Options MD

Options MD

Morgan Hewett ’15CC and Kyle Pierce


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30 percent of people with severe mental illnesses will be disappointed by conventional treatments that simply don't work. Patients like these are often referred to as “treatment-resistant,” meaning that they’ve tried over three medications and still have not found relief. It took one of their family members, who was labelled as “treatment resistant” by his doctors, seven years, 10 medications, and two suicide attempts before finding the right antidepressant. He is not alone. Treatment-resistant mental illnesses affect 13.2 million Americans and left untreated, often result in suicide. 


Options MD provides personalized treatment recommendations and access to cutting edge therapies through their app, so that users with treatment-resistant mental illnesses can rediscover life. Their proprietary treatment matching software analyzes over 20 patient datapoints to better predict which treatments and specialists can most positively impact them. 

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