Social Enterprise in the News 2015

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Highlighting Tamer Center for Social Enterprise initiatives, ideas, alumni, and faculty members featured in the news.


December 2015

Order Take-Out to Help Fight Hunger in New York This Holiday Season
The Village Voice, December 18, 2015
Sharebite, a new food-ordering app dedicated to making a social impact and founded by Mohsin Memon BUS'14, has partnered with City Harvest to help feed New Yorkers battling hunger. Read more.

These are the shortfalls of the Paris Climate Change Deal
Fortune, December 17, 2015
Professor Vanessa Burbano writes about the shortfalls of the climate change deal, the Paris Climate Compact. Read more.

The new "voluntourism": Low commitment, high impact
FoxNews, December 16, 2015
Michal Alter SIPA'15, co-founder of Tamer Fund for Social Ventures recipient, is quoted on the topic of "voluntourism," or the combination of tourism with volunteer work. Read more.

CFSI Study Finds $23.4 Billions in Overdraft Fees for Underserved Consumers in 2014
Business Wire — December 8, 2015
Colleen Poynton BUS’14, Vice President at Core Innovation Capital, is quoted about the need for there to be better financial products for under served Americans.

Facebook CEO's donation is a game-changer
CNBC — December 3, 2015
Adjunct Prof. Melissa Berman writes about "Giving Tuesday" and the impact of large philanthropic gifts, in light of the announcement that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan will give away billions of their fortune after their daughter's birth.

Power for the People
Columbia Magazine, Winter 2015/16
A feature on BlocPower, founded and run by Donnel Baird BUS'13 and Morris Cox BUS'13. Read more.

F2015 Global Thinkers
Foreign Policy, Winter 2015/16
Nina Tandon BUS'12, co-founder of EpiBone, is listed as one of the 2015 Global Thinker Innovators or her work with EpiBone, which is dedicated to healing broken bones by growing new ones. Read more.



November 2015

Big Companies Put Their Money Where the Trash Is
New York Times — November 28, 2015
Ron Gonen BUS’04 founded the Closed Loop Fund, with the goal of removing barriers to recycling in the United States.

How a Cow Horn is Transforming a $32 Billion Industry
Inc. — November 7, 2015
The global market value of artisan goods is $32 billion, yet the market remains a decentralized and largely unsupported field. A cow horn, along with the shift to ethical sourcing by retailers, may now change all that. Olivia Bynanyima BUS’12 co-founded Olivia Knox, a manufacturing collective and model for building industries around local materials for use in larger global markets. a manufacturing collective and model for building industries around local materials for use in larger global markets.

Symbolic and financial merits of divestment under heightened scrutiny
Columbia Spectator — November 9, 2015
Prof. Bruce Usher is quoted about the actual financial impact of divestment on Columbia University's overall investment portfolio.


October 2015

Introducing the 2015 PopTech Fellows — October 1, 2015
Executive Director and Founder of City Health Works, Manmeet Kaur BUS’11 was selected as a 2015 PopTech Fellow. Manmeet traveled to Maine with a group of incredible Fellows and spoke about how City Health Works is delivering on the promise of health reform.

100 Years of Innovation
Columbia Business School email roundup — October 8, 2015
This feature about the Columbia Business School Centennial highlights several members of the social enterprise community, including: Ethan Brown BUS’08 of Beyond Meat, David Rosenberg BUS’93 and Marc Oshima BUS’97 of AeroFarms, Adjunct Professors Melissa Berman and Doug Bauer's Effective Philanthropy in Urban Communities class, Jonah Zimiles BUS’08 of [words] Bookstore, and Matt Torrell BUS’14 of the New York City Department of Education.

Starting a Startup: Launching a New Media Business in NYC
Tow Center for Digital Journalism
— October 13, 2015
On Thursday, October 8, the Tow Center for Digital Journalism & the Brown Institute for Media Innovation hosted the media entrepreneur event, Starting a Startup: Launching a Successful New Media Business in NYC. Audience members were given business guidance by experts who had tips and the funds to help would-be entrepreneurs succeed. Moderated by Susan McGregor, Assistant Director at the Tow Center, the evening’s speakers included: Sandra Navalli, Senior Director for the Tamer Center for Social Enterprise, Chris McGarry, Director for Entrepreneurship in the University Office of Alumni and Development, Justin Hendrix, Executive Director at NYC Media Lab, and Adda Birnir, CEO of Skillcrush.

