Social Enterprise in the News 2013

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Highlighting Tamer Center for Social Enterprise initiatives, ideas, alumni, and faculty members featured in the news.

December 2013

Goldma Sachs's Glen Appointed New York City Deputy Mayor
Bloomberg Politics — December 30, 2013
Adjunct Prof. Alicia Glen has been appointed New York City Deputy Mayor for housing and economic development by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Corporate support for dance groups uneven

Crain's NY — December 20, 2013
Lane Harwell '12 speaks about corporate donations to dance companies within New York City.

Who's Getting Zuckerberg's 1 Billion?
Wall Street Journal — December 19, 2013
Adjunct Prof. Melissa Berman is quoted on the topic of philanthropic giving.


November 2013

Social Seal of Approval Lures Talent
The Wall Street Journal — November 13, 2013
The Columbia Business School's Loan Assistance program is cited as an option available for recent graduates who wish to work at B Corps.

Goldman plans $250m 'social impact' fund
The Financial Times — November 3, 2013
Adjunct Professor Alicia Glen is quoted in an article on Goldman Sach's launch of a $250 social impact fund.

Gorman: We are Matching Investors Needs, Desires
Bloomberg TV — November 1, 2013
Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman '87 discusses the launch of a new sustainability initiative with Columbia Business School.

Columbia Business School and Morgan Stanley Launch Sustainable Investing Fellowship
The Wall Street Journal — November 1, 2013
Morgan Stanley launches its Sustainable Investing Fellowship in partnership with Columbia Business School and the Social Enterprise Program.


October 2013

Books That Read You
iQ — October 16, 2013
Daniel Fountenberry '08, founder of education technology start-up iQ, writes about the inspiration to begin his company BorneDigital.

Business Professor Probes the Hidden Economics of Almost Everything
Columbia University News — October 8, 2013
A profile of Prof. Ray Fisman's body of research, with a particular emphasis on his latest book, The Org.


2013 Social Enterprise Conference

Engaging Customers and Clients in Social Change
Next Billion — October 17, 2013
A recap of highlights from the 2013 Social Enterprise Conference.

A Reality Check from Three Innovative Social Enterprises
Peer Insight — October 9, 2013
Social Enterprise Conference moderator Natalie Foley writes about her experiences at her session.

Columbia Business School Student Explains Impact Investing and its Main Players
Global Envision — September 16, 2013
Marnie Florin '14, who organized the impact investing session at the 2013 Social Enterprise Conference, blogs about Impact Investing.


September 2013

The 25 Most Powerful Women in Banking
American Banker — September 19, 2013
Social Enterprise Program Advisory Board Member Avid Modjtabai '88 is ranked Number 5 on the list of the 25 Most Powerful Women in Banking.

This Chart Shows What An Incredible Difference A Good Teacher Can Make
Business Insider — September 16, 2013
Prof. Jonah Rockoff's working paper on the impact of having a very high quality teacher on primary school students is featured.

Getting to the Bottom End of Poverty Starts with the Ultrapoor
Huffington Post — September 16, 2013
William Abrams '78, executive director of Trickle Up, writes about the need to consider the plight of the "ultrapoor" in the discussion of poverty alleviation.

strong>After Overhead: Investing in Nonprofit Financial Fitness
Philanthropy News Digest — September 11, 2013
Rebecca Thomas '04 discusses how to assess the health of a nonprofit's business model and capital structure.

Obama appoints Indian-American fund raiser to key administration post
The Economic Times — September 7, 2013
Social Enterprise Program Advisory Board Member Azita Raji '91 was named by President Obama as a Member of the President's Commission on White House Fellowship.


Summer 2013

Kangu Creates A Global Mommy Group
Daily Candy — July 11, 2013
This piece featured, a social venture founded by Casey Santiago '07, a crowd-funding platform for providing healthy births for women across the world.

Bringing New York City Dance Into the Limelight
The New York Times — June 3, 2013
Lane Harwell '12 is quoted about the new advertising campaign his organization, DanceNYC, is launching to promote the arts (dance) in the city.

