Sabrina Habib '16SIPA and Afzal Habib

Early childhood education

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For the 2.5 million children living in infrastructure-poor slums in East Africa that face extreme poverty, neglect & poor health, access to Early Childhood Care & Education services is even more challenging. Working mothers face a difficult decision every day about where to leave their young children (0-5 years) during the working day. Many of these mothers resort to leaving young children home alone or with an older sibling (usually an adolescent girl) who is pulled from school. In the best-case scenario, children are placed in an unlicensed, congested, and unhygienic home-based 'babycare' center with untrained caregivers.


Kidogo is a social enterprise that seeks to transform the trajectory of families living in poverty through high-quality, affordable Early Childhood Care and Education. We provide daycare and preschool services to working mothers in East Africa's urban slums for less than $1/day through a "hub & spoke" model. First, we build & operate best-practice early childhood "hub" centers that provide young children safe & child friendly spaces, trained teachers, a locally-relevant, play-based curriculum, and a health & nutrition program for 12 hours per day during the working week. In addition, we partner with local women ("mamapreneurs") to start or grow their own childcare "spokes" providing them with specialized training, customized support, age-appropriate learning materials, and ongoing mentorship & quality assurance.

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