Mehemed Bougsea ’18SIPA, Amel Abid ’17BC, and Joscha Raue

Data and analytics, software, and jobs and recruiting

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What is the social or environmental issue being addressed?

While the labor force in North Africa is highly educated, most of the scarce jobs created are for low-skill employees. The unemployment rate of youth in North Africa can reach almost 50%. In addition, antiquated education traditions fail to adequately prepare graduates for the challenges they will face in the global labor market of tomorrow.


Think.iT is on a mission to activate the untapped brilliance in North Africa and empower extraordinary minds to shape the future of technology. Think.iT is an international organization that connects leading technology companies with the brightest software developers from North Africa. They leverage a data-driven approach to recruiting and training technology talent. Think.iT identifies the skill gaps organizations face in real-time, then adapts and executes their blended-learning training according to these needs.

Think.iT identifies top technology talent across the North African region, augments them with an inspiring working environment and tailored training, and connects them to leading technology companies around the globe. Think.iT’s training contains offline, online, and peer learning components designed for the mastery of technical skills. They also emphasize building personal and emotional skills before embedding their “Think.iTeers” in technology teams within purposeful organizations.

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