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May 2013

What is the best way of innovating for social change?
The Financial Times — May 5, 2013
Professors Ray Fisman and Bruce Usher, Co-Directors of the Social Enterprise Program (SEP), shed light on some of the challenges social entrepreneurs may face in making organizational decisions.


April 2013

MBA graduates bypass Wall Street
Crain's New York — April 28, 2013
SEP alumus Joe Silver '11 serves as an example of how MBA students are increasingly pursuing careers outside of Wall Street.

Brown v. Board Reduced CrimeSlate — April 9, 2013
Prof. Jonah Rockoff's research on the impact of school integration on student crime rate is cited in Prof. Ray Fisman's column.

EVR1m the Kai Zen Master & the Long March of Human Progress
Huffington Post — April 8, 2013
A feature on Brandon Peele's '04 company EVR1, which creates sustainable goods from upcycled materials.

 Ron Gonen '04
Ron Gonen '04, New York City's first-ever deputy commissioner of sanitation, recycling and sustainability joined WNYC weekly throughout the month of April to discuss recycling in New York City.


March 2013

Net Driven Founder and EVR1 Co-Founder Join Gracious Fade “Digital Time Capsule” Team in Advisory Roles
SF Gate — March 27, 2013
Patrick Sandone '03 and Brandon Peele '04 recently joined an organization dedicated to improving the "emotional good" of individuals by providing a way to leave last words with loved ones upon their demise.

Professor Profiles: Ray Fisman, Columbia Business School
MBAmission — March 13, 2013
MBAmission highlights Prof. Ray Fisman's research and previously published work.

Standard Tests Due Reveal Which Teachers are Best
Bloomberg — March 12, 2013
Peter Orszag references Prof. Jonah Rockoff's research about the correlation between a teacher value-added and students' future incomes.


February 2013

Want to Use Business to Make a Difference? Get Experience (But Not Too Much)
Harvard Business Review — February 6, 2013
David del Ser '08 is used as an example of how past business experience can be an asset to career-changers moving into the social enterprise space.

Green Push Reaches Barbershops and Bodegas
Wall Street Journal — February 19, 2013
BlocPower, a social venture founded by Donnel Baird '13, helps guide small businesses on the best methods for retrofitting their locations.

7 companies led by women — February 19, 2013
SEP Board Member Avid Modjtabai's '88 role in completing Wells Fargo's merger with Wachovia is given as an example of how hiring women has been benificial to Wells Fargo's bottom line.

The 50 Most Influential Business Professors of 2013
MBA — February 20, 2013
Prof. Ray Fisman is ranked as one of the most influential business professors of 2013.

Combined Measures Better at Gauging Teacher Effectiveness, Study Finds
Education Week — February 22, 2013
Prof. Jonah Rockoff's research on teacher effectiveness is mentioned.

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January 2013

When Public Outperforms Private in Services
The New York Times — January 15, 2013
Prof. Ray Fisman and Tim Sullivan's book, The Org: The Underlying Logic of the Office, is mentioned in a broader discussion about the move to privatize state-owned enterprises and outsource services. The article also examines what the private sector can do better than government and what it may do worse.

How She Leads: Erika Karp, UBS — January 15, 2013
Alumna Erika Karp '91 is interviewed about her career path in the sustainable business sector.

NFF's CEO Antony Bugg-Levine Talks Impact Investing with SCG Members
Southern California Grantmakers (SCG) — January 24, 2013
Prof. Antony Bugg-Levine, Nonprofit Finance Fund CEO, addresses impact investing challenges and opportunities in this SCG Collaborative program, "Impact Investing: A Conversation From the Leading Edge."

In China, Politically Connected Firms Have Higher Worker Death Rates
Bloomberg BusinessWeek — January 28, 2013
Prof. Fisman has his research on the relationship between worker fatalities and a firm's management cited.

Risk, Innovation, and Social Value
Ideas at Work — January 30, 2013
Prof. Bruce Kogut, discusses the importance of social impact bonds as a type of financial innovation.

USAID’s Maura O’Neill: ‘Scale from the beginning’