Linh Le ’09SEAS

Health, Hardware, Internet of Things

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For profit

What is the social or environmental issue being addressed?

In the US, 30,000,000 people suffer from diabetes. One out of every five dollars spent on healthcare in the US is spent on diabetes treatment. As blood flow to the extremities decreases, ulceration of the feet becomes prevalent, eventually necessitating amputation. Approximately 70,000 American lose limbs every year due to diabetes complications, costing the healthcare system $15B.

For patients with diabetes, ignorance of foot health status can be devastating medically, emotionally and financially. In addition, diabetic patient management of blood sugar is complicated, onerous, and painful, leading to poor treatment compliance and increased susceptibility to secondary complications.


Bonbouton aims to eliminate the occurrence of amputation through their first product: a Bluetooth-enabled shoe insole with a proprietary embedded graphene sensing system that passively monitors the skin’s physiological signals to detect the early signs of foot ulcers. This simplifies patient self-monitoring and reduces the frequency of doctor visits.

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