Hannah Siegelberg ’18

Hannah Siegelberg ’18

Summer Fellowship at Nonprofit Finance Fund

Hannah Siegelberg ’18 spent her Social Enterprise Summer Fellowship interning at the Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF), an organization that makes loans to nonprofits while assessing risk and acting as a consulting firm. NFF is also a learning hub for “Pay for Success” and Social Impact Bond models that reward agencies that provide social service delivery based on long-term outcomes.

Siegelberg conducted two research projects and channeled her experience in cross-sector models during her time at NFF. The first was regarding the National Science Foundation’s interest in becoming involved in the criminal justice sector. For the second, she investigated a potential fund for initiatives with outcomes-based payments, and her findings informed the NFF’s strategies moving forward with these opportunities. She also had the opportunity to learn the loan underwriting process.

Siegelberg sees business schools as agents for creating leaders, and she believes it’s important for Columbia Business School to be involved with social and environmental causes. She feels the center exposes students in other fields to a socially-oriented perspective.

In the past, Siegelberg worked for a policy-research organization as well as for a Corporate Social Responsibility startup, both of which represent cross-sector models. In the future, she plans to work in a similarly hybridized company like NFF.

By Sophie Drew