Social Enterprise in the News 2016

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Highlighting Tamer Center for Social Enterprise initiatives, ideas, alumni, and faculty members featured in the news.

October 2016

Give Me a Child
The Economist, October 29, 2016
In an article on the benefits of focusing on early childhood development, Kidogo, a Tamer Fund for Social Ventures recipient founded by Sabrina Natasha Premji, SIPA’16, and Afzal Habib, is mentioned for training “mamapreneurs” to run profitable centers with healthy meals and appropriate curricula. Read more.


September 2016

Older Entrepreneurs Take On the “Concrete Ceiling”
The New York Times, September 9, 2016
Professor Melissa Berman is quoted saying that social entrepreneurship is “an innovative and creative way to meet a social need” in an article about how older Americans seeking to start a business are often met with a concrete ceiling. Read more.

Want to Empower Women? Digital Financial Services are the Way to Go!
From Poverty to Power, September 9, 2016
Sophie Romana BUS’08 reports on how digital financial services can energize female empowerment. Read more.

Can Food Change People's Opinion of the Refugee Crisis?
NationSwell, September 9, 2016
A video on Eat Offbeat — a Tamer Fund for Social Ventures recipient — an ethnic food delivery company hiring refugees with a talent for cooking. Read more.

Barnard's fossil fuel divestment decision likely to be more symbolic than financial
Columbia Spectator, September 8, 2016
This spring, Barnard's board of trustees is set to vote on whether or not to divest the college's endowment (which is invested in a fund with 13 other institutions through Investure, LLC.) from fossil fuels. Professor Bruce Usher is quoted here saying that “Investure could create a ‘mirror fund,’ which would be identical to [their] current set of investments but would exclude fossil fuel portfolios.

The Global Culture of Giving: Four Key Trends
The International Family Offices Journal, September 1, 2016
Professor Melissa Berman details the four key trends that characterize the global culture of philanthropy. Read more.


August 2016

Inside Eat Offbeat, The Refugee-Run Kitchen That's Satisfying Adventurous Eaters With A Taste For Social Good
Forbes, August 22, 2016
A story on Eat Offbeat, founded by Manal Kahi SIPA’15 and Wissam Kahi BUS’04. The Tamer Fund for Social Ventures recipient currently employs a dozen female refugees and caters authentic cuisine to a growing list of corporate and nonprofit companies in NYC. .

Why Americans resist saving energy
Courier Journal, August 18, 2016
Former Professor Elke Weber co-authored and analyzed results of two surveys of more than 1,400 participants showing that people believe other American should work harder towards energy conservation efforts. Read more.

There’s More Than One Route to Doing Well by Doing Good
Ideas at Work, August 8, 2016
Professor Vanessa Burbano is covered for her work on how workers’ wage demands are lower when they work with firms committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR), and those who are most willing to forego wages are the top performers. Read more.

Radiator Lock Boxes Slash One-Fifth Off Two Old Buildings' Heating Costs
Observer, August 4, 2016
Radiator Labs, founded by Marshall Cox SEAS PhD’13, is changing the real estate business by enclosing radiators so they can communicate with an internet-connected boiler room to better distribute heat. The “Cozy,” allows residents to easily control room temperatures. Read more.

On the Heels of a Boom, a Foggier Future for Solar
Columbia Ideas at Work, August 4, 2016
Professor Bruce Usher is quoted in this piece on unlocking solar power’s potential by leasing solar systems to homeowners rather than selling them. Read more.


July 2016

Accion Names Tahira Dosani and Vikas Raj Managing Directors of Accion Venture Lab
Yahoo! Finance, July 20, 2016
Vikas Raj ’10 is named a new managing director of Accion Venture Lab, an impact investment initiative providing seed capital to innovative financial startups.

[email protected] CBS: Tamer Center Seeds Social Enterprise Ventures
Clear Admit, July 19, 2016
An article written in repsonse to the press release from Columbia Business School Newsroom's article mentioned below. Interviews with Professor Bruce Usher; Kaushik Kappagantulu ’17, co-founder of Kheyti; and Diana Yousef BUS’03, SIPA’04, founder of change:WATER Labs. Read more.

Urban.Us Is the Venture Fund That's Making Cities Better, July 18, 2016
Urban.Us is a venture fund for “startups that make cities better,” and has invested in both Radiator Labs, founded by Marshall Cox SEAS PhD’13, and Blocpower, founded by Donnel Baird ’13 and Morris Cox ’13. Read more.