GLG Launches 2015 Social Impact Fellowship; Class Features 12 World-Leading Innovators & Nonprofits
PR Newswire
— October 15, 2015
Donnel Baird BUS’13, founder of BlocPower, has been named a GLG Fellow.

How a Bone-Growing Startup Lured 66 Investors, Including Peter Thiel
Inc. — October 15, 2015

EpiBone, founded by Nina Tandon BUS’12, uses stem cells to regrow damaged bones. After getting a PhD from Columbia. Nina Tandon returned to school for an MBA to form a company at the forefront of "biology as design."


September 2015

4 Strategies to Use When Raising Money for Your B Corps
— September 9, 2015
Donnel Baird BUS’13, founder of BlocPower, sought to use impact investors as a source of capital when raising funds for BlocPower.

The (Fake) Meat Revolution
The New York Times
— September 19, 2015
At the forefront of the "fake meat" industry is Beyond Meat, founded by Ethan Brown BUS’08, a new imitation meat product designed to allow consumers to eat less animal products.

Closed Loop Fund Reveals First Three Investments That Aim to Transform US Recycling
Sustainable Brands
— September 24, 2015
The Closed Loop Fund, an impact investment fund that makes below-market loans to recycling companies and municipalities for recycling infrastructure, announced its first three investments to bolster said infrastructure and reduce the over $5 billion dollars spent by cities annually on landfills. Its CEO is Adjunct Prof. Ron Gonen BUS’04.

Big New Fund Looks to Invest to Invest to Revitalize Recycling in US
EnviroPolitics Blog
— September 25, 2015
The Closed Loop Fund, run by CEO Adjunct Prof. Ron Gonen BUS’04, is funding a high-tech recycling plant in Baltimore, Md.


August 2015


Why Edtech Exits Will Defy Historical Trends
— August 5, 2015
Social Enterprise Summer Fellow Julie Brickman BUS’15 blogs about historical trends for education entrepreneurs and their exits.

MicroHealth Helps Patients Manage Chronic Illnesses
— August 5, 2015
Banyan Nation, co-founded by Mani Vajipey BUS EMBA '13, is using Android technology to bring transparency to recycling in India. Vajipey went through Adjunct Prof. Ron Gonen BUS’04's Greenhouse Program to help develop the idea.

Ten Socially Responsible Startups that are Changing the Way New York Does Business
Crain's New York
— August 11, 2015
A piece about social entrepreneurship in New York City, with sidebar spotlights on Nell Derick Debvoise BUS’11 of Inspiring Capital and Donnel Baird BUS’13 of BlocPower. It also features a quote by Tamer Center Co-director, Damon Phillips.

Why Recommended Ways to Evaluate Teachers are So Often Wrong
Huffington Post
— August 24, 2015
This article cites research conducted by Prof. Jonah Rockoff and his colleagues Raj Chetty, and John Friedman which says that administrators can use value-added scores to hire, fire and evaluate teacher performance.

Nonprofits, hospitals partner to keep New Yorkers healthy
Crain’s New York
— August 27, 2015
Dr. Amanda Parsons BUS’03, Montefiore Medical Center's vice president for population health, speaks about programs designed to create healthier communities -- convincing bodegas to stock healthier items, for example, to help people lose weight.

Commentary: Underestimating the impact of climate change on our effectiveness, economy
The Daily Climate
— August 18, 2015
An opinion piece by Prof. Geoff Heal, on how rising temperatures may already be impacting our economic productivity.

Climate Change and the Next Great Recession
Ideas at Work
— August 21, 2015
Talk of climate change tends to focus on future catastrophes in distance places, but rising temperatures may already be hitting our productivity, indicates research by Prof. Geoff Heal.

A crap-shoot
The Economist
— August 22, 2015
Adjunct Prof. Ron Gonen BUS’04 is quoted about how the lack of recycling programs for pet waste is a missed opportunity for city recycling and other greening efforts.


May 2015

Columbia Professor shares teachable moments about CSR
PR Week
— May 1, 2015
Having written 18 books and over 200 articles on the subject, few individuals understand CSR more thoroughly than Prof. Geoffrey Heal. Prior to a RF|Binder-hosted round-table, he shared his views on topics including CSR reports and the stock market's evolving attitude.

