Think Bigger

What is a big idea? Is it a physical invention, like the printing press? Is it a way of doing things, like democracy or capitalism? Does something like ‘civilization’ qualify as a big idea? In this course, we will wrestle with these questions and more, so you can start to think big about how to approach the problem of problem-solving. In this course, we look at examples of ‘big ideas’ and create a working definition of what constitutes a big idea. We help students develop the skills and strategies they need to discover impactful ideas of their own; and teach them how to articulate why their ideas matter and how they add value.

Throughout the course, students are challenged to be their most creative selves with hands-on experiential exercises (both in and outside of the classroom) designed to take them through the processes of discovering, ideating, evaluating, and editing ideas. Near the end of the course, they receive direct feedback from influential business minds (entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, leaders, etc) from across the city. And the course culminates in a final project that is pitched to a prestigious panel of judges from around the city.