Spring 2010 Newsletter

The SEP Launches Its Alumni Ambassadors Networking Initiative

The Social Enterprise Program’s Alumni Ambassadors Network helps alumni to connect with fellow alumni working in specific areas within the social enterprise field. These networks provide a platform for alumni to explore topics, strengthen relationships as well as remain connected to the SEP and the School.

Networking groups cover areas including: arts management, careers and recruiting, clean energy, community development and real estate, education, EMBA alumni, finance, healthcare, international development, microfinance, nonprofit boards, resource development, social entrepreneurship and social ventures, and technology.

2010 Summer Fellows Embark on their Summer Internships

The SEP received many applications for Summer Fellowships with a variety of nonprofit, social venture, NGO and public sector internships. While the program is still accepting applications, it expects to fund 50 MBA students working in the social enterprise space, spanning from international development to education.

These interns will work with numerous organizations, including Acumen Fund, RecycleBank, Endeavor, the NYC Department of Education, Blue Ridge Foundation, Community Water Solutions, Living Cities and many more.

The Summer Fellowship Program provides funding for MBA students participating in internships that create social and environmental value, providing organizations and social entrepreneurs that create social and environmental value access to much-needed MBA talent that they could not otherwise afford to hire, as well as providing students with experience and opportunities to apply their MBA skills to practical issues faced by these organizations. Make a donation to the Summer Fellowship Program today.

The SEP Hosts First Nonprofit Leadership Forum with Focus on Education

This new forum will encourage discussion of leading ideas and innovations at the forefront of the social enterprise space. The inaugural Nonprofit Leadership Forum was held on May 6 and focused on measuring and creating excellence in schools. This event brought together educational leaders from New York City funders and academics for an exchange of ideas on how to apply evaluation of performance measures effectively.

Featured speakers included: Joel Klein, chancellor of the New York City Department of Education, who discussed accountability in schools, and Professor Caroline Hoxby (Stanford University), who discussed her research on the effectiveness of charter schools.

Visit our website to see speaker presentations, related articles and videos from the event.

In the News

Red China, Green China
In this New York Times op-ed piece, Professor Bruce Usher says that the United States lacks the political will to become a world leader in clean energy while China has been moving ahead with creating jobs and policies in the sector.

Measuring Good-Cause Effects
People pay more for products from worthy vendors. How much more? Professor Ray Fisman discusses his research Ebay's Giving Works program in this Forbes.com article.

Professor Nair: What Drives Investors Toward SRI
Vinay Nair, author and founder of Ada Investments, teaches a new course on Sustainability and Investment Management at Columbia Business School.

Saving Rainforests: Low-Hanging Fruit
Professor Geoffrey Heal gives his perspective on the discussions at the Copenhagen World Climate Summit.

Social Enterprise in the Public Offering

Disaster Strikes, Charity Spikes
Technological advancements allowed for increase in charitable giving after earthquake hits Haiti.

What Can Multinationals Learn from Mom and Pop?
Nancy Barry, president and CEO of Enterprise Solutions to Poverty, discussed the power of the private sector in ending poverty. Watch her video interview online.

First CSR Case Competition Considers Norway's Pension Fund
Columbia students compete in case competition focused on corporate social responsibility.


Ayn Rand: Prophet or Scapegoat?
Jennifer Burns, author of Goddess of the Market: Ayn Rand and the American Right, visits Columbia to discuss her research on Ayn Rand.