How Does the Pandemic Change the Way We Think about Strategy?

We think about strategy as a deliberate process for making choices about the future. But how does the process need to change when we must make rapid choices in the face of an escalating crisis like the current pandemic? The stakes are enormous and the situation is fraught with uncertainty, yet reacting late is just as bad as being wrong.

In this webinar, watch an exclusive conversation with Columbia Business School Professor Willie Pietersen, former CEO of multibillion-dollar businesses and the architect of the unique Strategic Learning Process, and Peter Meola, faculty member of our Executive Education programs.

From this 45-minute webinar, you will walk away with actionable insights on:
- How to harness a rapid learning process to make and renew strategic choices in a fast-moving crisis
- How to mobilize the collective commitment of all your people to the arduous measures that are necessary to implement these decisions
- What key lessons we can carry forward to sharpen our strategic planning skills in the future

To learn more from Pietersen and Meola, we invite you to explore their Executive Education program "Creating Breakthrough Strategies: 4 Steps to Winning":