A Crowdfunding Site Lets You Bring Energy Efficiency to Poor Neighborhoods
Fast Company
— May 4, 2015
A piece profiling the growth of social venture BlocPower, founded by Donnel Baird BUS'13.

EdFuel's Blueprint for Success Provides National Roadmap for K-12 Leadership Development
— May 5, 2015
Laura Clancy BUS'07, Chief of Staff for Achievement First Public Charter Schools, speaks on the impact of EdFuel's Blueprint of Success initiative on her organization's work.


April 2015

The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship
Columbia Business
— April 6, 2015
This article about co-founders who found their business partners within the Columbia Business School community features Noha Waibsnaider BUS'02, founder of Peeled Snacks, and her classmate, Dawn Techow BUS'02.

How Startups are Redesigning Cities
— April 9, 2015
Radiator Labs, founded by Marshall Cox ENG'13, and BlocPower, founded by
Donnel Baird '13, are both mentioned as startups that will dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of cities.

The Top Investors Every Diverse Founder Should Know
— April 14, 2015
Kesha Cash '10, founder of Impact America Fund, is listed as one of these investors. The article is written by Kathryn Finney, who spoke at the 2014 Social Enterprise Conference.

Damon Phillips to Serve as Co-Director of Tamer Center
Columbia Business School
— April 14, 2015
Prof. Damon Phillips will replace Prof. Ray Fisman as co-director of the Tamer Center for Social Enterprise, beginning July 1, 2015.

HFC Boss Insists BoG Must Reduce Account Opening Age
MG Modern Ghana
— April 17, 2015
Rani Deshpande BUS'03, Director of the Youth Save Project of Save the Children, is quoted on the how saving can become a habit — especially for youths — if banks in Ghana follow through on promises to create relationships with them.

40 Under 40
Crain's New York — April 20, 2015
Dr. Amanda Parsons BUS'03
, vice president of community and population health of Montefiore Medical Center, and Jon Stein BUS'09, Chief Executive of Betterment, were named to Crain's New York's "40 Under 40."



March 2015

The Prescription for a Healthy Life: A Helpful Neighbor
— March 6, 2015
A video featuring City Health Works, a Harlem-based social enterprise that was founded and is managed by Manmeet Kaur BUS'12.

Engineering Smarter Schools
Columbia Business
— March 10, 2015
A feature on Samantha Brenner BUS'08, executive director of strategic initiatives and partnerships for the division of instructional and information technology at the New York City Department of Education.

Grading Teachers by the Test
The New York Times
— March 24, 2015
Prof. Jonah Rockoff is quoted about the effectiveness of performance metrics helping (or hindering) teacher performance. Research by Prof. Ray Fisman is also mentioned.



February 2015

Donation to Expand Social Enterprise at Columbia
Poets and Quants
— February 2, 2015
An article highlighting the expansion and renaming of the Social Enterprise Program to the Tamer Center for Social Enterprise, thanks to a generous donation by Sandra and Tony Tamer.

Who will pay America's $1.5 billion recycling bill?
Next City
— February 9, 2015
Adjuct Professor Ron Gonen BUS'04, CEO of the Closed Loop Fund and an adjunct professor, speaks about the necessity of corporations investing in the fund to help test models of various recycling programs.

Yonkers-Based Leake & Watts: A Westchester Turnaround Tale
Westchester Magazine
— February 15, 2015
Yonkers firm Leake & Watts is currently undergoing a corporate turnaround. One of the new initiatives includes providing scholarships for workers to participate in the Programs in Social Enterprise.



January 2015

The Benefits and Costs of Socially Responsible Investing
Morning Start
— January 7, 2015
Prof. Geoffrey Heal's research on how pharmaceutical company Merck improved its reputation through a corporate social responsibility program is mentioned.

Financial Inclusion Trends and Innovators Already Lighting Up 2015
Next Billion
— January 20, 2015
Vikas Raj BUS'10 blogs about the financial inclusion trends in 2015.

Columbia Business School Receives Generous Donation to Establish The Tamer Center for Social Enterprise
PR Newswire
— January 28, 2015
The official press release announcing the Tamer Center for Social Enterprise.

Columbia Business School Expands Social Enterprise Resources: MBA News
— January 29, 2015
An article about the launch of the new Tamer Center for Social Enterprise.