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Spring 2008 Newsletter

Spring 2008 Newsletter - The Sustainability Issue

Since its founding in 1983, the program has been continually responded to emerging societal needs and in providing meaningful ways for MBAs to make a difference. This issue of the newsletter examines sustainability and happenings around campus.

Patrick Cescau, Recipient of the 2007 Botwinick Prize -
A Sustainable Vision for Unilever

Patrick Cescau, group chief executive of Unilever plc and Unilever N.V. and recipient of the 2007 Botwinick Prize in Business Ethics, addressed how businesses can drive positive social change at the 2007 Social Enterprise Conference. Read more...

In the Business of Carbon Credits
Professor Bruce Usher, CEO of EcoSecurities Group plc - the world's leading climate change advisory firm, discusses his entry into the sustainability arena after spending several years working in finance on Wall Street. Read more...

A Look at Professor Geoffrey Heal's New Book,
When Principles Pay

Geoffrey Heal, the Paul Garrett Professor of Public Policy and Business Responsibility, has achieved prominence for his research in topics of sustainability and the environment. The following is a look at When Principles Pay, his new book, published under the Columbia Business School Publishing imprint. Read more...

Leoneda Inge and Paul Glader, Knight-Bagehot Fellows for the 2007-2008 school year, report on the sustainability panels from the Social Enterprise Conference.
Cradle to Cradle Panel
Executives from Seventh Generation, Nau and The Four Seasons Restaurant discuss the Cradle to Cradle doctrine - the consideration of the life cycle of a product at the design stage along with possible environmental and social impacts. Leoneda Inge reports. Read more...

Energy for the Developing World
A panel of experts, from BP, EcoSecurities and Verdant Power, discussed energy policy and for profit energy solutions in emerging economies. Written by Paul Glader. Read more...

The Student Experience - Social Enterprise Summer Fellowships
Read the experiences of three MBAs who, with the support of the Social Enterprise Summer Fellowship Program, engaged in summer internships that create social and environmental value. From Kabul to San Diego, these students helped incubate entrepreneurs, re-affirmed their dedication to nonprofits, and worked on environmental issues. Read more...

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