Stephanie Estey ’10BC and Saara Hafeez


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What is the social or environmental issue being addressed?

Low-income immigrant women and refugees in New York are looking for a way to supplement household income but want to stay at home because of cultural reasons or the fact that they can’t afford childcare. In addition, textile waste is the second leading cause of pollution, after oil.


ALTRD provides high-quality clothing alteration services while economically empowering immigrant and refugee women in NYC. They pride themselves on offering the most convenient, high-quality alterations possible. Individuals prepare the item themselves using one of 3 easy preparation methods explained on ALTRD’s website through videos, and ALTRD takes care of pickup and delivery from either their home or office. Clothes are returned to the customer, pressed and fitting just like they should, within 3-5 days.

ALTRD creates access to economic opportunity by filling an employment gap and bringing work to women in need. All of their SewExperts have the flexibility to work from home, which helps immigrant and refugee women gain access to work. In addition, they are committed to reducing textile waste by helping consumers reinvest in and repair the clothes they already own.

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