The Jerome A. Chazen Institute of International Business and the International Development Club.

Social Enterprise Leadership Retreat

When: Friday, April 16, 2010

Members of the Social Enterprise Club, International Development Club and Green Business Club will gather with Professor Ray Fisman and SEP staff members for the annual student leadership retreat to discuss how to best work together to serve the interests of social enterprise students.

United Nations Luncheon

When: Friday, April 16 from 12:30 to 2:15 p.m.
Where: United Nations Headquarters (46th and 1st Avenue)

International Development Club's annual trip to the United Nations for a luncheon at the Delegates Dining Room to meet with Columbia University alumni currently working for the United Nations. Hosted by Elizabeth Leff. Guests include:

  • Elizabeth Leff SIPA ’99, Management & Coordination Officer, Office of the Assistant Secretary-General;
  • Matthew Hochbrueckner CBS ’06, Planning Officer, Office of USG/Strategic Planning Unit, UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs;
  • Lucas Black SIPA ’00, MDG Carbon Facility;
  • Nina Thelen, Policy Analyst, Office of Development Studies, UNDP;
  • Terry Kiraglu, Policy Advisor, UNDP/SNV;
  • Tuya Alteragal, Policy Advisor, Poverty Group, UNDP; and
  • Sahba Sobhani, Program Manager, Growing Inclusive Markets Initiative Private Sector Division.

Cost: $15 (members only). Dress code is business formal. Questions? Contact Michael Krafft '10 or Asif Ahmed '11. Organized by the International Development Club.

Discussion with Alain Belda, former CEO of Alcoa and Partner at Warburg Pincus

When: Thursday, April 15 at 12:30 p.m.
Where: Uris Room 142

Are you curious about how one of the world's largest consumers of electricity deals with sustainability issues? How does a giant multinational compensate indigenous people for mining their land? What kind of leadership skills do you need to manage a $14 billion hostile takeover? Alain Belda, former chairman and CEO of Alcoa discusses the challenges and opportunities in maintaining ethics in the international business environment.

Organized by the Bernstein Student Leadership and Ethics Board.

Decisions under scarcity
A discussion with Eldar Shafir, the William Stewart Tod Professor of Psychology and Public Affairs at Princeton University

When: Tuesday, April 15, 2010 at 5:45–6:45 p.m.
Where: Warren Hall, Room 208

See a video of this event on YouTube.

Scarcity underlies many decision-making contexts, from time scarcity among the busy to money scarcity among the poor. The talk will begin with some fundamental insights stemming from behavioral decision-making research. It will then apply these to the study of decisions made while living under scarcity, which is likened to traveling through life with an over-stuffed suitcase that offers no slack. The behavioral outcomes that emerge from scarcity will be explored, as well as the implications for behaviorally informed policy and regulation.

Socially Responsible Investing - Soros Economic Development Fund

When: Thursday, April 15 at 5:45 p.m.
Where: Warren Hall Room 311

Amie Patel is an Investment Officer at the Soros Economic Development Fund. Previously, she was an Investment Officer for the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), responsible for developing and evaluating emerging market private equity fund managers. Prior to OPIC, Amie was an M&A analyst with Merrill Lynch and First Union Securities as well as a Program Manager for Students Partnership Worldwide in Nepal. Amie has an MBA from Georgetown University and a BSBA from Washington University in St. Louis, MO.

The Soros Economic Development Fund (SEDF) is a nonprofit private foundation. It is part of the network of charitable foundations created by investor and philanthropist George Soros. Established in 1997, the fund’s mission is to alleviate poverty and community deterioration. It does this by making investments – in the form of equity, loans, guarantees, and deposits – in selected banks, microfinance institutions, cooperatives, and social enterprise projects worldwide.

This event is sponsored by the Social Enterprise Club's SRI P2P group and the International Development Club.

Cocktails and Swish/Swap Party

When: Thursday, April 14 at 5:00 p.m.
Where: Uris Hall, Calder Lounge

Featuring Michelle Savage '07, Founder and CEO of Best Friend's Closet.

Questions? Contact Laura Hart '11. Organized by The Green Business Club and Marketing Association of Columbia.

Strategies for Success - International Development and Social Enterprise

When: Tuesday, April 13 from 5:45 to 6:45 pm
Where: Uris 326

Strategies for Success in the Summer Internship Program:

How to achieve success in your summer internship

  • Tips and advice from Social Enterprise Columbia Business School Career Coach Raji Kalra ’04
  • Hear from a panel of alumni and 2nd year students who will provide insight on successfully navigating your internship experience

Event sponsored by the International Development Club.

Making Green from Green
Shaping the 21st Century: Is cInvesting in Green Truly Profitable?

When: Tuesday, April 13, from 5:30 to 8:15 p.m.
Where: Museum of American Finance, 48 Wall Street

The Columbia Business School Alumni Club of New York invites you to a panel to discuss the current landscape for profitable sustainable business investment.

  • Who are the investment players in the US and Europe? What benchmarks do they use?
  • Are renewable investments profitable absent government subsidies or incentives?
  • Which sector(s)—wind, water, solar, electric grid, etc.—in the US and globally are projected to outperform in the next 3 years? Next 10 years?
  • How can an individual US investor get involved through the public markets?

Moderated by Prof. Bruce Usher, former CEO of EcoSecurities, the world’s largest public carbon credit company, sold to JPM in 2009.

·Hedge Fund Investing: Peter Fusaro, CEO, Global Change Advisors, an advisory firm to hedge funds, investment banks, and venture funds, founded in 1991, focusing on the convergence of energy and financial markets.
·Corporate Investing: David Hartman, Director of M & A, Siemens Corporation, US, evaluates energy technologies and companies ranging from large gas turbines fossil power plants, nuclear, wind, concentrated solar thermal to energy efficiency, and demand management.
· Individual Investing: Abby Laufer, CEO Virid Capital, a global fund focusing exclusively on public investments in the cleantech sector.

Cost: $25 CBSAC/NY members; $35 non-members; Includes presentation, panel, and networking wine and cheese reception.

Nonprofit and Public Sector Management P2P: Dinner with Robert Egger

When: Tuesday, April 13 at 7:30 p.m.
Where: Campo, Broadway between 112th and 113th

Robert Egger is the Founder and President of the DC Central Kitchen, the nation's first "community kitchen", where unemployed men and women learn marketable culinary skills while donated food is converted into balanced meals. Since opening in 1989, the DCCK has distributed over 20 million meals and helped 700 men and women gain full-time employment. Robert served as the Co-Convener of the first Nonprofit Congress in 2006, and was the founding Chair of the Mayor's Commission on Nutrition, and Street Sense, Washington's "homeless" newspaper. Robert has been on the Non Profit Times "50 Most Powerful and Influential Nonprofit Leaders" list in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. He was the recipient of the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington's 2007 "Lifetime Achievement" award and the 2004 James Beard Foundation "Humanitarian of the Year" award. He is also the author of "Begging for Change."

Please contact Shauna Grob '10 for more information. This dinner is co-hosted by the Social Enterprise Club's Nonprofit Management P2P group and Professor Bauer's Nonprofit Sector and the City course, and will be subsidized by the SEC and the Elective Faculty Access Program.

Microlumbia's 3rd Annual Microfinance Conference

When: Friday, April 9 at 3:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Where: Columbia University Faculty House, Garden Room 2

3:30 - 4:00 p.m.: Welcome and Introductory Remarks

4:00 p.m.: Transaction case study on DB/FINCA November 2009 CLO.
Speakers include: Chuck Olson, Global Social Funds VP at Deutsche Bank; and Andre Kravchenko, Senior Investment Advisor, Capital Markets Group, FINCA.

5:00 p.m.: Managing Crisis in Domestic Microfinance
Speaker: Paul Quintero, CFO Accion USA

5:45 p.m.: Closing Remarks and Reception

Event sponsored by Microlumbia.

Columbia University Energy Symposium- 2030: An Energy Odyssey

When: Friday, April 9, 2010 from 8:45 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.
Where: Low Library

Keynote speakers: John Hess, CEO of Hess; and David Wyss, Chief Economist of S&P.

Panel topics include:
The U.S. Smart Grid Effort
Energy Development in the Developing World
U.S. Energy Policy and the Portfolio of the Future
Commercial Structure of the Energy Supply Chain
Research Showcase
Energy Efficient CO2 Capture
Wind Scaling Optimization
Recycling CO2 into Sustainable Hydrocarbon Fuels
Hybrid Solar Roofing Panel
Distributed Energy Microgrids in New York State
Roadmap for Zero

Company speakers from: AREVA, Aramco, Braemar Energy Ventures, Citigroup, ConEdison, CPower, Credit Suisse, ExxonMobil Refining & Supply Company, GE Energy Financial Services, GE Energy, Transmission & Distribution, Glencore, Hess, International Finance Corporation, Natural Resources Defense Council, Sovcomflot, Standard & Poor’s, and Tsakos Energy Management.

This event was organized by the SIPA Energy Association and Columbia Business School's Energy Club.

Branding for Sustainability: How Conscious Consumers, Social Purpose, and Co-Creativity Are Changing the Rules of Marketing

When: Thursday, April 8 from 12:30 - 2:00 p.m.
Where: Uris Hall, Room 330

Branding for Sustainability: How Conscious Consumers, Social Purpose, and Co-Creativity are Changing the Rules of Marketing. An interactive discussion with Raphael Bemporad, Founding Partner and Principal of BBMG.

Organized by The Green Business Club and Columbia Women in Business. Questions? Contact Laura Hart '11.

Brown bag lunch with Kiku Loomis

When: Thursday, April 8, 2010 12:30pm-2:00pm
Where: Hepburn Terrace, Uris Hall

Kiku Loomis, Senior Consultant at Corporate Citizenship, has a career that combines her interests in business and entrepreneurship with a desire to contribute to a better world. Kiku began her career in 1994 at BMG Interactive Entertainment as Financial Analyst assisting with business planning and M&A. Subsequently she became Manager of Strategy at BMG Classics global. She then founded World Monitors Inc. (WMI), a consulting firm specializing in corporate social responsibility strategy. Afterwards she pursued business strategy consulting, writing business plans with Business Plans International, and then joined strategic sourcing and SAP consulting firm, Quintel MC. In 2004, she returned to WMI to serve as President and lead Consulting and Assurance services for firms such as Newmont Mining. While at WMI, founded and served as Interim Executive Director of Fair Factories Clearinghouse, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing a web-based platform for the management and sharing of compliance information. From 2008 to 2010 Kiku served as Senior Consultant at Corporate Citizenship, a specialist global corporate responsibility and sustainability consultancy with offices in London and New York. Kiku received an MBA from INSEAD and graduated from Princeton University summa cum laude in Anthropology.

Sponsored by the CSR P2P Group of the Social Enterprise Club.

