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Student Papers

Columbia MBA students explore a broad range of topics, industries, and organizations during their business school experience. Papers typically form part of the assessment process for course credit, and allow students to consider issues of practical and theoretical significance to business, nonprofit, and public sector organizations. In the process of writing these papers, students have an opportunity to reflect more deeply on business-related issues that affect organizations, local communities, and the global market place. Papers also provide a foundation for exploration of topics that are related to career paths and/or broader policy questions of interest.

The selection of papers below reflect a diversity of interests and views that MBA students have expressed as part of course work, for the Chazen Web Journal of International Business and for the Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Paper Awards.

The opinions and analyses in these papers are solely those of the authors.

Business and Society

  • The Low Income Housing Tax Credit: Aligning the interests of private investors and affordable housing developers by Ariel Behr ’05.
  • Driving Change from Within: The Power and Necessity of Local Business Standards Activism by Gravette D. Brown ’05.
  • Cell Phones and Rural Africa by Mark Pedersen ’07.
  • Trends in Corporate Citizenship Reporting: A Look at America’s Largest Companies by Amanda Foley ’05.
  • Beyond Microfinance: Why we need to support start-up small businesses in the developing world by Ben Powell ’05.
  • Mitigation Banking: A Preferable Solution to Prosecution by Malik Ashiru ’05.
  • An Assessment of the Colgate-Palmolive Company Sustainability Report by Solange Vigano ’05.
  • Genetically Modified Organisms by Rachael M. Strieter ’06.
  • Corporate Responsibility and Healthy Eating by John Bond ’05.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility in Action: The Effects of the Merger Between Ben & Jerry's and Unilever by Gabrielle Bolton ’05 and Tamar Arnowitz ’05.
  • Assisting Employees & Lowering Costs: Corporate America Takes on Health Care through Disease Management Programs by Bethany Hale ’06.
  • The Equator Principles and the Influence of NGOs by Stephanie Sand ’05.
  • Evaluation of Merck Coporate Social Responsibility by Sean Bell ’05.
  • American Apparel and the Ethical Clothing Movement by Jeremy Fain ’05.
  • Fair Trade and Business: A Profitable Combination by Rachel Lawson ’05.
  • Exxon Valdez and Its Impact on Corporate Social Responsibility by Julia Kuik ’05.
  • The Global Forest Products Company: A South-African Socially and Environmentally Sustainable Portfolio Company of a US Private Equity Group by Hugues Lavandier ’05.
  • Ecotourism: Is it really doing well by doing good? by Dana Krieger ’05.
  • Community Investing: Is 1% Enough? by Ben Clausen ’05.
  • Solar Power in the U.S.: an environmental apotheosis, but will the economics every make sense? by Robert Bowne ’05.
  • SoNoBay: A Fair Trade Internet Marketplace by Sebastien Morel ’05 and Kalle Greven ’05.
  • The Oil Industry and Corporate Social Responsibility in Africa by Matthew Hochbrueckner ’06.
  • Information Problems and Social Responsibility by Mark Wieser ’05.
  • McDonald's & The Environment by Vincent Lim ’05.
  • Using Corporate Philanthropy to Maximize Stakeholder Value: The Role of Corporate Contributions in CSR by Carrie Braddock ’06.
  • General Electrics Eco-magination at Work by Phillipa M. Johnson ’05.
  • An Analysis of Wal-Mart's Non-market Environment and its Effect on Potential Growth in the U.S. by Jenna Wimberly ’05.

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