IRaise Girls & Boys International Corporation

IRaise Girls & Boys International Corporation

Shanequa Moore ’10SW

Social and economic inclusion; education and edtech

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What is the social or environmental issue being addressed?

IRaise is creating solutions to addressing systemic barriers that prevent minority and at-risk youth in New York City from succeeding in life. These social issues include systemic poverty, systemic oppression, and lack of access to resources.


IRaise provides a well-rounded and multi-systemic solution to helping youth of color break free of systemic oppression and poverty through creating new pathways for youth of color to succeed. By exposing youth to new opportunities, IRaise helps cultivate their passion and creativity and develop the skills to break through systemic poverty. Youth of color are gaining 21st century skills in entrepreneurship, medicine, and artificial intelligence, while also receiving crucial mental health support to deal with the trauma of systemic oppression and poverty. IRaise specializes in uplifting youth as well as families and school communities.

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