Nonprofit Board Leadership Program Closing Reception

When: Wednesday, April 7, 2010 at 8:00 p.m.

Participants, mentors, alumni, and faculty and staff members come together to celebrate another successful year of the Nonprofit Board Leadership Program.

Faculty Lunch Series with Professor Ray Horton

When: Tuesday, April 6 from 12:30 to 2:00pm
Where: Uris 327

Ray Horton is the Frank R. Lautenberg Professor of Ethics and Corporate Governance, and Faculty Director, Programs in Social Enterprise. A lawyer and political scientist, Professor Horton teaches the course Modern Political Economy. A member of the Columbia Business School faculty since 1970, he served two years while on leave from the School as Executive Director of the Temporary Commission on City Finances during the New York City fiscal crisis, and later served 15 years as Director of Research and President of the Citizens Budget Commission. His publications on municipal finance and management include 14 books, numerous journal articles, and policy studies. In 1981, he founded the Public and Nonprofit Management Program at the School. In 2000, that program morphed into the Social Enterprise Program, which Horton directed until 2009. In 2009, he was named Faculty Director of Social Enterprise programs in the School's Executive Education division. As part of his executive education responsibilities, Professor Horton directs custom programs for the Center for Curatorial Leadership and the King Khalid Foundation.

What Americans Think About Climate Change

When: Thursday, April at 5:15pm to 6:45 p.m.
Where: Uris Hall, Room 332

Jon A. Krosnick, the Frederic O. Glover Professor in Humanities and Social Sciences at Stanford University, will discuss attitude formation and change in response to a raging scientific controversy.

This event is organized by the Center for Decision Sciences.

Technology & Development in Haiti: Unlocking the Power of Collaboration & Technology for Development

When: Thursday, April 1 from 12:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Where: Warren Hall, Feldberg space

Following the recent disaster in Haiti, the World Bank partnered with major players such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and McKinsey to engage volunteers to create technical tool to be used by the government of Haiti in the reconstruction. This discussion explores the effective private sector collaboration with the World Bank in response to the earthquake in Haiti as well the potential of private sector collaboration to help mitigate the impact of additional disasters, such as in Chile, before they happen. This project leveraged the expertise of each respective company and engaged volunteer technical communities. This application is continuously being updated and improved and is used as a decision-making tool by each line minister in Haiti to begin planning for reconstruction.

Moderated by: Professor Garrett Van Ryzin
Michael Chui, Senior Fellow, McKinsey Global Institute
Stuart Gill, Disaster Risk Management Specialist, The World Bank
Marc Forni, Disaster Risk Financing Specialist, The World Bank
Patrick Svenburg, Sr. Manager, Developer and Platform Evangelist, Microsoft
Heather Blanchard, Co Founder, Crisis Commons

Organized by International Development Club and Columbia University Partnership for International Development.

Private Equity in Clean Tech and Environmental Businesses

When: Wednesday, March 31, 6:00 to 7:30 PM
Where: Uris 140

Join us for a panel on private equity in clean tech and environmental businesses. Panelists include:

  • Carl Williams, Vice President, Riverstone, LLC
  • Jeff Possick, Principle, MissionPoint Capital Partners
  • Ed May, Associate, US Renewables Group

Co-presented by Green Business Club and Energy Club.

Dinner with Ron Gonen, RecycleBank

When: Tuesday, March 30th at 8:00 p.m.
Where: Calder Lounge

Alumni dinner discussion with Ron Gonen '04, founder of RecycleBank.

For more information please contact Vivek Lakhi '10. Sponsored by the Social Enterprise Club CSR P2P.

Bob Goodwin, President and Founder of Executives without Borders

When: Tuesday, March 30 at 6:30 p.m.
Where: Uris 329

Discussion with Bob Goodwin, President & Founder, Executives Without Borders. He will discuss the opportunity for business leaders to maximize their impact and deliver measurable results.

For more information please contact Jennifer Laing '10. Sponsored by the Social Enterprise Club.

Women in Business: Wine and Microfinance

When: Saturday, March 27 at 7:00 p.m.
Where: Uris Hall, Calder Lounge

An evening of wine tasting and discussion with Jay Saujani about her career at Avon and Avon’s initiatives as the world’s largest provider of microfinance to women. Avon is a global beauty company, with over $10 billion in annual revenue. As the world’s largest direct seller, Avon markets to women in more than 100 countries through approximately 6.2 million active independent Avon Sales Representatives.

Avon has a long heritage of mobilizing its sales representatives and customers to address breast cancer and domestic violence. Through 2009, more than $730 million was raised and donated for these causes worldwide Most recently, Avon announced a global environmental mobilization in more than 65 countries and a $1 million contribution to The Nature Conservancy to launch the new Hello Green Tomorrow initiative, a globally coordinated grass roots effort.

Anu Karwa '04, owner and president of Swirl Events, a wine tasting events company, will present a selection of wines produced by women owned wineries. Anu is the author of two wine columns: The Chicago Sun-Times "SwirlSavvy" and Culinate's "Swirl."

Cost: $55.00. Organized by Women in Business, CBSAC/NY committee.

Bronx Field Trip: Urban and Youth Development

When: Friday, March 26 from 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

The Bronx is one of NY’s most ethnically diverse boroughs and is also home to some of the poorest neighborhoods in the country. After a sharp decline in the quality of life that the Bronx’s residents experienced during the late 20th century, due mainly to controversial housing projects and the shrinkage of municipal services, today, the Bronx has developed some of the most creative and innovative models of urban and youth development. This field trip explores how some of these efforts have helped in the reshaping of the Bronx’s community.

  • The Point (9:30 am – 11:00 am)
    Hunts Point offers a multi-faceted approach to asset-based community development. Its programming falls covers youth development, arts and culture, and community development - all aimed at investing in the comprehensive revitalization of Hunts Point. Staff from The Point will lead the visit to sites where their different programs are carried out, including Rocking the Boat, one of the properties The Point leases to other community development programs.
  • Rocking the Boat (11:00 am – 12:00 pm)
    Rocking the Boat uses traditional wooden boatbuilding and on-water education to help young people develop into empowered and responsible adults. Through these mediums, Rocking the Boat enables South Bronx students to deal with everyday realities that are often not addressed at home or in school. The tour includes the boat building area and a discussion with Adam Green, Founder and CEO.
  • Phipps Houses and Phipps Community Development Corporation (12:30 pm – 1:30 pm)
    Phipps Houses is the nation's oldest and one of its largest not-for-profit developer/owners of affordable housing. It is a multi-faceted real estate organization, involved in the construction of new housing, rehabilitation of existing apartment buildings, residential and some commercial property management, and community building, all in New York City and its environs. This visit will include the soon-to-be-completed Roscoe C. Brown, Jr. Apartment. Since the project is still under construction all visitors must wear closed-toe, flat shoes, and a hard hat (provided).
    12:30 – 12:40:: overview of the Phipps Houses Group & the development of the Roscoe project, in the context of the NYC New Housing Marketplace Plan, with Karen Hu, Phipps Houses.
    12:40 – 1:10: tour of Roscoe project and discussion on the challenges of design and construction of affordable housing in NYC with Alex Afxentiou, Mega Contracting, Inc.
    1:10 – 1:20: overview of Phipps Community Development Corporation and of the NYC Justice Corps with Dorick Scarpelli, Phipps Community Development Corporation.

Contact Pepe Morales '11 for more information. Sponsored by the Social Enterprise Club and the Real Estate Association at Columbia Business School.

Voices from the Field: Perspectives from MFI Leaders

When : Wednesday, March 24, 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Where: Morgan Stanley’s offices, 1585 Broadway, 41st Floor Westside Auditorium, Broadway between 47th and 48th

Join an international panel of speakers from Uganda, Russia, Jordan, and Mexico representing some of the strongest and most innovative Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) in their countries. These leaders will present on their experiences in leadership positions at MFIs around the world, as well as their previous experience in the private sector. Topics of discussion will include personal perspectives on the transition from purely commercial to "double bottom line" and social career paths, why and how they came to the field of microfinance, and differences between the respective fields.

Mathias Katamba, CEO, Finance Trust, Uganda
Ekaterina Butova, CEO, Women's Microfinance Network, Russia
Lama Zawati, CFO, Microfund for Women, Jordan
Jose de Jesus Herrera, CFO, Fincomun, Mexico

Event sponsored by Microlumbia, Morgan Stanley’s Microfinance Initiative, and Women Advancing Microfinance NY.

Social Enterprise Inside Scoop Career Panel

When: Tuesday, March 23, 5:45 to 6:45 p.m.
Where: Uris 303

This Inside Scoop Series on Careers features second year students discussing social enterprise career paths, recruiting strategies, lifestyle, and more.

Organized by the Career Management Center for the J-term population. Register under: COIN>Workshops.

Faculty Lecture Series with Doug Bauer

When: Tuesday, March 23 from 12:30 to 2:00 pm
Where: Uris 330

Doug Bauer shares insights from his experiences as Executive Director of the Clark Foundation and ideas on philanthropy. The Clark Foundation focuses on helping individuals lead independent and productive lives and supports nonprofits and programs in New York City and Cooperstown, NY. Doug Bauer manages not only the Clark Foundation but is also executive director of the Scriven and Fernleigh Foundations. Prior to this, Doug was a Senior Vice President with Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (RPA) from 2002 to 2009 and led the organization’s Strategic Initiatives Team. Prior to joining RPA, he was a Vice President at Goldman, Sachs and Co. and President of the Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund, the firm’s charitable gift fund. From 1997 to 2000, Doug was Director of Community Partnership at SmithKline Beecham (now GlaxoSmithKline) and Executive Director of the SmithKline Beecham Foundation, where he focused on community-based health care around the world. From 1992 to 1996, Doug was a Program Officer for Culture at the Pew Charitable Trusts. And from 1988 to 1992, he managed the Scott Paper Company Foundation.

Doug’s opinions and ideas on philanthropy have been featured in the Associated Press, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Contribute, the Financial Times, the Los Angeles Times, The New York Post, The Stanford Social Innovation Review, The Wall Street Journal, and on NPR and CNBC. Doug co-authored, with Steven Godeke, Philanthropy’s New Passing Gear: Mission Related Investing, A Policy and Implementation Guide for Foundation Trustees. Doug serves on boards or committees for Children’s Health Fund, The Melalucca Foundation and Philanthropy New York (formerly NYRAG). Doug is a graduate from Michigan State University. He also holds a M.S. from Penn and a M.J. from Temple University.

For more information, contact Amanda Freedman '11. Organized by the Social Enterprise Club.

Making Green from Green: Corporate Environmental Sustainability Programs

When: Thursday, March 18 from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m.
Where: Saatchi and Saatchi, 375 Hudson Street

Industry experts discuss: How do companies develop and integrate environmental sustainability programs? What has been successful, what has not? How do these programs add value and can they be measured monetarily?