Companies Targeting The Next Billion: 32 Startups Serving The Underserved
CB Insights, July 12, 2016
Frogtek, co-founded by David del Ser ’08, is mentioned here for helping small shopkeepers in emerging markets better control their business decisions through software, tablets, and scanners. Frogtek’s disclosed funding is $2.9m. Read more.

BlocPower Works to Retrofit Underserved Communities
the energy collective, July 8, 2016
An article about how BlocPower, co-founded by Donnel Baird ’13, is changing how buildings in low-income communities obtain and allocate funding for energy upgrades. Read more.

The Tamer Center For Social Enterprise at Columbia Business School Awards $100,000 in Seed Grants in Spring Round of Funding
Columbia Business School Newsroom, July 7, 2016
A press release announcing the funding for the spring round of the Tamer Center’s Tamer Fund for Social Ventures. Read more.

A food delivery service lets refugees in New York share their cuisines and build new lives
weku, July 7, 2016
Two resettled refugees are featured for working at Eat Offbeat, founded by Manal Kahi SIPA’15 and Wissam Kahi BUS’04. The venture employs three refugee chefs as of July 2016. Read more.

Want to empower women? Digital Financial Services are the way to go!
From Poverty to Power, July 5, 2016
Sophie Romana ’08 reports on how Digital Finance Services can energize female empowerment. Read more.

Kilroy Realty Corporation Earns Two Green Lease Leaders Team Transaction Awards
Business Wire, July 1, 2016
Press Release featuring Sara Neff ’10, senior vice president of sustainability at Kilroy Realty Corporation. KRC was recognized for pushing the boundaries of energy efficiency in commercial space. Read more.

North Americans Want Robo Advice From Banks
Wealth Management, July 1, 2016
A briefing calling attention to Columbia Business School's impact investment courses featured in the Fortune article mentioned below.


June 2016

NYN’s 2nd Annual 40 Under 40
New York Nonprofit Media, June 30, 2016
Katie Leonberger ’08, president and CEO of Community Resource Exchange, is recognized as one of NYN’s top 40 leaders under the age of 40 in the nonprofit sector. .

Investment in Early Childhood Development makes good business sense
Thomas Reuters Foundation, June 30, 2016
Investing in ealy childhood programs offers high ROIs and is also more cost-effective. Sabrina Premji, SIPA’16 and cofounder of Kidogo, is quoted saying that investing in the early years "makes sense" because in order for economies and industries to succeed, we need to build a pipeline of “human capital” starting in early childhood. Read more.

Impact Investing Takes Hold on Business School Campuses
Fortune, June 28, 2016
Columbia Business School is mentioned for offering courses on impact investing for over a decade. Microlumbia, founded by David del ser Bartolome ’08 and Katie Leonberger ’08, is mentioned for providing MBAs with pro bono advisory opportunities to “under banked” institutions. Read more.

Transgender Policy, Women In The Navy And Travel For A Cause, June 27, 2016
A podcast featuring Michal Alter, SIPA’13, founder of Prior to moving to NYC, Alter was one of the first female pilot cadets in the Israeli Airforce, as well as a computer science engineer and director of refugee affairs at the city government in Tel Aviv. is an online marketplace for tours and activities offered by nonprofit and community-based organizations around the world. Read more.

Business schools led the way in promoting a commonly held myth -- and now they're trying to undo that
Business Insider, June 21, 2016
Rebecca Hong ’16, Shanna Cox ’16, and Dan Bobkoff ’15 are featured discussing what they learned about shareholder value while students at Columbia Business School. Read more.

Can the Big Apple Circus Be Saved?
New York Times, June 3, 2016
The Big Apple Circus, founded by Paul Binder '65, launched an online crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to stage its upcoming 39th season. Read more.


May 2016

Exxon, Chevron Shareholders Narrowly Reject Climate-Change Stress Tests
Wall St Journal, May 25, 2016
Beth Richtman ’07, investment manager at the California Public Employees’ Retirement System, is quoted saying that there are a significant number of shareholders that support climate-risk measures, and that number is continuing to grow. Read more.

Lebanese American University presents Food & Identity
The Arab Daily News, May 24, 2016
Manal Kahi, SIPA’15 and a cofounder of Eat Offbeat, was a panelist at Lebanese American University, discussing how Lebanese-Americans form their identities by upholding the food of their ancestors.

