Carolyn Butler ’18BUS and Meris Butlerr


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What is the social or environmental issue being addressed?

Fast fashion and throw-away culture for the fashion industry must change if we are going to reduce its devastating impact on societies and the environment. Borobabi is a public benefit corporation aimed at making ethically and sustainably made clothing accessible to all parents, while reducing the environmental impact of post-consumer textile waste.

To support using natural fibers and organic agricultural practices to regenerate natural systems, Borobabi only partners with ethical and sustainable brands. The rental model allows for clothing to be utilized to its fullest potential, while passing price savings on to customers. Finally, Borobabi eliminates waste by recycling all end-of-use garments, which keeps clothing out of landfills.


As a catalyst in the transition from a linear to circular economy, Borobabi focuses on transitioning consumers to a fashion rental model for children in the hyper-growth ages. This is the time where the ownership-for-life model of clothing makes the least economic sense.

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