Moderator: Geoffrey Heal, Paul Garret Professor of Public Policy and Corporate Responsibility, Columbia Business School.

Jeffrey Hollender, Chief Inspired Protagonist, Co-Founder & Executive Chairperson, Seventh Generation;

Dr. Beth Sauerhaft, Senior Manager, Environmental Stewardship, PepsiCo North America; and

Stephen Boston, Chief Sustainability Officer, CA.

There will be a special book signing during the reception for Jeffrey Hollender’s new book, "The Responsibility Revolution: How the Next Generation of Businesses Will Win."

Cost: $25 for CBSAC/NY members, $35 for non-members. Organized by the Columbia Business School Alumni Club of New York.

Discussion on public-private partnerships with Kathy Wylde and Ray Horton

When: Thursday, March 18, 12:30 to 2:00 p.m.
Where: Uris Hall, Room 141

Professor Ray Horton led a conversation with Kathy Wylde, President and CEO of the Partnership for New York City. The Partnership for New York City is a nonprofit organization of the city's business leaders established by David Rockefeller in 1979. It is dedicated to working with government, labor, and the nonprofit sectors to build a stronger New York, with a focus on education, infrastructure, and the economy.

This event is sponsored by the Bernstein Student Leadership and Ethics Board.

City Year Board Member Discussion

When: Thursday, March 18, 12:30 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Where: Uris Room 326

Thinking about joining a nonprofit board? Gary Clare, Partner at Bain & Co. and Itai Dinour, Executive Director of City Year NY, discuss City Year's board experience. City Year New York is dedicated to improving educational outcomes for low-income youth in four of New York City’s poorest communities. Through in-school and after-school programs, full-time AmeriCorps members (age 17-24) offer tutoring, mentoring, social support, and engaging activities to improve attendance, behavior, course performance, and civic involvement among elementary and middle school youth. By addressing the root causes of the high-school drop-out crisis at an early age, the organization aims to boost academic achievement and self confidence, preparing more of New York’s children for graduation.

For more information, contact Amanda Freedman '11. Organized by International Development Club and the Social Enterprise Club.

Networking Night

When: Monday, March 17, 6:45 to 9:00 p.m.
Where: Low Library Rotunda

Join industry leaders across sectors for an evening on networking. Open to Columbia MBA and EMBA students only.

Organized by the Career Management Center and supported by the Green Business Club.

Carbon Finance 101: A Confluence of Science, Politics and Capital

When: Tuesday, March 16 at 6:00 p.m.
Where: Uris 329

Discussion with: Yuhau Lin '09 of Noble Carbon. 2009 was a landmark year for the global effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For the first time, the US government, along with its counterparts in several major developing economies, joined the rest of the international community in committing to specific and significant reductions in the growth of emissions. The domestic political landscape in the US as well as in some other countries remains difficult, and there are surely more bumps in the road ahead. However, no matter which policies ultimately are pursued in each nation, it is becoming increasingly clear that the Carbon Finance industry will play a central role as the engine that drives this monumental global initiative.

This presentation covers the current state of Carbon Finance in both mature international markets and in the fragmented and fledgling US market. It also describes how the Carbon Finance industry comprises a delicate set of compromises between powerful financial, political, and scientific interests, and how this dynamic affects the investment process. Most importantly, the discussion looks forward and profiles the various players in the industry, what they stand to gain / lose from the different legislative paths before us and where CBS students can find promising career opportunities.

For more information contact David Munsky '10. Organized by Energy Club and Green Business Club.

Daniel Lubetzky, Founder of KIND snack bars and the PeaceWorks Foundation

When: Tuesday, March 16 from 12:30 to 2:00 p.m.
Where: Warren Hall, Room 208

Introduction by Prof. Bruce Kogut. Daniel Lubetzky is a serial social entrepreneur known for incorporating new models and platforms that integrate social objectives with sustainable market-driven forces. He will discuss his experience in starting his "not only for profit" KIND snack bar business in conjunction with the PeaceWorks Foundation, which collaborates with entrepreneurs from opposing sides of conflict in Israel, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and beyond.

Sponsored by the Social Entrepreneurship P2P group with the Social Enterprise Club.

Social Enterprise Club Queens Field Trip: Nonprofits Using For-Profit Business Models

When: Friday, February 26 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

How can nonprofits benefit from applying for-profit business models? This Queens Field Trip will visit nonprofits concerned with health, economic development, and the environment using for-profit business models.

10:00 am to 11:00 am: Build it Green! NYC (Co-sponsored by Green Business Club). Build It Green! NYC, is New York City's only nonprofit retail outlet for salvaged and surplus building materials. Its warehouse has everything from panel doors to high end refrigerators and shutters to movie props. Build It Green! NYC’s mission is to keep these materials out of the landfill, while offering deep discounts on their resale.

12:00 pm to 1:30 pm: YMCA - Queens branch (Lunch will be sponsored by the Social Enterprise Club). The YMCA of greater NY is a nonprofit organization that funds the majority of its community outreach programs through the profits of its gyms and hostels. All YMCA programs teach the core values of Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility and continue its 157-year tradition of emphasis upon youth, health and wellness, adult education, and community collaboration and problem solving.

2:00 pm to 3:00 pm: Grameen America - Jackson Heights Branch (Co-sponsored with Microlumbia). Grameen America is a nonprofit microfinance organization whose mission is to help alleviate poverty through entrepreneurship by providing loans, savings programs, credit establishment, and other financial services.

Questions? Contact Pepe Morales '11. Sponsored by the Social Enterprise Club, Green Business Club and Microlumbia.

Ron Terwilliger, Chairman of the Board, Habitat for Humanity

When: Thursday February 25 at 12:30 p.m.
Where: Uris 142

Ron Terwilliger is former Chairman of Trammel Crow Residential, the largest developer of multi-family housing in the United States. He is a former chairman of Urban Land Institute, and currently serves as Chairman of the Board for Habitat for Humanity. He has received numerous distinctions for his achievements in business and his efforts to advance housing opportunities across the world. He is Chairman Emeritus of Trammell Crow Residential which he joined in 1979. Trammell Crow Residential is a national residential real estate company and is the largest developer of multi-family housing in the United States. Mr. Terwilliger is an honor graduate of the United States Naval Academy. After serving five years in the Navy, he received his MBA degree with High Distinction from the Harvard Graduate School of Business where he was elected a Baker Scholar. He is past Chairman of the Urban Land Institute and remains a Trustee. He additionally is Chairman Emeritus of the Wharton Real Estate Center, past Chairman of the Atlanta Neighborhood Development Partnership and Co-Chairman of the board of directors for I Have a Dream Foundation. Ron is the intermediate past Chairman of the International Board of Directors of Habitat for Humanity, is an ex-officio member of the Board and chairs Habitat’s $4 billion Global Capital Campaign. He currently serves on the Investment Committee of the Naval Academy Foundation, and is a past Chairman of the National Association of Homebuilders Multifamily Leadership Board. He also serves as a member of the Executive Committee of Enterprise Community Partners Board of Trustees. Philanthropically Mr. Terwilliger made a $5 million gift to establish the ULI Terwilliger Center for Workforce Housing. Similarly, a $5 million gift to the Enterprise Foundation has created the Enterprise Terwilliger Fund – targeted to create 2,000 affordable homes annually. His $100 million legacy gift to Habitat for Humanity International will help 60,000 families access improved housing conditions.

Ron has been recognized with the ULI Atlanta Community Achievement Award and the ORT Award, bestowed for his support and efforts to improve the world through his good deeds. He received the Hearthstone Builder Humanity Award in 2006 for his commitment to housing related charities and in 2008 was elected to the National Association of Homebuilder’s Hall of Fame in recognition of his efforts to advance housing opportunities for all Americans. In 2009, Ron was honored by the National Housing Council with the Person of the Year Award, for his commitment and contributions to the affordable housing community. In addition, he has been honored by the United States Naval Academy with the 2009 Distinguished Graduate Award, for his lifetime commitment to service, personal character and distinguished contributions.

Organized by the Social Enterprise Club and the Real Estate Association.

Defining the Next Standard for Sustainable Transportation

When: Wednesday, February 24 at 6:00 p.m.
Where: Uris 330

This event explores trends in sustainable transportation. Speakers include Joanna Underwood, CEO of Energy Vision, Louis Barreto, VP Asset Development and Projects, fuelNJ, and EmilyGallo, the Mayor's Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability.

Questions? Contact Aude Humbert '10. Organized by the Green Business Club and the Energy Club.

Social Enterprise Executive Recruiter Event

When: Wednesday, February 24 at 5:45 p.m.
Where: Uris Hall, Room 333

Looking for an internship or a full-time position? Learn what social enterprise industry recruiters have to say about recent searches, their general industry expertise and their perspectives on:

  • the types of organizations that are hiring in this space;
  • what they are looking for; and
  • what, as a candidate, you must do to get noticed (prior to an interview and during an interview).

Moderated by: Donna Rossi, Social Enterprise Program.

Nora N. Simpson, RWD Executive Search, is a Founding Partner of NFS Consulting Group and leads the firm's Strategy and Corporate Development practice as well as the Sustainability practice. As part of her work with Sustainability-focused companies, Nora serves on the Board of the New York City Accelerator for a Clean and Renewable Economy, a cleantech-focused New York State-funded incubator. She is also an active member of the United Nations Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization. Nora has run a personal and professional coaching practice since 2004, consulting with a variety of individuals, corporations, and nonprofit organizations. Nora has led coaching, career, and empowerment seminars for students groups, self-help groups, and large organizations, including the United Nations. Nora began her career with the United Nations Hunger Task Force and later, The Hunger Project, a nonprofit organization that empowers women and men to end their own hunger and poverty in Africa, Latin America, and South Asia. Nora graduated magna cum laude from Columbia University with a Bachelor of Arts in Drama and Theater Arts.

Harriet Shohet, Executive Recruiter, Professionals for Nonprofits, is a senior executive recruiter. She has a proven track record of sourcing the best talent and partnering with clients to understand the culture and needs of their businesses. She will speak on her in-depth knowledge of the nonprofit sector and the diversity positions across all functional areas.

Michelle Kedem '02, President and Founder, On-Ramps, has more than 10 years of experience in finance and business management. She combines strong communication skills with deep analytics. Having worked both on Wall Street and in internal corporate financial roles, Michelle brings strategic insight and a focus on bottom-line results to On-Ramps. Most recently, Michelle was a Senior Financial Manager at Time Inc, where she worked on both revenue growth initiatives and strategic cost containment. A veteran of the corporate world, Michelle recognizes the vital importance of hiring and retaining top talent. Michelle holds an MBA from Columbia Business School, and an M.Ed. from Columbia University, Teachers College. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of California, Los Angeles. She lives in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn with her husband and two daughters.

