The Anatomy of a Great Leader

In this webinar based on his research and teaching at Columbia Business School and the Institute for Personal Leadership, Professor Hitendra Wadhwa dissects the anatomy of great leadership and explores a new model for leadership that invites you to shift the focus from the outer to the inner, from behavior to principles, from the ever-changing to the unchanging, from the situational to the universal. This work on the new science of Personal Leadership shows that leaders can build a foundation on the inside that can continually help them execute great leadership behavior on the outside.

Your takeaways from this 30-minute webinar will be:

• How to create ever-increasing outer impact through ever-deepening inner mastery
• How to remain centered, agile and responsive to unpredictable change and challenges
• Key insights and principles, drawn from interdisciplinary science, for unlocking human potential

Hitendra Wadhwa teaches in the Personal Leadership and Success program. To learn more, visit: