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Highlighting Tamer Center for Social Enterprise initiatives, ideas, alumni, and faculty members featured in the news.

March 2020

Leader to Leader: Phoebe Boyer
NYN Media, March 26 2020
Phoebe Boyer ’93, president and CEO of Children's Aid, talked about how her Columbia MBA helped prepare her for this role, and how managing a large legacy organization poses unique challenges.

Confronting Racial and Gender Inequity: Q&A with Nancy O. Andrews & Daniel Nissenbaum
Low Income Investment Fund, March 24 2020
Daniel Nissenbaum ’88, current president and CEO at Low Income Investment Fund, talked with former president and CEO Nancy O. Andrews, about the evolution of the community development sector.

COVID-19 Responses and Support: A Message From Melissa A. Berman
Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, March 17, 2020
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Professor Melissa Berman, advisory board member of the center and CEO of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (RPA), said that philanthropy is more important than ever given its ability to nimbly lead with flexibility and innovation.

How to Build A Body From Scratch, Altered Carbon-style
SyFy Wire, March 17, 2020
In this article, on how to build a body from scratch, EpiBone, co-founded by Nina Tandon ’12, is mentioned for using technology that would create an entirely fabricated skeleton.

Recycling in the United States Is Broken. How Do We Fix It?
State of the Planet (Earth Institute), March 13, 2020
Professor Ron Gonen ’04, CEO of Closed Loop Fund, talked about how China’s decision to stop accepting the world’s contaminated materials may prove to be a boon to the US recycling industry.

How to Help: In This Era of Anxiety and Struggle, Supportiv Launches Article Collection on How to Help Others
EIN News, March 11, 2020
Supportiv, a Tamer Fund for Social Ventures portfolio member, founded by Helena Plater-Zyberk ’06, published a selection of articles that instruct how to preserve your own energy and well-being while serving as an emotional support for people you care about during times of crisis.

Startup Street: How India is Going Big on Digitisation, All About Helping Farmers and More
CNBC, March 9, 2020
Tamer Fund for Social Ventures portfolio member, Kheyti, founded by Kaushik Kappagantulu ’17, provides technology solutions for small farmers to ensure 50,000 small farmers move out of poverty by 2024.

Discovering the Highest and Best Use of My Worth
Philanthropy Women, March 5, 2020
Advisory board member S. Mona Sinha ’93, chairwoman of Women Moving Millions and a longtime advocate for gender equality, talked about her commitment to organizations that uplift women to ultimately create a gender equal world.

Kinara Capital, a Fintech Company, Launches its HerVikas for Women
IBS Intelligence, March 4, 2020
Kinara Capital, founded by CEO Hardika Shah ’09, announced their new HerVikas business loans, which aim at the acceleration of financial inclusion of women entrepreneurs in India.

February 2020

The Planet Is Screwed, Says Bank That Screwed the Planet
New Republic, February 25, 2020
Economists today argue that more aggressive carbon pricing is necessary to fight global warming. Using an approach closer to the one used by financial economists, Professor Kent Daniel was part of a team that worked out their own model, which couldn't get the the price per ton of carbon dioxide to be lower than $125.

Why You Should Hire an Ex Con
BBC, February 18, 2020
Lucas Tanner ’92, COO / CFO of Greyston Bakery, talked about the company's open hiring practices (no interviews, screening, etc.) to allow formerly incarcerated individuals to gain employment.

Community Builders: Leo Woodberry + Donnel Baird
Sea Change, February 18, 2020
Donnel Baird ’13, CEO of BlocPower, talked about how the company helps green building efforts in communities of color and eases access to capital for minority-owned businesses.

Climate Change: Can the Insurance Industry aAfford the Rising Flood Risk?
Financial Times, February 18, 2020
Professor Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh was quoted in this article on how floods were once considered too irregular to insure against, but that global warming has changed the calculation.