Amy Scogin, Executive Recruiter, On-Ramps, brings four years of recruiting experience in both agency and in-house environments to On-Ramps. Prior to joining On-Ramps, Amy worked at Lehman Brothers in their Staffing Department supporting their Corporate Division, focusing on Human Resources and Marketing searches. She facilitated the recruitment process, expanding the candidate pool, benchmarking the candidate slate, and helping to negotiate offers. Prior to Lehman Brothers, Amy worked for Adecco Employment Services in New York, NY and Houston, TX. She worked on two on-site projects for Verizon Wireless and Hewitt Associates. In both roles she helped with sourcing strategies, behavioral interviewing, candidate selection, and management of the candidates once they were placed on-site. Amy holds a B.B.A. in International Business from Loyola University New Orleans. She spent the fall semester of her junior year in Belgium, studying International Human Resources and Management. Originally from Houston, she currently lives in Sunnyside Queens.

Making Green From Green: Investment Opportunities in the Wake of Copenhagen

When: Tuesday, February 23 at 6:00 p.m.
Where: JP Morgan Chase, 277 Park Avenue, 17th Floor

Is there "Hopenhagen" after Copenhagen? Professor Jeffrey Sachs, noted author and Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia will discuss the current landscape for sustainable business investment. He will offer his thoughts on: where these opportunities exist in the face of political gridlock; how the business community can participate in the development of the sustainability market; and the sweet spot for investors, i.e. where business can contribute to sustainability, environmental justice and increased profits. Professor Sachs is the Quetelet Professor of Sustainable Development, and Professor of Health Policy and Management at Columbia University. He is also Special Advisor to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. He was recently named among the 100 most influential people in the world by Time Magazine.

Organized by the Sustainable Business Committee of the Columbia Business School Alumni Club of NY.

Sustainable Investing Case Study

When: Tuesday, February 23 at 12:30 p.m.
Where: Uris 141

Cary Krosinsky, Vice President of Trucost in North America, offers insight into TruCost's sustainable investing methodology via a case study on a Fortune 500 company. Trucost has built and maintains the world's largest database of carbon emissions and other environmental impacts as generated by the world's largest public and private companies. Their data and expertise is used by leading global fund managers and asset owners to manage carbon risk. Mr. Krosinsky recently co-edited and wrote the book Sustainable Investing: The Art of Long Term Performance with Nick Robins of HSBC. He is an Advisory Board member of the Association of Climate Change Officers (ACCO) and founder director of InvestorWatch. Cary Krosinksy is also an adjunct faculty member at Columbia's Center for Environmental Research and Conservation (CERC). He is currently teaching "Sustainable Investing II: In Practice", focusing on sustainable investing as a burgeoning investment philosophy. This type of investing involves finding the unique opportunities being generated from a resource constrained, and increasingly damaged world, while mitigating risks to ones portfolio from unsustainable business models and practices. Cary Krosinsky, Vice President of Trucost in North America, will be offering insight into TruCost's sustainable investing methodology via a case study on a Fortune 500 company.

Questions? Contact Andrew Russakoff '10. Sponsored by Green Business Club and Energy Club.

International Development Industry Networking Night

When: Tuesday, February 23, 6:30 to 9:00 p.m.
Where: Feldberg Lounge, Warren Hall

Interested in consulting, finance, private equity, or marketing roles applied to international development? Speakers will explore how these business roles that can serve non-traditional markets. Moderated by Professor Antony Bugg-Levine, Managing Director, The Rockefeller Foundation.


  • Brad Swanson ’88, Partner, Private Equity, Developing World Markets
  • Jonathan Berman, Partner, Dalberg Global Development Advisors
  • Rachel Jacobs ’02, Director, Strategy &Planning, McGraw-Hill
  • Gillian Core ’08, Founder, Conscious Impact

Questions? Contact Michael Krafft '10 or Toni Codinas '11. Organized by the International Development Club.

Microfinance Peer Career Panel

When: Tuesday, February 23 from 12:30 to 2:00 p.m.
Where: Uris Hall 303

Columbia Business School students with microfinance experience discuss the recruiting cycle, employment opportunities and tips for working in the microfinance space.

Education P2P: NYC Education Field Trip

When: Friday, February 19 from 9:00 to 3:30 p.m.
Where: The New Teacher's Project, Teach for America, and Department of Education in New York City

Meet executives at leading education organizations to learn about the role of MBAs and job opportunities in the education reform movement. This is an incredible chance to learn about the education landscape here in NYC. Meetings include: The VP of Human Capital at TNTP; The COO and Director of the Office of Portfolio Planning, the Director of Knowledge Management, and a staff member in the Budgeting office at the DOE. PLUS, Chancellor Joel Klein or Deputy Chancellor John White at the DOE. At TFA we will meet with the Director of External Talent Recruitment.

Questions? Contact Stacey Wang '11. Organized by the Social Enterprise Club.

Mock Carbon Trading Game with Adam Raphaely, TFS Energy

When: Thursday, February 18 at 12:30 to 2:00 p.m.
Where: Uris Hall, Lehman Lounge

Students will learn about Cap and Trade through hands-on, fast-paced, open outcry trading under rules inspired by the EU Emissions Trading Scheme. Adam Raphaely, a carbon off-sets broker, will introduce the market over lunch and mediate the mock trading that follows

Questions? Contact Raphael Anstey '11. Sponsored by: Cleantech Month 2010, Green Business Club, Energy Club, and the Sales and Trading Club.

Dinner and Discussion with Climate Change Capital

When: Wednesday, February 17 at 8:30 to 10:00 p.m.
Where: Uris Hall, Hepburn Lounge

Chris Hunter'07, Vice President Carbon Finance, leads the Carbon Finance team in the United States for Climate Change Capital (CCC), and is responsible for originating and commercializing investments across North America. Before joining CCC, Chris was a Senior Associate at GreenOrder in New York, where he was lead advisor to clients on energy and carbon issues, including BP, the GE-AES Greenhouse Gas Services joint venture, and KKR regarding the acquisition of TXU. Prior to GreenOrder, Chris spent nine years at Johnson & Johnson in the U.S. and Europe. At J&J he was responsible for creating, communicating and implementing energy management and carbon reduction strategies worldwide.

Questions? Contact Stacey Epstein '11. Event sponsored by Cleantech Month 2010, Green Business Club and Energy Club.

Annual Social Enterprise Reception

When: Wednesday, February 17, 2010 at 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Where: Low Library, Columbia University

This event brings together students, alumni and professionals for an evening of networking and socializing and will feature the Social Enterprise Summer Fellows and Alumni. Please .

Although this event is free of charge, please consider giving to the Social Enterprise Summer Fellowship Program, which supports students engaged in summer internships that create social and environmental value. Summer fellows have interned with local and international nonprofits, NGOs and social ventures, including the Robin Hood Foundation, the NY Department of Education, Enterprise Solutions to Poverty and Endeavor. Please give online.

These fellowships not only provide organizations with much-needed MBA talent, but they allow students to apply their MBA skills to practical issues faced by these organizations.Read more about the summer fellows’ internship experiences.

Organized by the Social Enterprise Program.

Laura Clancy - New Sector Alliance, Bridgespan

When: Wednesday, February 17 from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m.

Laura Clancy'07,  Managing Director of New Sector Alliance, will take part in the Nonprofit and Public Management P2P Leadership Series, designed for students to interact with leaders in the nonprofit and public management space. Prior to New Sector Alliance, Laura worked at the Bridgespan Group for clients that include the Gates Foundation, the Annie E. Casey Foundation and College Summit. She has also worked as a development and strategy consultant at New Visions for Public Schools, best known as the main conduit for Gates education funding for New York City, and with at Community Resource Exchange, a management consulting firm focusing on grassroots nonprofits in NYC. She has served as Associate Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations of the national office of Big Brothers Big Sisters. Laura is a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard University where she was awarded their annual Women's Leadership Award, Donald W. Moreland Award for Public Service, and the Harvard-Radcliffe Club of Boston Summer Public Service Fellowship and holds an MBA from Columbia Business School, where she was a William Randolph Hearst Scholar.

Questions? Contact Jessica Harrison '11. Sponsored by the Nonprofit and Public Management P2P of the Social Enterprise Club.

The Evolution of a Smart Grid

When: February 16, Tuesday 5:45 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Where: Warren 310

Discussion on the evolution of smart grid technology with Chelle Izze '04, Vice President of National Accounts and Vertical Markets at CPower; Jeffrey Katz, CTO, Energy and Utilities Industry, IBM; Reza Ghafurian, Central Engineering, Con Edison; and Jim Gallagher, Senior VP for Energy Policy, NYC Economic Development Corporation.

Questions? Contact Elena Busovsky '11. Organized by the Green Business and Energy Clubs as part of Clean Tech month.

First Pangea Projects Case Competition

When: Monday, February 15 at 6:00 to 8:30 p.m.
Where: Warren Hall, Felderg Lounge

The first Pangea Projects Competition will feature six teams from Pangea Summer and Fall 09, presenting their work to a jury of senior consultant and international development experts. Teams will highlight their work with clients around the world and discuss insights and perspectives on international development issues.

Pangea Advisorsis the pro bono consulting group of the International Development Club (IDC). Each semester Pangea sources consulting projects, in cooperation with Microlumbia, and pairs groups of 3-5 MBA students with organizations that are working to improve lives across the developing world. Throughout the projects, students receive mentorship from international development practitioners, consultants at top consulting firms and CBS faculty members. In addition, the Social Enterprise Program (SEP) funds students to travel to visit their client organizations.

Questions? Contact Mara De Monte '10 or Julia Sanchez Abeal '10. Organized by Pangea Advisors.

The Green Collar Economy: A Discussion with Van Jones, President Obama's Former Special Advisor on Green Jobs

When: Monday, February 15, 6:00 to 7:00 p.m.
Where: Uris 141

Van Jones, an award-winning pioneer in human rights and the clean energy economy, shares his vision of a future "green economy." His book The Green Collar Economy was a New York Times bestseller and is considered the definitive book on green jobs. From March to September 2009, Van worked as the special advisor for green jobs at the White House Council for Environmental Quality. In that position, he developed policy recommendations to help implement the Obama Administration's commitment to clean energy jobs. Van Jones' website: http://www.vanjones.net/

Event sponsored by Cleantech Month 2010, Student Leadership and Ethics Board, Green Business Club and Energy Club.

