Strong Children Wellness

Strong Children Wellness

Dr. Omolara Thomas Uwemedimo ’11PH, Dr. Nicole Brown, and Dr. Suzette Brown

Health care

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Strong Children Wellness (SCW) is an innovative primary care practice network that embeds comprehensive, high-quality primary care into community-based organizations to provide integrated services for psychosocially complex kids- including those with mental illness, developmental disabilities, and involvement in the child welfare system. In addition to receiving comprehensive health and social services in their community practices, families also have access to the SCW partner network of services for socioeconomic empowerment, including adult education, workforce training and placement, legal support and financial/career coaching. Their goal is to not only provide equity but also empower children and families so they can reach their full potential


SCW not only provides a one-stop shop of primary care but also an expanded virtual care team to address the vast array of challenges that marginalized children and families face. SCW also leverages technology to optimize the patient experience, improve access and increase engagement in care beyond other practice. This includes mobile, pre-visit, registration and screening, virtual sick and follow-up visits, bidirectional cloud-based referrals, and HIPAA compliant patient and care team text messaging services.

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