Plant-Based, the Beyond Burger Aims to Stand Sturdy Among Meat
New York Times, May 22, 2016
Ethan Brown ’08, founder of Beyond Meat, which makes plant-based alternatives to hamburgers, will begin selling the company’s product in Whole Foods. Read more.

The Clever UX Behind Hopscotch's Programming iPhone App For Kids
Fast Co. Design, May 13, 2016
Jocelyn Leavitt ’07 founded Hopscotch in 2011, an app that teaches kids how to code. In May, the company released the first iPhone app to have a programming language that is developed specifically for the phone. Read more.

Weather-Proofing Small Farmers In India
Forbes, May 10, 2016
Kheyti, founded by Kaushik Kappagantulu ’17, Saumya Sahay, Sathya Raghu, and Akhil Naru, Kheyti offers smallholder farmers in India “Greenhouse-in-a-Box” (GIB), a revolutionary, affordable 1,000 square foot greenhouse integrated with end-to-end services that can increase farm yields by seven times and ensure a dependable monthly income to farmers, giving them a seamless path out of poverty.


April 2016

A Legendary New York Industry Finally Gets Into Tech
Observer, April 13, 2016
In response to the mass power outages in the Northeast in 2003, Rudin Management Company is piloting Radiator Labs' — founded by Marshall Cox SEAS PhD’13 — “Cozy” product inside a residential buildling. Read more.


March 2016

Controlling Steam Radiators
New York Times, March 11, 2016
An article on Radiator Labs, founded by Marshall Cox SEAS PhD’13, which eliminates the $7B overheating waste in steam-heated buildings, all while granting temperature control to tenants for the first time in the history of steam heat. Radiator Labs received a Tamer Fund for Social Ventures grant. Read more.

Starbucks to launch youth training program in new Jamaica, Queens store
AM New York, March 7, 2016
Ben Thomases ’03, a representative from Queens Community House (QCH), is featured saying that QCH will help place troubled youth in Starbucks’ training program in Jamaica, Queens. Read more.


February 2016

Eat Offbeat Brings Refugee Cooking to New Yorkers and Jobs to Refugees
Newsweek, February 19, 2016
Eat Offbeat, founded by Manal Kahai SIPA’15 and Wissam Kahi BUS’04, is a food delivery service that employs refugees as chefs and puts the spotlight on the role business has to play in the global refugee crisis. Eat Offbeat received a Tamer Fund for Social Ventures grant..

2 Young Leaders Discuss Their Organizations and How They Run Them
Chronicle of Philanthropy, February 19, 2016
Donnel Baird ’13 discusses the tremendous energy waste in poor neighborhoods, how to create a social business and how to secure investors in this podcast. Read more.

This Is How You Reduce the Energy Consumption of Major American Cities
Nationswell, February 10, 2016
An article on Radiator Labs, founded by Marshall Cox SEAS PhD’13, which eliminates the $7B overheating waste in steam-heated buildings, all while granting temperature control to tenants for the first time in the history of steam heat. Radiator Labs received a Tamer Fund for Social Ventures grant. Read more.

2 Miss programs among 11 nationwide for heart health grants
AP, February 1, 2016
City Health Works, founded by Manmeet Kaur ’11, received a grant from the AstraZeneca HealthCare Foundation. Read more.

ViZn Energy Systems Taps Renewable Energy Veteran as VP of Marketing Following Accelerated Global Product Demand
firmenpresse, February 1, 2016
Mike Grunow ’05 has been named the Vice President of Marketing for ViZn Energy Systems. ViZn Energy Systems, Inc. is comprised of a team of scientists, engineers and business leaders who are passionate about creating and commercializing a revolutionary energy storage solution for utility-scale markets. Read more.


January 2016

Will Volkswagen's Possible $18 Billion Emissions Penalty Drive Transparency In Manufucturing?
Forbes, January 25, 2016
Professor Vanessa Burbano writes about how corporate greenwashing is largely difficult to regulate for government agencies. .

New York start up aims to help refugees through food delivery service
The Guardian, January 14, 2016
Eat Offbeat, founded by Manal Kahai SIPA'15 and Wissam Kahi BUS'04, is a food delivery service that employs refugees as chefs and puts the spotlight on the role business has to play in the global refugee crisis. Eat Offbeat received a Tamer Fund for Social Ventures grant. Read more.

Forbes 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneurs
Forbes, January 5, 2016
Anna Stork GSAPP'11, cofounder of LuminAID, was named to Forbes' "30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneurs list." Read more.