Jeff Bezos’s $10B Climate Pledge Could Spur Giving
Barron's, February 18, 2020
Professor Melissa Berman, advisory board member of the center and CEO of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (RPA), said Jeff Bezos's pledge of $10 billion to combat climate change is a game changer in terms of spurring philanthropy.

Billion-Dollar Giving Streak Shows New Sense of Urgency Among 50 Top Donors
Chronicle of Philanthropy, February 11, 2020
Professor Melissa Berman, advisory board member of the center and CEO of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (RPA), commented on how the reason for the philanthropic boom in 2019 is because the rich are getting richer.

Meet the US Startup That Helps Immigrants Struggling to Build Credit History
Your Story, February 3, 2020
Social entrepreneurs Naveen Qureshi ’19, Towers Wilen ’19, and Andrej Paule ’19 were profiled for creating Sable, which helps immigrants build up their credit history and start accessing financial resources.

January 2020

This Makeup Primer is Revlon’s First Clean-certified Beauty Product
Fast Company, January 30, 2020
Debra Perelman ’00, advisory board member of the center and CEO and president of Revlon, said that it took a year to formulate and certify the company's first product to meet the EWG’s (Environmental Working Group) criteria for safety.

How Virtual Reality Turns Students into Scientists
TED Talks, January 28, 2020
Jessica Ochoa Hendrix ’09 is bringing science to life in schools across the United States via her company Killer Snails.

Australia Day Honours 2020 - Announced
Australian Government, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, January 26, 2020
Sandra Navalli OAM ’03 received the well-deserved Australia Day Honours's Medal of the Order of Australia for her service to international education. This notable achievement rightly recognizes her commitment to social enterprise at the School.

These Are the Favorite Charitable Causes of the World’s Wealthiest Families — And Climate Change Is Not One of Them
MarketWatch, January 25, 2020
A new report by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors—where Professor and advisory board member Melissa Berman is CEO—and Campden Wealth sheds light on the favorite causes of the one percent.

Finalists Named for 2020 PW Bookstore of the Year
Publishers Weekly, January 23, 2020
Co-owned by Jonah Zimiles ’08, [words] Bookstore was named one of five finalists for the Bookstore of the Year award.

Power to the People
State of the Planet (Earth Institute), January 22, 2020
Professor Geoffrey Heal provided guidance to students that are part of the Energy and Environment Practicum, which helps empower students as they explore their career interests and build their experience in the global energy and environment field.

EcoPlum Founder Gia Machlin is a 2020 Enterprising Women Award Winner
PR Cision Newswire, January 22, 2020
Gia Machlin, ’91BUS ’87SEAS, president of EcoPlum, was named a 2020 Enterprising Women award winner, which recognizes winners in categories based on annual sales revenue of their businesses.

Global Inclusive Fintech Accelerator Catalyst Fund Announces New £12 Million GBP ($15 Million USD) Commitment From UK Aid and J.P. Morgan to Advance Financial Inclusion in Emerging Markets
Tullahoma Tennessee News, January 20, 2020
Professor Melissa Berman, advisory board member of the center and CEO of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors (RPA), commented on how RPA is proud to be a part the Catalyst Fund, which aims to advance financial inclusion for underserved people across the world.

A New Generation of Philanthropists Are Ticked Off at Trump — And Their Parents
Vox, January 13, 2020
Professor Melissa Berman, advisory board member of the center and CEO of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, advises traditional foundations on how to award money. She talked about how politics could threaten and transform neighborhood charity.

Kesha Cash of Impact America Fund Shines a Light on ‘Shadow Economies’, January 8, 2020
In this podcast, Impact America Fund founder Kesha Cash ’10 talked about how industries and corners of the market are overlooked or ignored by mainstream funds, often due to their association with underrepresented communities.

First Rounders: Nina Tandon
Hubhopper, January 8, 2020
Nina Tandon ’12, co-founder and CEO of EpiBone, a bone reconstruction company, talked about tackling her company's first Phase 1 trial in this podcast.