Faculty Lecture Series with Professor Ray Fisman

When: Tuesday, February 9 from 12:30 to 2:00 p.m.
Where: Warren 208

Professor Ray Fisman shares insights from his experiences. He is the Lambert Family Professor of Social Enterprise and director of the Social Enterprise Program at the Columbia Business School. Professor Fisman received his PhD in Business Economics at Harvard University. He worked as a consultant in the Africa Division of the World Bank before joining Columbia Business School in 1999. His research covers a range of topics, including the impact of corporate social responsibility, the determinants of altruism, and global corruption. His work has been published in leading economics journals, including the American Economic Review, Journal of Political Economy, and Quarterly Journal of Economics and has been covered widely in the popular press, from Maureen Dowd’s column in the New York Times to al Jazeerato the Shanghai Daily. He also writes a   monthly column for the online magazine Slate, where he’s tackled issues including teacher evaluation in public schools, women and leadership, and the economics of civil war. Professor Fisman’s first book, Economic Gangsters: Violence, Corruption, and the Poverty of Nations (coauthored with Edward Miguel), was published by Princeton University Press, and he is currently working on a book about the economics of office life, to be published by Twelve in 2012. He has taught nonprofit governance in an Executive Education program for leaders in the arts and teaches the Private Sector and International Development and Managerial Economics courses for EMBA and MBA students.

Questions? Contact Amanda Freedman '11. Organized by the Social Enterprise Club.

Uncommon Schools Networking Dinner

When: Tuesday, February 9 at 7:00 p.m.
Where: Uris Hall, Hepburn Lounge

Learn about opportunities for MBAs in the nonprofit sector, the work of Uncommon Schools, and the wide range of positions throughout the organization in such areas as real estate development, marketing, financial management, school operations and more. The networking dinner includes: Carolyn Hack '05, Uncommon's Chief Financial Officer; Analiza Quiroz, Director of Operation of Leadership Prep; and Samantha Tweedy, Founding Co-Director of Excellence Girls Charter School.

Uncommon Schools (Uncommon) is a nonprofit organization that starts and manages outstanding urban charter public schools that close the achievement gap and prepare low-income students to graduate from college. Uncommon builds uncommonly great schools by developing and managing philosophically aligned, highly accountable, and geographically linked networks: Excellence Charter Schools, NY; North Star Academy Charter Schools, NJ; Collegiate Charter Schools, NY; True North Public Schools, NY; and Preparatory Charter Schools, NY. All of our schools are predicated on standards-based instructional models, proven curricula driven and informed by assessment, highly structured environments, and the design of other top-performing urban schools.

Carolyn Hack is a 2005 graduate of Columbia Business School, where she was elected to Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society and was awarded the faculty-bestowed prize for Nonprofit and Public Management. Ms. Hack joined Uncommon Schools as Chief Financial Officer in the summer of 2006. Prior to this, she worked as the Associate Executive Director of Development and Administration at Anchor, Inc. While at Anchor, Ms. Hack was responsible for the financial management of the organization, strategic planning, the development of a new evaluation model, the oversight of a capital renovation project, and fundraising. Her previous work experience also includes a summer associate position for the Chief Financial Officer of Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston. Prior to business school, Ms. Hack taught high school mathematics and coached basketball and soccer for five years in Northern California. She received her B.A. in Economics from Johns Hopkins University and her M.A. from Stanford University's School of Education.

Analiza Quirozis the co-leader of Leadership Prep, serving as the Director of Operations. Ms. Quiroz has extensive experience in managing teams, budgets, and operations. Prior to joining Leadership Prep, she spent two years at Colgate-Palmolive working in brand management and five years in the Air Force working in program management and international relations. Ms. Quiroz is also the co-founder of Island Girl Power, a nonprofit that aims to build self-esteem in girls and counter the high suicide and pregnancy rates in Guam. Analiza received her MBA from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management where she was an Austin Scholar, Kellogg's most prestigious honor based on academics and leadership. She is also a Fulbright Scholar and earned her B.S. in Industrial Engineering and B.A. in Economics from Stanford University.

Samantha Tweedy is the Founding Co-Director for Operations of Excellence Girls Charter School. Prior to becoming an Operational Leadership Fellow with Uncommon Schools, Ms. Tweedy served as the Interim Program Director of the Uncommon Knowledge and Achievement Teacher U Summer Teaching Fellows Program. Ms. Tweedy was formerly a litigation associate at the law firm of Simpson, Thacher & Bartlett LLP, a summer associate in the Hogan & Hartson LLP Education Group, and a legal intern at Advocates for Children of New York. During this time, Ms. Tweedy also served as a Trustee on the Board of Excellence Boys Charter School of Bedford Stuyvesant. Ms. Tweedy holds a B.A. in Developmental Psychology from Duke University and a J.D. from Yale Law School.

Questions? Contact Anne Eidelman '10. Organized by the Social Enterprise Club.

Industry Networking Series: Green Business Club and Energy Club

When: Monday, February 8, 2010 from 6:30–9:00 p.m.
Where: Uris Hall, Room 301

The Industry Networking Series provides an opportunity to learn from and network with fellow alumni and students where alumni leaders will share their industry expertise.

New Energy Opportunities: Investing in the Renewables Valuable Chain

Featuring a panel conversation with:
Mark Cox EMBA '92, CEO, New Energy Fund LP
Daniel Bernstein '06, Assistant Vice President, HSS NordBank
Chris Huntington, Vice President, SkyFuel
Ron Mincy '07, Associate, GE Energy Financial Services
Professor Geoffrey Healfrom Columbia Business School will moderate the panel.

6:30 - 6:45 p.m. Registration
6:45 - 8:00 p.m. Alumni Panel
8:00 - 9:00 p.m. Alumni/Student Networking Reception

Register online by Thursday, February 4 or by e-mail at: alumnievent (AT) gsb (DOT) columbia (DOT) edu or by phone at: (212) 854-8815.

Nonprofit Consulting P2P: Nonprofit Consulting Dinner with Bridgespan and Endeavor

When: Friday, February 5 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

Bridgespan, a nonprofit consulting organization, and Endeavor, an international entrepreneur/nonprofit consulting firm, join students for a dinner discussion. They will discuss their experiences and provide insight as to how students can prepare and start a career in nonprofit consulting.

Questions? Contact Stacey Wang '11. Organized by the Nonprofit Consulting P2P group of the Social Enterprise Club.

Making Green from Green: Opportunities for Marketing to the Green Consumer

When: Thursday, February 4  from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m.
Where: UJA Federation of New York, 130 East 59th Street

Consumers buy over $200 billion of natural personal care and cleaning products, organic produce, hybrid cars, fair trade coffee, compostable plates and cups, and other green products and services. Come hear the green marketing experts talk about opportunities to build green brands, innovate new products and services, and contribute to the bottom line.

Moderated by Jacquelyn A. Ottman, founder, J. Ottman Consulting, Inc. and Author, Green Marketing: Opportunity for Innovation

· Nicole Rousseau, VP Retail Marketing, HSBC Bank, US
· Bernadine Huang, CEO, OZOcar, a venture of OZOlab
· Christopher Barry, SVP Digital Media & Business Strategy, Sundance Channel

$25 for CBSAC/NY members, $35 for non-members. Organized by the Sustainable Business Committee of Columbia Business School Alumni Club of New York.

Global Social Venture Competition


January 20, 2010

Executive Summaries Due

January 29, 2010

Pitch Day and SIA Workshop

Feb 12 and March 5, 2010

Full Business Plans Due

March 19, 2010

Regional Semi Finals

April 6, 2010

Final Business Plans Due

April 21-23, 2010

Global Finals Symposium

The Global Social Venture Competition is the largest and oldest student-led business plan competition providing mentoring, exposure, and $45,000 in prizes for social ventures from around the world. To enter, submit your executive summary by January 20, 2010.Winning plans in the past have ranged from global health to microfinance, from cleantech to education, from fair trade to community development, from business concepts to operating companies, and have included for-profit and non-profit models.

Entrant Requirements:

Submit your executive summary at www.gsvc.org. For questions, email [email protected]

GSVC Pitch Day and SIA Workshop

When: Friday, January 29 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Where: Uris Hall 301

Observe entrepreneur business plan pitches and meet entrepreneurs who are looking for additional team members. Columbia Professor Rick Larson will also be leading a workshop on the Social Impact Analysis (SIA) required in business plan submissions. Featured speaker: Aynsley Toole ’08, member of 2008 GSVC Winning Venture, MicroEnergy Credits Corporation.


9:00 AM

Introduction and Guest Speaker- Aynsley Toole ‘08, member of 2008 GSVC Winning Venture, MicroEnergy Credits Corporation

9:45 – 11:45 AM

Entrant Two-Minute Pitches

11:45 – 12:30 PM

Entrant and Advisor Networking Lunch

12:30 – 1:30 PM

>Social Impact Analysis (SIA) Workshop with Prof. Rick Larson [Suggested for entrants and potential judges in attendance]

Aynsley Toole, Environmental Markets, Equator, LLC, manages the acquisitions process for Equator's $100M Eco-Products Fund, including financial structuring, due diligence, and post-transaction monitoring. The Eco Products Fund makes investments in forest carbon projects as well as wetlands and biodiversity mitigation. Before joining Equator, Aynsley worked as a strategy consultant at The Monitor Group, for the United Nations Development Program in Nepal and Senegal, in the Energy group at Deutsche Bank, and at the Inter-American Development Bank. Aynsley received a B.A. from Queen’s University (Canada), an Honors of Business Administration from the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario, and an MBA and a MIA degree from Columbia University.

Social Entrepreneurship: Insights from Practitioners

When: Wednesday, January 27 from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Where: Uris 332

Interested in starting a social enterprise or working in the field? Explore diverse sectors of social entrepreneurship from energy and education to consumer products, in both domestic and international arenas. Speakers include:
Sarah Endline, Mastermind and Chief Rioter,sweetriot which makes all-natural chocolate treats while promoting fair trade and social responsibility;

Andrew Garza, Co-founder, Titagya Schools which promotes early educational opportunities in Ghana by building and operating pre-schools and kindergartens and administering a scholarship program for children in the region;

Jennye Greene, Project Coordinator, E+Co which invests services and capital in small and growing clean energy  businesses in developing countries that mitigate climate change and reduce poverty while generating financial returns; and

Elisabeth Stock, CEO and co-founder, Computers for Youth which helps low-income children in New York City and nationwide do better in school by improving their learning environment at home and helping teachers make powerful links between the classroom and the home.

Sustainable Investing Discussion with Mark Fulton, Deutsche Bank Climate Change Chief Strategist

When: Monday, January 25 at 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.
Where: Uris Hall 140

Discussion on alternative energy, climate change, and implications for investors with Mark Fulton, Climate Change Chief Strategist at Deutsche Bank. Mark has nearly thirty years of experience as an economist and strategist. Mark previously held several positions with Citigroup's Corporate & Investment Banking division in New York,including Deputy Director of US Equity Research. 

Event sponsored by the Green Business Club and the Center for Environmental Research and Conservation (CERC).

