Anne McGrath ’18

Anne McGrath ’18

Summer Fellowship at Inspiring Capital

For her Social Enterprise Summer Fellowship, Anne McGrath ’18 was one of ten MBA students working for Inspiring Capital, a consulting and training firm that aligns professionals with purpose-driven organizations.

The interns took part in lectures from guest speakers, seminars from experienced trainers, and networking events that helped them use skills from business school in the social sector. They were then assigned to a different nonprofit or social enterprise to put these trainings to the test. McGrath conducted financial analysis and a market assessment for a company that works with nonprofits. When applying operations management and efficiency, she learned that the social sector uses largely the same tools as traditional businesses do.

McGrath chose to attend the School because of the Tamer Center for Social Enterprise. She is a board member of the Social Enterprise Club, which has provided her with a community of similarly passionate students, which has led to numerous connections and networking opportunities. In the future, McGrath thinks that all businesses will move in a more socially-oriented direction.

Before business school, McGrath worked as an investigative analyst for the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, investigating white collar crime. After graduation, she plans to go back to work in public service with either a nonprofit or a government agency.

By Sophie Drew