Josh Dorfman, Ian Harsey, Nathan Silvernail, and Huade Tan ’13SEAS

Energy, climate, circular economy; clean tech

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What is the social or environmental issue being addressed?

Plantd works to address climate change by scaling a capital-efficient, carbon capture solution. Compared to industry competitors who make engineered wood products, Plantd takes carbon out of the atmosphere faster, manufactures using less energy, and ships finished products shorter distances. Further, unlike many companies focused exclusively on carbon capture, Plantd does not require a price on carbon to execute our business plan, remove carbon from the atmosphere, and build a profitable venture. Capturing carbon is embedded in our business practices.


Plantd is not only reimagining the building materials of the 21st century, but also the factory design. We build modular production lines that are 1/400th the cost of competitor production lines yet achieve one percent the output (a 4X capital efficiency advantage). Further, our productions lines are uniquely capable of producing multiple engineered products  from panels to studs to mass timber — within the same factory. By building a more nimble and modular production capability, we can site Plantd factories close to major housing and construction markets, cutting cost and carbon out of our supply chain.

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