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Travel and corporate social responsibility

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What is the social or environmental issue being addressed?

There are thousands of small community-based sustainable tourism projects (where profits are shared within the community) and nonprofit organizations working to achieve a vast array of missions around the world. They struggle to fulfil their missions and activities because of insufficient funding and lack of visibility of their small scale, yet impactful work. At the same time, these organizations hold unique knowledge and local expertise about the most pressing social issues. One source of funding that these communities could benefit from is the $6 trillion travel industry, and another is global employee volunteer and Corporate Social Responsibility programs. However, they usually do not have access to it due to their lack of visibility and difficulty in achieving standard tourism practices. Even though there are rising numbers of young travelers and volunteers around the world who possess a thirst for local knowledge and off-the-beaten track experiences, it is difficult for them to find and connect with these communities and organizations.

Innovation: is corporate social responsibility technology with an activity-first approach. It is difficult for companies to build global employee volunteer programs, so they’ve built a marketplace for carefully curated social impact experiences offered by nonprofit and community-based organizations all around the world and paired them with the tools and data insights companies need to run a successful employee-driven giving back program.

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