Financial Literacy P2P Guest Speaker: New York Times Journalist Tara Siegel Bernard

When: Monday, January 25 from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Where: Uris Room 329

Interested in learning more about financial literacy, consumer protection, and how to increase the financial acumen of the underserved among us? Want to teach less-fortunate people basic skills to effectively manage their financial resources? Looking to hear from industry experts and discuss your ideas with classmates? Tara Siegel Bernard, a personal finance reporter for the New York Times, will speak about common financial issues facing the public, ranging from credit card mismanagement to the possible results of pending consumer protection legislation. She has been at the Times since 2008, and previously she was deputy managing editor at FiLife, a personal finance Web site, and a news editor at CNBC. Ms. Siegel Bernard also spent a decade at Dow Jones, where she wrote a weekly personal finance column and was a regular contributor to The Wall Street Journal's small-business and health costs columns.

Questions? Contact Anne Eidelman '11. Organized by the Social Enterprise Club.

Financial Literacy P2P: Money Makes Cents Information Session

When: Monday, January 25 at 5:45 p.m.
Where: Uris Room 141

Money Makes Cents is a weekly volunteer opportunity to work one-on-one with a Welfare-to-Work population to promote financial literacy. The Financial Literacy P2P will provide training to enable MBA students to teach underserved adults from our community to increase their financial literacy, focusing on the importance of understanding credit, having a bank account, and avoiding scamsand predatory financial institutions.

The curriculum was written by Columbia Business School students in partnership with FEGS, the same organization that partners to administer iPrep. Topics that will be covered include: The emotional aspect of money; Net Worth; Setting Smart Goals; The 4 C's of credit; Time Impacts Money; Compound Interest; Tracking Expenses; Separating wants from needs; Importance of saving right away; and Wise Consumerism.

Organized by the Social Enterprise Club's Financial Literacy P2P group. Contact Andrea Davila '11, Chris Durlacher '11, or Joe Silver '11 for details of each week's volunteering opportunity.

Making Green from Green Networking Event

When: Tuesday, January 19 from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m.
Where: GustOrganics Restaurant and Bar, 519 Avenue of the Americas (6th Ave) at 14th Street, NYC

To kick off the new year and the continuation of our certificate seminar series, Making Green from Green is excited to announce a  networking opportunity for  participants and an evening of great 100% organic food and drink in an intimate setting. Attendees will enjoy a sampling of some of GustOrganics's fabulous menu and all items purchased from their Organic Bar at a 20% discount.

Ticket cost: $10. More information online.

International Development Club Peru Tour

When: January 2–11, 2010
Where: Peru

Students will visit local companies relevant to CSR and international  development, while experiencing the culture and history of Peru. Agenda includes: MNC Management, in-field business development  case study and discussion: “Building SME’s at the Base of the Pyramid”, tour  of Tara Plantations, return to Cajamarca, stay in an old hacienda converted into a boutique hotel and spa, meetings with international development and microfinance organizations, networking happy hour, National Museum of Culture  & History, and a meeting with MNC Management / Embassy Economic Development staff.

Sustainability Talk featuring Deloitte Consulting

When: Monday,  December 7, 5:45 p.m. –7:15 p.m.
Where: Uris  Hall, Room 140

Michael Daherand Shruti Kahlon from Deloitte Consulting explore Deloitte’s partnership with the World Economic Forum to evaluate the business case for sustainability for the consumer business industry. They will discuss the imperative for change, and some of the themes that companies have started to explore to make a sustainable future a reality.

Michael Daher is a senior manager in Deloitte Consulting's Corporate & Competitive  Strategy practice based in the New York office. Since joining Deloitte in 1998, Mike has led Environmental & Social Sustainability Strategy, Operational Strategy and Profitability Improvement  engagements for a variety of consumer and industrial products manufacturers, as  well as retail clients. He also led the  development of key Deloitte sustainability assessment frameworks and  tools.  During an expatriate assignment  in Deloitte's London office, Mike served  pan-European clients in England, Germany, Spain and Italy.  He received an MBA with distinction from the  Ross School of Business at University  of Michigan and the London Business  School and BS from Miami University of Ohio.

Shruti R. Kahlon is a manager within the Strategy practice of Deloitte Consulting. She has over  nine years of consulting experience in consumer business, chemicals, and  life-sciences industries. With her extensive experience of customer and product  analytics, Shruti has helped clients with various margin improvement  challenges. She has led multiple projects in the evaluation of marketing and  sales processes including customer segmentation and channel strategy at leading  companies. Most recently, she managed Deloitte’s partnership with the World  Economic Forum focused on exploring innovations for consumer business industry  in support for sustainability and co-authored a related publication released at  Davos 2009. Shruti has an MBA from The Wharton School, and a B.Tech. in  Chemical Engineering from IIT Delhi.

SEC and Gourmet Club Field Trip

When: Friday,  December 4, 10:00 a.m.–2:30 p.m.
Where: Brooklyn NY

If you never  thought you could please your insatiable hunger and sweet tooth urges but still make a difference for the world, think again! The Gourmet Club and SEC are joining efforts for a Brooklyn field trip for a day filled with yummy food  and socially responsible enterprises.

Economic and Institutional Development in Emerging Economies

When: Tuesday, December 1, 5:45 p.m.–7:15 p.m.
Where: Warren Hall, Room 310

Organized by the International Development Club, Bernstein Student Leadership and Ethics  Board,  the Green Business Club, and LAHBA.

McKinsey Climate Change & Water Presentation

When: Tuesday, December 1 from 12:30 to 2:00 p.m.
Where: Uris Hall 332

Join McKinsey & Co. for their climate change and water presentation.

Questions? Contact Sachit Shah '10.

Community Forum on Climate Change

When: Tuesday, December 1, 5:45 p.m.
Where: Uris Hall, Room 142


This Community Forum on Business and the Economy features a conversation on the burgeoning  field of environmental policy and climate change. Chris Mayer, senior vice dean and Paul Milstein Professor of Real Estate,  moderates a panel of faculty experts and practitioners with diverse areas of  expertise:
- Geoffrey Heal, the Paul Garrett  Professor of Public Policy and Business Responsibility, will speak  about the role played by Columbia faculty and  alumni in the negotiations leading to the United Nations Framework Convention  on Climate Change (UNFCCC) taking place in Copenhagen.
- Elke Weber, the Jerome A. Chazen Professor of International  Business and co-director of the Center for the Decision Sciences,  will share findings from her research examining how and why we make decisions  about the environment.
- Bruce Usher, adjunct  professor in the Finance and Economics division and Social Enterprise Program,  will discuss carbon credits and the Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto  Protocol.
- Kevin Parker, head of asset  management at Deutsche Bank, will share his thoughts on investment  opportunities and strategies related to climate change and renewable energy.

How to Find a Job in Green Business

When: Thursday,  November 19, 12:30–2:00 p.m.
Where: Warren Hall, Room 208

Learn about the wide range of sustainability-related opportunities available to MBAs, current industry, and hiring trends and resources to assist you in your career search. Gain practical insight  from an industry insider and second year students into best practices for landing a green job.

For more information, contact Kayvan Parvin '10.

The Business of Sustainability: Imperatives, Advantages, and Actions

When: Wednesday,  November 18, 6:00–7:30 p.m.
Where: Warren Hall, Room 208

Principals from The Boston Consulting Group, Andrew Townend and Zayna Khayat will  introduce sustainability as an emerging strategy business topic. They will  highlight insights from the recent joint BCG-MIT report (“The Business of  Sustainability: Imperatives, Advantages, and Actions”),  particularly around how business leaders perceive the impact of - and are  reacting to - the megatrend swirl around sustainability.

Andrew Townend joined the Dallas  office of the Boston Consulting Group in 2005 and is currently a Principal. He  is a core member of the firm's Energy practice and Sustainable Development  sector. Prior to joining BCG, he worked at J.P.Morgan Chase & Co. in the  firm's Global Mergers & Acquisitions Group. Andrew has worked with clients in North America and Europe  in the energy, private equity, retail, airlines, telecommunications, and  pharmaceutical industries.  His recent  consulting experience includes case work in corporate sustainability and  alternative energy.

Zayna Khayat is a Principal in the Toronto office of The Boston Consulting Group. She joined the Strategy  Institute as an Ambassador in April 2009, and joined BCG in 2001. She is  currently managing the Sustainability Initiative, a multi-year collaboration  with MIT Sloan Management Review to "make business sense of  sustainability".  Zayna has served  clients in North America, Europe and Australia across diverse sectors  including telecom, airlines, financial institutions, medical technology,  biopharma, and not-for-profit.  She is a  core group member of BCG's Health Care and Organization practices where she  takes personal interest in large scale organizational transformation and new  biopharma business models.

Jennifer Burns on Ayn Rand

When: Wednesday, November 11, 6:30–8:00 p.m.
Where: Warren Hall, Feldberg Space

See video of the event on YouTube.

Cassandra or scapegoat? The ideas of Ayn Rand, bestselling author of The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, have been front and center in recent debates over the financial crisis. Some blame Rand’s celebration of free markets for the catastrophe, pointing to her long relationship with Alan Greenspan; others claim her fiction predicts both the bailout and the dire consequences sure to follow. Professor Jennifer Burns, author of the new book Goddess of the Market: Ayn Rand and the American Right (Oxford University Press), discusses these questions and how Rand’s powerful novels have shaped our understanding of capitalism, markets, and the government’s role in the economy. The American Thinker calls Goddess of the Market “a terrific book — a serious consideration of Rand's ideas, and her role in the conservative movement of the past three quarters of a century, that is empty of academic jargon and accessible to those unfamiliar with Rand's life or ideas.”

Jennifer Burns is a graduate of Harvard College and received her Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley. She is currently an Assistant Professor of History at the University of Virginia. Podcasts of her introductory lectures on American history are available online and on her Web site: www.jenniferburns.org.

Co-sponsored by the Social Enterprise Program and the Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. Center for Leadership and Ethics.

Discussion with GreenOrder

When: Tuesday,  November 10, 7:00–9:00 p.m.
Where: Uris Hall, Calder Lounge

Sarah King '01, Associate Principal at GreenOrder, has more than a decade of experience in business strategy, organizational development, and marketing which allows her to align environmental sustainability with the goals and processes of her clients.  At GreenOrder Sarah has been leading key engagements in Consumer/Retail/Entertainment industries, Financial Services, Real Estate, and Industrial Materials.  Her work has focused on helping clients reduce their environmental footprint (direct and across their supply chain); drive brand equity and market share; and incorporate sustainability as a platform for innovation in new product development processes.

Organized by the Green Business Club.

Washington D.C. International Development Club Careers Trek

When: Friday, November 6
Where: Washington D.C.

7th annual IDC trip to Washington D.C. to visit organizations employing MBAs in various aspects of international development including  private equity, development consulting, and social entrepreneurship. Trip  includes  breakfast with Columbia MBA alumni working at the International Finance Corporation (IFC), lunch at the World Bank, and visits with Chemonics and Technoserve.

