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What is the social or environmental issue being addressed?

The transportation sector is the largest GHG emitter in the United States, and ClearRoad has several methods to mitigate those impacts. This includes a version of congestion pricing that is affordable to most cities and has the potential to reduce emissions up to 20 percent due to reductions in vehicles and less driving overall.

Additionally, ClearRoad is deploying a per-mile fee for electric vehicles (EV) as an alternative to current disincentivizing policies. Due to anticipated gas tax revenue shortages, 28 states have instituted surcharges to EV owners on their annual registrations, which can inadvertently suppress EV adoption by 25 percent.


As the road usage pioneer, ClearRoad has developed low-cost versions of historically high-cost yet proven programs from around the world, offering a path for cities of all shapes and sizes to realize these benefits. Specifically, ClearRoad, securely and without risk to privacy, leverages data and GPS being generated in cars through machine learning and synchronization protocols. The result is flexible and adaptable road management tools for governments to reduce emissions and congestion, prioritizing community, not status quo technology.

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