Plan A Health

Plan A Health

Dr. Caroline Weinberg, MD ’12PH


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Women living in rural areas are less likely to receive reproductive health services than those in urban communities. Access to reproductive health care and comprehensive sexual health education is increasingly unavailable as a result of restrictive laws and an overall lack of health care resources in many communities. This lack of access to reproductive health care can have significant negative impacts on the mental, physical, and economic well-being of women. Plan A mobile clinics offer cost-effective reproductive and sexual health care, empowering women to make family planning decisions that best serve their needs and to access affordable and compassionate care.


Plan A Health provides mobile clinics in rural areas where it is cost-prohibitive for many women to travel to receive adequate sexual and reproductive health care.  Our model involves working closely with community members and local organizations to build a program guided by and rooted in the priorities and needs of the community it serves. The clinics offer quality, compassionate, and free services by leveraging a diverse set of resources to be sustainable.

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