Education Peer-to-Peer group—1st and 2nd Year Brown Bag Lunch

When: Friday, November 6, 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Where: Uris Hall, Room 328

Learn more about Education Pioneers, and meet the first and second year students interested in education careers. After an informal meet and greet during lunch, the group will visit an Uncommon School (Williamsburg  Collegiate).

For more information,  contact Stacey Wang '11. Hosted by the  Social Enterprise Club.

Uncommon Schools Williamsburg Collegiate Site Visit

When: Friday, November 6, 2:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Where: Williamsburg Collegiate Charter  School (Brooklyn)

Uncommon  Schools, a Charter Management Organization, has invited us to visit one of  their charter schools in Brooklyn.  Williamsburg Collegiate was rated the  #1 public school in New York City  last year. Uncommon Schools is a nonprofit organization that starts and manages  outstanding urban charter public schools that close the achievement gap and  prepare low-income students to graduate from college.

We will tour and observe the school and then meet with various leaders. After  that, we will have a networking/informational happy hour hosted by Uncommon Schools. This is an excellent opportunity to observe  first hand a high-achieving charter school and learn more about the NYC  education sector.

Slum-Dwellers in the Driver’s Seat: A Case Study of Neighborhood Revitalization in Brazil

When: Thursday, November 5, 12:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.
Where: Uris Hall, Room 328

Ezio Castelli, President of AVSI USA, and Jackie Aldrette, Program Officer of  AVSI USA, will present a case study of the Ribeira Azul urban upgrading  programs which from 2001-2006 oversaw the transformation of extensive coastal  areas in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil through an integrated slum upgrading  intervention targeting informal communities of stilt houses built precariously  over the bay. Ribeira Azul  is a remarkable example of urban upgrading with high, sustained impact achieved  through deep local ownership and participation, close partnership among key and  multiple stakeholders, and integration of physical upgrading with social  renewal.

AVSI Foundation played a pivotal role in Ribeira Azul, in particular in ensuring that the communities of slum-dwellers were supported as the main protagonists in the revitalization of their neighborhoods. AVSI Foundation will use this case study to illuminate its method to human and social development.

AVSI; contact Edoardo Policano ’10 with questions about the event. Organized by the International Development Club.

The CEO Series: Challenges and Opportunities of Wind Energy

When: Wednesday, November 4, 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Where: Smith Barney, 450 Lexington Avenue at 45th Street, New York

Join the Columbia Business School Alumni Club of New York and the Fordham Business School Alumni Club for a discussion on wind energy, which has long been an alternative to fossil fuels because it is abundant, renewable, widely distributed, and emissions free. Jim Spencer, a top executive of New York-based EverPower, will shed light on the industry, his company, and the economics of wind power.

Jim Spencer has over 20 years of experience in the power industry managing the development and financing of energy projects in developed and underdeveloped countries. Spencer founded EverPower in 2002 to pursue renewable energy development. Prior to 2002, he served as an advisor to Renewable Energy Systems Limited (RES) and was instrumental in establishing RES's Asia Pacific presence in NSW Australia. He also served as a director of RES Asia Pacific from its inception until 2004, when he resigned to devote 100% of his efforts to EverPower. Mr. Spencer began his career in 1985 as an attorney in the energy project finance group at Chadbourne & Parke LLP. In 1989, he was recruited to the Prudential Capital Corporation where he served as vice president of corporate finance in the Utilities & Finance Group. Mr. Spencer was involved in energy-related financings representing more than $6 billion. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Duquesne University and studied at the University of Toronto. He received a law degree from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.

Cost: $25 CBSAC/NY members, $40 non-members. More information online.

Brown Bag Presentation: Summer 2009 Internships in Africa Panel

When: Wednesday, November 4, 12:00 p.m.
Where: Knox  Hall, Room 208

Columbia graduate students Dominik Paris (International Organization for Migration Somalia Support Office in Nairobi, Kenya), Jinho Kim (Urwego Opportunity Bank in Kigali, Rwanda), and Lauren Bailey (United Nations Development Program in Gaborone, Botswana) will present on their summer internship experiences, funded in part through the Institute of African Studies.

Organized by the International Development Club and SIPA.

Education Pioneers Fellowship Information Session

When: Tuesday, November 3, 12:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Where: Uris  Hall, Room 327

Education  Pioneers, a national nonprofit, creates a pipeline of talent to organizations solving our nation’s most critical public education challenges. They recruit  professionals from business, law, education policy, and other disciplines to  launch careers in education through our selective graduate school Fellowship  Program. Fellowship opportunities are available in Boston, Chicago, DC Metro Area, Houston,  Los Angeles, New York City, and the Bay Area.

The presentation will cover more  about the program, Education Pioneers' vision, and the application process.  There will be six Columbia Business School Education Pioneers alumni on campus who are more than willing to answer your questions about their summer  experiences (David Noe '10, Amanda Cahn '10, Lori Clement '10, Jazmine Leon '10,  Alex Mitchell '10, and Anne Eidelman '10).

Organized by the Social Enterprise Club.

Faculty Lecture with Professor Antony Bugg-Levine

When: Thursday, October 29, 12:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Where: Uris Hall, Room 326

Professor Bugg-Levine  shares insights from his class on Business Innovations in International  Development and his experiences as Managing Director of the Rockefeller  Foundation.

Questions? Contact Kat Karimi '10. Organized by the Social Enterprise Club.

Corporate Social Responsibility Case Competition

When: Wednesday, October 28 - November 18
Where: Calder Lounge

Corporate Social  Responsibility Peer 2 Peer Group inside the Social Enterprise Club and the General  Management Association are launching the Columbia Business School Corporate Social Responsibility Case Competition. This is a great opportunity to get involved in  the discussion and meet companies’ representatives working in the sector.

Judges in the final round include: Prof. Andrew Ang, Ann  F. Kaplan Professor of Business; and CSR Representatives from IBM.

  Weekend: Nov. 6th - 8th  -  First round
  Friday,  Nov. 6th  - Release of the case to the teams
  Sunday,  Nov. 8th (by midnight) - Written case presentation due
  Wednesday,  Nov. 11th - Selection of the finalists
  Wednesday, Nov. 18th - Final round:  presentation to judges and Q&A
- A cocktail reception will follow the event

The case competition is open to SEC and GMA members; Groups can have 3 to 5 members. Up to 10 groups can enter, on a first come first served basis.

Questions? Contact  Mara De Monte '10 or Rui  Francisco '10. Organized  by the Social Enterprise Club CSR P2P Group and GMA and sponsored by IBM.

Endeavor Corporate Presentation

When: Wednesday,  October 28, 7:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Where: Uris Hall, Room 329

Founded in 1997, Endeavor's mission is to transform the economies of emerging markets by identifying and supporting high-impact entrepreneurs. Endeavor currently has operations in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Uruguay, Egypt, India, Jordan, South Africa, and Turkey. James Wolfensohn, former President of the World Bank and member of the Endeavor Board of Directors, believes that "Endeavor has played an instrumental role in promoting entrepreneurship as a tool for development. It is a model that should be replicated around the world." And this is precisely what Endeavor has in mind: Endeavor’s ambitious expansion plans consist of expanding into 25 countries by 2015. The 380 selected Endeavor Entrepreneurs have created approximately 90,000 jobs paying on average 10x the national minimum wage. Endeavor Entrepreneurs generated over US$2.51 billion in revenues during 2007 alone and with Endeavor's support secured nearly US$ 1 billion in financing. To learn more about Endeavor visit their web site.

Organized  by the International Development Club.

Rational Markets: Justin Fox

When: Wednesday, October 28, 7:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Where: Warren Hall, Feldberg space

See video of this event on YouTube.

Justin Fox, author of The Myth of the Rational Market: A History of Risk, Reward, and Delusion on Wall Street, will discuss ideas commonly held around markets and the recent financial crisis. Co-sponsored by the Social Enterprise Program and the Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. Center for Leadership and Ethics.

Introduction to Microfinance: A Speaker Series

When: Mondays, October 26 – December 7, 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Where: Uris Hall, Room 332 (simulcast from UC Berkeley)

UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business hosts a speaker series class to explore why and how microfinance operations have grown to provide financial services to poor and low-income communities on a sustainable basis.   Professor Sean Foote provides an introduction to the field of microfinance and brings together advice and best practices from a variety of practitioners around the world, creating a forum to learn about current challenges, debates, and innovations.

Featured speakers include: Kurt  Koenigsfest, CEO of BancoSol; Maya  Chorengal, Managing Director of Elevar Equity; Kendall Mau, CFO & COO of  Prisma Microfinance; Premal  Shah, President of KIVA; and Tracey Pettingill Turner, Founder of Silicon Valley Microfinance Network and Microplace.

Contact Jacob Goldberg '10 with questions. Organized  by Microlumbia and the International Development Club.

Emerging Markets Fixed Income Portfolio Management

When: Tuesday, October 20, 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Where: Uris Hall, Room 141

Arif Joshi '03, senior vice-president and portfolio manager at HSBC Halbis Capital Management, is a fixed income portfolio manager who focuses on emerging markets. He discusses his job, the asset class and investment opportunities in the space. He co-manages approximately $4 billion of dedicated emerging market fixed income assets. Arif  invests in sovereign, corporate and local currency instruments across more than 50 emerging market countries. Prior to his career in emerging markets, Arif was a consultant for Strategic Management Group in San Francisco, where he taught  strategy and finance classes.

Organized by the International Development  Club and CIMA.

SEC New York Field Trip: Manhattan

When: Friday, October 16, 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Where: KIPP Infinity  (625 W. 133rd Street) and   Accion (115 E 23rd St), NYC

These field trips are an opportunity to take advantage of New York City and learn about a range of innovative social ventures. We are kicking off this  year’s event with a visit to KIPP Infinity, a leading charter school and  leader in education reform. We will then head to Accion, which uses an innovative approach to provide loans to U.S. based microentrepreneurs. After that, we’ll have lunch with a social entrepreneur.

Questions? Please contact, Sara Neff '10. Organized by the  Social Enterprise Club.

Sustainable Transportation:  Key to Climate Change Mitigation

When: Wednesday, October 14, 5:45 p.m. - 7:45 p.m.
Where: Uris Hall, Room 301

Climate Change is clearly one of the greatest threats that the world faces today. The  transportation sector contributes to around a quarter of energy use and related greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing energy use and emissions in the transportation sector is among the most challenging tasks in climate change mitigation, especially given that the transport’s eco-footprint is intrinsically linked with a city’s urban form and structure. Topics and panelists include:

For  more information, contact David Munsky ’10. Sponsored by the Energy Club, Green Business Club, and Social Enterprise Club. 

