Farm Fare

Farm Fare

Cullen Naumoff ’10SIPA, Daniel Conway, and Laura Adiletta


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What is the social or environmental issue being addressed?

The Farm Fare creates a regional market that supports the economic viability of family farms, specifically those focused on regenerative agriculture practices. This approach allows us to solve for two critical problems: 1) extractive agriculture accelerating climate change and 2) wealth inequities faced by family farmers. Our model is critical to generating triple-bottom line returns that cultivate an agriculture system supporting rural economies and healthy soils and mitigating against climate change.


Farm Fare's collaborative supply chain approach allows family farmers to access larger institutional markets, which supports rural livelihoods and incentivizes commodity and conventional growers to evolve their growing practices away from intensive plowing and chemical-based inputs.

Moreover, the data the Farm Fare model generates is transformational for regional food systems, giving family farms significantly better information to plan and coordinate production on a regional scale. This yields continuous improvement in price and volume efficiency, aligning family farm products with the business needs of institutional markets, ultimately empowering and ensuring the viability of family farms.

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