Social Enterprise in the News 2017

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Highlighting Tamer Center for Social Enterprise initiatives, ideas, alumni, and faculty members featured in the news.

December 2017

How Made In Brownsville Is Tackling Youth Unemployment In Brooklyn
Forbes, December 21, 2017
An article accompanying the video on Made in Brownsville, a Tamer Fund for Social Ventures portfolio member. The venture combats Brownsville's high levels of unemployment and lack of education by bringing mentors in creative fields to train youth in the neighborhood via apprenticeship programs in science, technology, math, art, and design. Read more.

How To Get From JPMorgan Chase To A Well-Run Nonprofit, In Yoga Pants
Forbes, December 20, 2017
Nell Derick Debevoise, ’12BUS, CEO and founder of Inspiring Capital, interviewed Julia Rosenblum, ’16BUS, manager of strategy, planning, and organizational opportunities at New York Road Runners, Inc., about how Columbia Business School taught her the skills to lead a nonprofit. Read more.

5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Started My Nonprofit: With Daniel Rabuzzi, Executive Director at Mouse
Thrive Global, December 5, 2017
Daniel Rabuzzi, executive director of Mouse, names Kesha Cash,  ’10BUS, founder and general partner of Impact America Fund, as the person whose vision he admires most. Read more.

November 2017

Praava Health Announces Partnership with Joslin Diabetes Center
NewsHour, November 14, 2017
Praava Health, a Tamer Fund for Social Ventures portfolio member, announced a partnership with Joslin Diabetes Center to connect patients in Bangladesh with diabetes care and prevention. Read more.

Beefing up Mobile-phone and Internet Penetration in Africa
The Economist, November 9, 2017
Professor Jonas Hjort's research on African economies before and after they obtained internet connections is mentioned in this article. The connection increased employment in areas that had access to fast internet companies; countries that got fast internet connections also saw the number of startups rise. Read more.

October 2017

Around the World, Private Capital is Solving Public Problems
The Hill, October 22, 2017
Professor Georgia Levenson Keohane is mentioned in this article on how social impact bonding is more accurately characterized as an equity investment. Read more.

New Neighbors, New Considerations
The New York Times, October 4, 2017
Manal Kahi, ’15SIPA, and co-founder of Eat Offbeat, is quoted in this article on how to ask the right questions to refugees to learn about their displacement. Read more.

Feeding Kickstarter, Estée Lauder And Google, Refugee Chefs Fuel Catering Startup Eat Offbeat
Forbes, October 3, 2017
An interview with Manal Kahi, ’15SIPA, on how she founded Eat Offbeat. The article also covers the 2017 Social Enterprise Conference, where Manal was a speaker. Read more.

September 2017

Sustainable Travel Can Be Budget-Friendly
New York Times, September 27, 2017
Michal Alter, ’13SIPA, co-founder of and a Tamer Fund for Social Ventures portfolio member, is quoted in this article on how sustainable travel is on the rise. Read more.

Five Elements of Effective Collaboration for Investors
Modern Healthcare, September 14, 2017
Brinda Ganguly ’02BUS, the new managing director of the Catalyst Loan Funds at Living Cities, shares her thoughts on how investors can better collaborate. Read more.

With Hurricanes Raging, Why Can’t Politicians Confront Climate Change? Behavioural economics Explains
City AM, September 13, 2017
Professor Geoff Heal draws on economic principles to analyze uncertainty around climate change. Read more.

Mount Sinai Harnesses Community Workers to Lower Heart Patient Readmissions
Modern Healthcare, September 12, 2017
Mount Sinai and City Health Works, founded by Manmeet Kaur, ’12BUS, launched a pilot program that provides individualized health coaching to Medicaid patients in New York City as a way to potentially reduce readmission to patients with congestive heart failure (CHF). Read more.

August 2017

Praava Health Starts Its Journey in Dhaka
The Daily Star, August 24, 2017
An announcement of how Praava Health, a Tamer Fund for Social Ventures portfolio member founded by Sylvana Sinha, ’04LAW, opened its first family health center in Bangladesh. The venture uses technology to improve the patient experience and access to healthcare. Read more.

Boost Your Social Enterprise with Advice from this Lifelong Entrepreneur
Conscious Company Media, August 16, 2017
An article on Ben Powell, ’05BUS and CEO/founder of Agora Partnerships. Ben shares how social entrepreneurship is the key to solving 21st century issues and what social entrepreneurs need to do to succeed. Read more.

July 2017

Boost Young Nonprofit Executives Seek Accessible Training
The Nonprofit Times, July 13, 2017
Katie Leonberger, ’08BUS, president and CEO of CRE, talks about how the company turned into a nonprofit consulting group. Read more.