Sustainable Investing at Columbia

When: Tuesday,  October 13, 12:30  p.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Where: Warren Hall, Room 207

Cary Krosinsky, co-editor and  author of Sustainable Investing: The Art of Long Term Performance, will share  with us his views on Sustainable Investing and its role in a business  education. Cary  teaches “Sustainable Investing I” at the Earth Institute’s Center for Environmental Research and Conservation. The goal of the course is to build, with students, a maximally sustainable portfolio through the asset classes. He will discuss barriers, metrics, and macro and micro issues facing sustainable investing. The course will include a series of speakers, including CSR professionals from the likes of Intel and Campbell Soup, renowned shareholder  advocate Stephen Viederman on modern fiduciary duty, and a number of other leading practitioners.  In Spring 2010, students will compare results with those of the Ethical Finance course at the University of Nottingham. In addition, Cary’s co-editor Nick Robins, Head of Climate Change at HSBC will be involved with the program.

Questions? Please contact Andrew Pisano '10.  Organized by the Green  Business Club.

Annual Social Enterprise Conference: From Vision to Practice

When: Friday, October 9, 2009, 8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Where: Lerner Hall

Social enterprise is gaining momentum and all types of organizations are incorporating social and environmental principles into their core, everyday business practices - from multinationals to grassroots nonprofits. The 2009 Columbia Business School Social Enterprise Conference will concentrate on how enterprises can create social impact, from the vision of change to the actual, tactical implementation. Whether you’re a social entrepreneur or not, you’ll leave this conference with a better understanding of how you can affect social and environmental change.

Session topics include: Private equity for social impact, clean water, education reform, social media, financial instruments with social return, healthcare, the green economy, and a social entrepreneur showcase.

Featured speakers include: Craig R. Barrett, Retired CEO and Chairman of the Board, Intel Corporation, and recipient of the 2009 Botwinick Prize in Business Ethics (sponsored by the Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. Center for Leadership and Ethics); Jimmy Wales, Co-Founder, Wikipedia, and 2007 World Economic Forum ‘Young Global Leader’; Thomas Gensemer, Managing Partner, Blue State Digital, and 2008 Barack Obama presidential campaign social networking strategist; Nancy Barry, President and CEO, Enterprise Solutions to Poverty, and Forbes Magazine’s 100 Most Powerful Women, and many more.

Microfinance Internship Panel

When: Thursday, October 8, 12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Where: IAB, Room 253

Want an internship in microfinance but not sure what to expect or where to begin? SIPA and B-school students discuss their summer internship experience conducting field work, research, and investment in microfinance. Panelists include recent interns at BRAC, Grameen, Planet Finance, CGAP, TreeTops Capital, Unitus, Finca, and more.

Nonprofit and Public Sector Peer 2 Peer Group Kick-Off

When: Wednesday, October 7, 5:45 p.m. – 6:45 p.m.
Where: Warren Hall, Room 209

The kick-off meeting will provide an opportunity for P2P members to get acquainted and to hear from second-year students about their summer internship experiences in the nonprofit and public sectors.

Speakers include: Lindsey Greenberg '10, Sustainable St. Louis; Rebecca Holden '10, NYC Department of Small Business Services; James Lindstrom '10, New York Presbyterian Hospital; and Shauna Grob '10, NYC Water Supply. Snacks and drinks will be provided.

For questions, contact to Gabrielle Breslow '10. Organized by the Social Enterprise Club.

Jefferey Hollander, CEO of Seventh Generation

When: Tuesday, October 6, 5:45 p.m. – 6:45 p.m.
Where: Uris Hall, Room 301

Jeffrey Hollander, founder of one of the most successful socially and environmentally responsible companies in the world, talks about his career path, current challenges, and thoughts on the future of double and triple bottom line businesses.

Organized by the Social Enterprise Club.

Education Peer 2 Peer Kick-Off: Viewing of “2 Million Minutes”

When: Thursday, October 1, 5:45 p.m. – 6:45 p.m.
Where: Uris Hall, Room 307

This film takes a deeper look at how the three superpowers of the 21st Century -- China, India, and the United States -- are preparing their students for the future. The film follows a male and female student from each of these countries, composing a global snapshot of education, from the viewpoint of kids preparing for their future. The film tells the broader story of the universal importance of education today, and addresses what many are calling a crisis for U.S. schools regarding chronically low scores in math and science indicators. More information online.

Organized by the Social Enterprise Club.

The Future of Sustainability

When: Wednesday, September 30, 6:15 p.m. - 9:00p.m.
Where: Hudson River, New York

The Carnegie Council will host a screening of the new climate change film Shattered Sky. The screening will be followed by a judged debate covering New York City green business and policy, with participants drawn from NYU's Stern School of Business, Columbia Business School, and Baruch College's Zicklin School of Business. Judges will be drawn from the New York business community, Carnegie New Leaders, and other social entrepreneurs. Participants include: Nate McMurry '10; Kayvan Parvin '10, and Irene Pipola '10; Scott Kaufman, The Carbon Trust; Alice Korngold, Korngold Consulting (Judge) and many more. Cost: $20 in advance and $25 at the door. This event is organized by the Carnegie New Leaders Program.

Faculty Lecture Series: Professor Pamela Hartigan

When: Wednesday, September 30, 12:30 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Where: Off-campus

Professor Pamela Hartigan shares insights from her class on global social entrepreneurship and her experiences as Director of the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship.

For more information, contact Kat Karimi '10. Organized by the Social Enterprise Club.

Brown Bag Lunch and Discussion with The Arab World Social Innovators Program at Synergos

When: Tuesday, September 29, 12:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Where: Warren Hall, Room 209

The International Development Club (IDC) and The Young Arab Leaders Association (YALA) host a discussion with The Arab World Social Innovators Program at Synergos with Sarina Beges, Senior Coordinator at The Arab World Social Innovators Program and with George Khalaf, Director of the Middle East/North Africa region at Synergos.

The Arab World Social Innovators Program at Synergos manages a network of 22 social entrepreneurs in the Arab World who are leading innovative social and economic projects that address outstanding issues of poverty and inequality in their communities. Synergos provides this network of local leaders with financial and professional development support so they can grow their projects into sustainable organizations.

Questions? Please contact Mara De Monte '10 or Ahmad Bakri Kasbah '10.

Brown Bag lunch with Dr. Warner Woodworth

When: Friday, September 25, 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Where: Uris Hall, Room 329

Thanks to the Microfinance Working Group at SIPA, we are pleased to welcome Dr. Warner Woodworth of BYU to campus tomorrow. Dr. Woodworth is a microfinance expert in town for the Clinton Global Initiative and he’s excited to talk to students in an informal setting about microfinance.

Organized by Jacob Goldberg’10 of Microlumbia/International Development Club.

Corporate Social Responsibility Field Trip to Bloomberg

When: Friday, September 25, 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Where: Bloomberg offices, New York

Social Enterprise Club, International Development Club and Green Business Club members will take a field trip to Bloomberg’s Corporate Social Responsibility Department. This trip will include an office tour and presentation from Columbia Business School alumni.

Questions? Please contact Jennifer Laing '10. Organized by the Social Enterprise Club.

Gates Foundation Social Enterprise Competition Kickoff

When: Thursday, September 24, 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Where: Warren Hall, Room 207

Kickoff event for the “Marketplace on Innovative Finance for Development” (MIF) competition, sponsored by the Gates Foundation. The competition will award 5 pilot grants of $100,000 each for the most promising ideas, especially those focused on development. Proposals are due November 15th. More information online.

Organized by the Social Enterprise Club.

Discussion on Development in the Philippines

When: Thursday, September 24, 12:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Where: Warren Hall, Room 416

Discussion on development in the Philippines with Vicky Garchitorena, President of Ayala Foundation and Ronna Reyes Sieh '98, CEO of RRS Advisors.

Questions? Please contact Ray Liu ’10. Organized by The International Development Club.

Acumen Fund Fellows Info Session

When: Wednesday, September 23, 5:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.
Where: Uris Hall, Room 328

An informational event featuring four recent graduated fellows from Acumen Fund. This will be a unique opportunity to learn about their experiences, their views on Acumen work and some tips on how to apply. Acumen Fund is a great organization to work during the summer and the Fellowship Program definitely a possible option after graduation, so if both relevant to first and second year students. If you want to learn more about Acumen Fund and their fellowship program, please visit their website. Formore information, contact Julia Sanchez Abeal '10.

Inside Scoop: Social Enterprise Panel

When: Tuesday, September 22, 2009, 5:45 p.m.-7:15 p.m.
Where: Uris Hall, Room 141

Learn from second year MBA students about their summer internships, career paths, job functions, lifestyle, and more. Organized by the Career Management Center with support from the Social Enterprise Program.

Sustainable Investing with David Blood and Miguel Nogales From Generation Investment Management

When: Tuesday, September 22, 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Where: Uris Hall, Room 301 followed by reception in Calder Lounge

David Blood is the Senior Partner of Generation Investment Management, a London-headquartered fund management business dedicated to long term investment and integrated sustainability research. Prior to co-founding Generation with former U.S. Vice-President Al Gore, David Blood served as the co-CEO and CEO of Goldman Sachs Asset Management ("GSAM") from 1999 to 2003.

For more information please contact Andrew Russakoff '10. Organized by the Green Business Club.

Kick-off: Making Green From Green

When: Wednesday, September 16, 2009, 5:30 p.m.
Where: Columbia/Princeton Club, 15 West 43 Street, NYC

The Columbia Business School Alumni Club of New York Announces Eight-Part Event Series with Certificate Program to Commence Fall 2009. To help the Columbia Business School community stay current with emerging green trends, and to put member careers on a sustainable path, the Columbia Business School Alumni Club of NY is launching a new Sustainable Business Committee. Their first order of business will be an eight part monthly series on green business that will run from October 2009 through June 2010. Members who attend six out of eight events will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Two keynote speakers:

Ray Anderson, Chairman of Interface, and Author, Confession of a Radical Industrialist.
Rohit Aggrawal '00, Director, New York City Mayor's Office of Long-term Planning and Sustainability.

Cost: $35 for CBSAC/NY members, $45 for non-members.

Annual Catskills Retreat

When: Saturday, September 12, 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Where: Professor Ray Horton's Home, Catskills

This annual upstate social gathering gives new students a chance to meet second year students, SEP staff, faculty and other friends of the Program.

Clean Energy in Venture Capital: Challenges and Prospects

When: Tuesday, July 28, 6:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Where: Uris Hall, Room 329 & Lehman lounge

Venture capital funds specialized in Clean Energy present their companies and exchange views on Clean Energy. The discussion will address the political environment as well as investing specifics of Clean Energy.
Speakers include: James G. Rhodes, COO of AES/GE GHG Services LLC and David Anthony, Managing Partner of 21Ventures.
Moderator: Chris Gazze, Energy Efficiency manager at ConEdison

For more information please contact Aude Humbert '10. The Energy Club, the PE/VC Club and the Green Business Club.