Spring 2005 Newsletter

Net Impact Conference Draws Record-Breaking Audience
Nearly 1,400 MBA students and professionals from around the world attended the 12th Annual Net Impact Conference.

    Net Impact Conference panels:

  • Can Confidence in Corporate America be Restored? Professor Ray Horton moderated a panel of experts, representing stakeholders from institutional investors to unionized employees. The participants considered proposals, problems, reforms and solutions for moving past the scandals that continue to beset corporate America.
  • Investment in Africa - Challenges and Rewards: Africa attracts less than one percent of international private investment but many maintain that it offers tremendous opportunities. Experts gathered to discuss venture capital, beekeeping and innovative strategies for tapping the continent's potential.
  • Responsible Business, Responsible Reporting: A recent UN study found that media coverage of corporate social responsibility has increased along with the public's interest. However telling the story poses a number of challenges for both companies and the media.
  • China - Is the Economic Boom Sustainable? After more than a quarter-century of growth averaging nine percent annually, the Chinese economy faces a host of new challenges. Can it keep up with the pace? Legal and financial experts weigh in.

Class of 2005 Selects Loan Assistance as Class Gift
The official kick-off for the 2005 class gift campaign was held at Low Library. This year’s graduating class voted to support a loan assistance program for students who take positions in the public and nonprofit sectors. Continue story

Annual Social Enterprise Reception at the Whitney Museum
Sheila and Bill Lambert ’72 hosted the annual reception and presented the annual Lambert Family Award for Teaching Excellence in Social Enterprise. Continue story

CORPS Fellowship Profile - Ben Powell
A CORPS fellowship enabled Ben Powell ’05 to work with Ashoka, a global nonprofit that support entrepreneurs who advance social change via scalable and systemic approaches.

Microfinance in Madagascar
A team of students work on a project for the Bank of Africa in Madagascar, initiated by the United Nations Public-Private Alliance for Rural Development.

Stiglitz Speaks on Business for Social Responsibility and Development
“Adam’s Smith’s invisible hand often seems invisible because its not actually there,” said Professor Joseph Stiglitz in his keynote address to the annual Business for Social Responsibility conference. Continue story

Alumna Profile - Chris Flynn
Chris Flynn '04 is applying her MBA to community development and affordable housing with the Housing Development Corporation in New York City. Continue story

Education Leadership Consulting Lab with Public Schools
Lab course participants work with the New York City Leadership Academy, a nonprofit organization established by the business community and the New York City Department of Education.

European Study Tour on Corporate Social Responsibility
Students traveled to Paris and Brussels over spring break to learn about corporate social responsibility and governance and trends in socially responsible investing.