Why Kilroy is Turning Buildings into Batteries
Green Biz, July 6, 2017
Sara Neff, ’10BUS, head of sustainability at Kilroy, is quoted in this article on how the Los Angeles real estate investment trust is partnering with an energy storage startup that could bring a new sustainable amenity to upscale commercial buildings. Read more.

June 2017

Big Ideas through Small Technology
Singh Center for Nanotechnology, June 27, 2017
Folia Water, a Tamer Fund for Social Ventures portfolio member co-founded by Jonathan Levine, ’11PhD SEAS, and Theresa Dankovich, won the 2017 Innovation Seed Grant Competition at the Singh Center for Nanotechnology. Read more.

Why is President Trump Stifling Investment in Recycling?
The Hill, June 12, 2017
Ron Gonen, ’04BUS, wrote this opinion piece on the economic impacts of Donald Trump's proposed budget cuts to the EPA. Read more.

May 2017

Photographers Without Borders Joins Forces with
Travel Daily, May 16, 2017
An article on how Tamer Fund for Social Ventures portfolio member—cofounded by Michal Alter, ’13SIPA—has partnered with Photographers without Borders, who are global leaders in photography and documentary services with social impact. Read more.

Closed Loop Foundation Gears Up to Boost Circular Economy Investment with New Research Initiative
Sustainable Brands, May 10, 2017
The Closed Loop Foundation recently launched a new research initiative around boosting capital investments aimed at recycling infrastructure and developing the circular economy. Ron Gonen, ’04BUS, is the CEO. Read more.

April 2017

Higher Education for Refugees
Stanford Social Innovation Review, April 18, 2017
Professor Bruce Usher and Kim Gittleson, ’17BUS, co-authored this article on piloting Columbia University’s response to the global refugee crisis by providing scholarships to displaced persons. Read more.

Alleviating Poverty through Trust
Cambridge Network, April 18, 2017
Jon Jachimowicz, PhD student; Salah Chafik, lab coordinator, Columbia Business Lab; and former professor Elke Weber co-authored research on how increased community trust can address the cycle of poverty. Read more.

Tamer Center Honors Shaiza Rizavi ’96, Jon Friedland ’97 for Their Dedication to Social Enterprise
Columbia Business School Newsroom, April 16, 2017
The Awards Breakfast, which raised a record-breaking $1 million, honored Shaiza Rizavi, ’96BUS, Jon Friedland, ’97BUS, with the Horton Award for Excellence. Read more.

This Low-Cost Greenhouse is Designed to Help the Poorest Farmers
Fast Company, April 14, 2017
Kheyti, a Tamer Fund for Social Ventures recipient founded by Kaushik Kappagantulu, ’17BUS, Saumya Sahay, Sathya Raghu, and Akhil Naruthat, won the Global Social Venture Competition. The venture makes a greenhouse-in-a-box that provides regular crops year-round, offering farmers in India consistent income. Read more.

Building a Career in Impact Investing
Green Money Journal, April 1, 2017
Jenn Pryce, ’02BUS, president and CEO of the Calvert Foundation, discusses how to build a career in impact investing. Read more.

March 2017

Be The Change: Five Steps For Transitioning into a Values-Aligned Career
Forbes, March 2, 2017
Kesha Cash, ’10BUS, featuring Melissa Cheong, ’09BUS, writes on transitioning to a values-aligned career. Read more.

February 2017

This Catering Company Hires Refugee Chefs
Food & Wine, February 22, 2017
Eat Offbeat, a Tamer Fund for Social Ventures portfolio member founded by Manal Kahi, ’15SIPA, and Wissam Kahi, ’04BUS, employs refugees to make food from the homes they fled. Ranging from Syria to Iraq to Nepal to Eritrea, 12 chefs are currently employed by the venture. Read more.

Ten Questions for the CFO: Sarah Gillman (Children’s Aid Society)
Exempt Magazine, February 16, 2017
An interview with Sarah Gillman, ’93BUS, CFO of Children’s Aid Society, on what drew her to the nonprofit sector. Read more.

The World’s Leading Platform For Social Impact Travel Experiences
TravPR, February 15, 2017—cofounded by Michal Alter, SIPA’13—is changing global access to impactful travel by providing authentic cultural experiences. Read more.

January 2017

Erika Karp: Sustainable Investing Goes Beyond ‘Pure Imagination’
Green Biz, January 25, 2017
An interview with Erika Karp, ’91BUS, CEO of Cornerstone Capital Group. Karp talks about sustainable investing and what it takes to execute an inclusive form of capitalism. Read more.

How a Columbia MBA Took Impresario Jordan Roth to the Next Stage
Financial Times, January 23, 2017
Jordan Roth, ’10BUS, the youngest theatre owner on Broadway, discusses where art and commerce converge. Read more.